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Tell Me How

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A fun story of 'virtual' mutual masturbation. Also posted on Whispering Lily in case you want to discuss it there.


Tell Me How...
Recently I had a rare convergence of opportunity. I write software, and am on a big data conversion project. Once in a blue moon I have to work the evening shift, to monitor a data conversion job. Fortunately I can telecommute, so this isn't a great hardship.
During one particular week I was doing just that. Coincidentally, my wife had signed the kids up for some program at the local library. This meant I had the house to myself, with no job duties to interfere, for a Thursday and Friday morning.
Yup, you guessed it, when opportunity knocks you drop your pants. So there I was Thursday morning. I had a dirty movie playing on my VCR, while I read stories and looked at pics on the net. I was naked, and spent a couple of hours edging, bringing myself right to the verge of orgasm then stopping.
The whole time I wished I had someone to share it with me, when a thought hit. I have an e-mail friend, a lady who lives far from me. We had been corresponding, sharing hot sexual stories and pics. This was the genesis of my idea. While she could not be there in person, perhaps she could participate virtually.
I wrote her, and explained the situation. I concluded by saying 'So, you tell me how to masturbate Friday morning, and I will follow your directions to the letter. The kinkier, the nastier, the raunchier the better.' Excited, I sent off the e-mail then continued my solo session. I wound up my session by lying a towel on the bed, then humping it until I came. I laid there, enjoying the feeling of my warm cum bathing around my cock and thinking of what my e-mail buddy might order.
Friday morning came, and with trembling hands I got my e-mail. Oh boy, it was a good one. She had out done herself with her instructions. Here is what I did, and remember everything I am telling I did at her explicit, detailed instructions.
First, I got some toys. I placed a full length mirror in front of my chair, so I could see all the fun. (The mirror was the one thing she had not commanded, but I did want to see it all!) Next I got some lube and one of my wife's vibrators, a long pink plastic thing. I put a towel on the chair, the same one I'd used yesterday. A bottle of lube was the last item to join my collection.
Leaning back in the chair, I lubed my crotch up really well. Not just my dick, but my balls, thighs, and down to my ass. I then stroked for several minutes, enjoying the slickness. Next I turned the vibrator on low, and used it to tease my cock. I rubbed it up and down, and also held it against the tip sending tingling sensations through me. I also rubbed it on each nipple, enjoying the sensation.
Returning to my dick, I moved it down and rubbed it against each ball. Every so often it would cause me to jump, and my dick would quiver. While I was doing all this I had one of my raunchiest movies playing on the VCR, the volume very loud so I could hear every grunt, every 'fuck my pussy', every cock sucking slurp, every squishy fuck noise. On one computer I had a slide show going of some of my favorite pictures, including a couple of the lady whose instructions I was now following. On the laptop I had her e-mail displayed, so I could read and reread her hot commands.
Adding more lube, I leaned far back in the chair. Spreading my legs I slowly worked the buzzing vibe in my anus. My friend (and her fiancee) are very much into ass play, so it was natural for her to command me this way. I slid the pink prick up my ass, all the way in. Once there I reached down and turned it up to high. Wow, what a feeling!
I moved a little, so that I was now sitting on the vibe. My moving my hips I could make it move around inside me, brushing my prostate from time to time. Holy shit, what a feeling. I was really hot now, and added more lube to my cock and hands. I began stroking my cock with real enthusiasm now, moving quickly up and down my shaft.
I was lost in pleasure, and was leaning far back in my chair. In the background I heard a guy cum all over some chicks face, with her encouraging him with some really slutty talk. I totally lost it at this point and had a mind blowing orgasm. The first two blasts shot out, arced high in the air, and landed right on my face. The next blast landed on my chest. I then held my hand over the end of my cock so the rest would land on my crotch.
I licked up the cum had landed on my lips, and idly rubbed my crotch. I then reached down and slid the vibrator out. Still on high I rubbed it all around my cummy cock, enjoying the feeling immensely. I would have liked to have waited until I got hard again and had a second round, but I had spent well over an hour (closer to two) in the above activities, and was out of time. I sighed contentedly, rubbing my cum into my skin some more, then finally got up and showered.
I wrote her back, relating all of the above. My e-mail friend was elated. Never before had she been able to command someone like this, and masturbated herself several times while imagining she was there the whole time watching me. I have sent her some suggestions myself, and when she gets a quite time will try to do some of them.
'Tell me how...' can be an immensely satisfying experience. First, I'd like to hear from others who have done something like this, whether they did it over the phone or via e-mail.
If you haven't tried it, get with one of your e-mail sex buddies and DO IT! (If you don't have one, hey e-mail me I'm always open for fun!) Great thing is since it's e-mail it can be fun with anyone, guy or gal.
It is INCREDIBLY erotic, masturbating and knowing that you are doing someone else's bidding, and that you will be sharing it with them when you are done. It's a great way to have sexual fun with someone else while at the same time being safe. A plus is that time and distance are no barrier, since you'll be doing it at your own time and place. Try it!
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