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Teenage Flasher Masturbates in Public

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By the time I was 13, I was a flasher/exhibitionist and began exposing myself to girls in the neighborhood. I would walk around, especially on weekends, and if I saw girls by themselves in their yard or somewhere private, I would try to expose myself to them. I sometimes used a ploy to try to justify pulling my pants down. I would stuff leaves into my pants. Then when I was in a position to flash them, I would say out loud to no one, 'Those bad boys stuffed leaves in my pants', so they could hear, and then pull them down. Then I would spend five minutes cleaning myself and playing with my fully exposed penis as they watched!

One day I was walking about a mile from home, when I saw two girls playing together in their backyard. I didn't know them, but they were cute, and looked a little younger than me. I was instantly turned on and got that uncontrollable desire to expose my penis to them! The houses in this area were on a steep hill, and there were retaining walls at the end of each property to make them level. I walked up one house from where they were playing. It was quiet, and with trees around, I was sheltered from the street. I was looking right down into their backyard at them from about 50 feet away. Then I stood on the small stone wall. I was completely visible from where they were, but a little too far for them to hear my line, without shouting. I had stuffed my pants full of leaves!

So now I was waiting for them to see me, but I was still clothed. I forget what they were doing, but they hadn't noticed me, so I gave some loud coughs. One looked up. As soon as she did, I undid my pants and dropped them right to my ankles as she watched! I saw her do the Oh my God look, and she ran to her friend, grabbed her and pointed to me! They both went hysterical with laughter, staring at me. I pretended not to notice, and was brushing leaves off my penis, making it hard! Soon I had a full boner! The girls now had crouched down behind their stone wall, but kept looking up at me, with hysterical laughter! I began to masturbate, now standing fully exposed on the wall, rubbing my fully erect penis as they watched! One then hollered 'Woo Woo!' and they both howled with laughter, and then crouched beneath the wall, hiding after she said that!.. I looked around, pretended I didn't see, and just kept masturbating! They kept peeking up.

Finally, I saw one of them run into the house, the other just kept watching! I kept masturbating, when out of the house comes the young girl with her mother, who looked very sexy as well. I then began cumming as she looked up with the two young girls! The mom then hollered at me, 'young man, young man!' and then 'come here!!' I looked down to see all three looking at me. I pretended to be shocked I was seen, and quickly pulled up my pants. As I did, she again told me to come down, she wanted to talk to me. I was very scared, but she spoke with such authority, I didn't know what to do. I was going to run away, when she said she just wanted to talk to me, so I said OK, and walked down to them. The girls were grinning ear to ear as I approached.

When I got there, the mom said to come inside. We did, with the girls right behind! We were in the kitchen. Then she told me I shouldn't get naked outside, and asked why I did. She didn't seem angry. I said some bad boys, bullies, had put leaves in my pants and I had to get them out because they were bothering me so much I couldn't walk! She said I don't believe you, and think you're the flasher some neighbors were talking about. I said no, and then she said, 'well, prove it! Pull down your pants right now, and if there are no leaves, I'm calling the police.' The girls were right next to me! The mom said, we've already seen your penis, so just show us! I stood back, dropped my pants to the floor, and stood there fully exposed. The girls went hysterical with laughter! The mom looked at me, and said, you really do have leaves there, which I did. She then said to give her all my clothes, so she could wash them for me. I didn't know what to do, so I stripped everything off. The girls had delicious grins on their faces, as they watched their mom take my clothes. I was naked in the kitchen, with the two of them, with a gleam in their eyes, staring at my naked body!

When the mom came back, she had a polaroid camera. She said she was going to take pictures of me, and if I ever came back, she would show them to the police. She then took about five pictures of me, completely naked. She also took a picture of me naked in their yard, outside. As they developed, she gave them to the girls, who were inspecting them and laughing! The mom never washed my clothes. She then gave them back to me, and said 'get dressed and get out! If you ever come back, you'll be in big trouble!' I ran home so fast and was scared to death for weeks! The mom never did anything, and I later found out, the girls kept the pictures, and brought them to school and showed everyone. A few years later, I found out many of the girls in school had seen my naked pictures, and they had even copied them on the copy machine in the school library, so others could have them as well. Yes, if you flash in your own neighborhood, most of the girls knew I was the flasher.



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