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Teenage Babysitter

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When I was about nine my parents took us on holiday to the south-west of Ireland. They rented a house in a little village close to a beach. I had two brothers, one a year older than me, one four years younger than me and a sister two years younger.

My parents hired a local girl to babysit us at night when they went out. Mary was 16 as far as I know because she always said I'm sweet 16 and never been kissed. She was pleasant to us but firm about going to bed at the time laid down by my parents. My younger sister and brother went to bed about 8.30p.m. and my older brother and I were allowed up until 10.00p.m. Once my parents left we were not allowed out of the house so we watched tv until bedtime. It usually took Mary until about 9.30p.m. to get the younger ones to bed and settle them down for the night. Then she would sit with us looking at the tv until it was time for us to get ready for bed.

After a few nights we felt very comfortable with her. One night as she sat on the sofa I asked her if I could sit on her lap like my young sister had been doing earlier. This was something we used to do with our parents at home so it was not that unusual for me. Mary said sure and I hopped onto her lap. She was wearing jeans and I was wearing summer shorts with an elastic waist which were a bit big for me. Mary was holding me around the waist and I could feel her thumbs going inside the elastic.

Some time later she changed the position of her hands and suddenly I noticed that one of her hands had slipped down the front of my shorts. It was outside my underpants but I was a bit surprised. Still I felt comfortable and didn't move. A little later I adjusted my position and suddenly Mary's fingers were through the hole in my underpants and feeling along my penis and underneath. This lasted for a few minutes while we continued to watch tv. My brother did not notice because he was too interested in the tv.

I had funny feelings of a sort in my penis and in my tummy but Mary continued to hold me on her lap. Then she said time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed. Nothing else happened and my brother and I went to bed as usual. Every night after that while we were there I sat on Mary's lap for about 10 or 15 minutes and she felt around my penis. She never tried to masturbate me, it was just a certain amount of feeling with her fingers and it did not hurt me.

About a year later I told my older brother and he explained to me about masturbation and sex. She had never touched him but he did say that she watched him peeing one night when she was getting us ready for bed. He was delayed in the bathroom and she told him to hurry up. He said he had to pee. He thought she would leave but she stayed and watched. It didn't bother him too much because Mum often stayed while we peed before bed at that age. After that I began to masturbate, often starting off by remembering what Mary did to me but I did not produce cum until I was 14. I wonder what happened to Mary. I suppose she found a boyfriend to fondle and pleasure.



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