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Teen Exhibitionist School Masturbation

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After my library flash, there was one girl who watched me named liz, not super pretty but with long straight blonde hair to her waist and big boobs, who said 'Hi Bate' as I walked by the girls table in the cafeteria. The girls all laughed and I walked by quickly, pretending I didn't hear. The nickname was short for masturBate, and after that I was called that by a lot of people, even guys a few years later, who just thought it was my name. There were only a few days left in the year after the library flash, and I didn't go back.

That summer I went to a boys camp, so there was no flashing. I did a lot of masturbating in the bathroom. After camp, for one week before school started, my family rented a place at the beach. I was so horny looking at girls in their bikinis, I was looking for an opportunity to flash. One day I went out for a walk, and saw a cute teen girl in a bikini by herself, walking through the neighborhood. I ran ahead of her and hid by a house. I dropped my shorts and started jerking off like crazy as she walked by, about 20 feet away. She didn't see me, so I pulled up my shorts, and again ran ahead of her, behind houses. There was a beach house on poles, so I stood under that. The area was quiet, so I dropped my shorts and again started jerking off. I saw her coming my way, but this time I coughed and came out into the open. She looked my way and I saw the OMG look on her face! I pretended I didn't see her, and stood by the pole. She ducked down by a parked car, and I saw her peeking at me! I kept masturbating until I exploded all over the place. She was still there, and I picked up my shorts and ran! As I did, I saw her running away, up the road. I was scared, but I never saw her again. That was my only flash that summer.

The next week I started at a new school. It was a bigger, regional school, and only one girl from my other classes was in my classes now. I hardly ever saw Mary Kay and her friends, and when I did, they just smirked. As always, I was horny and wanted to flash. I was scared to go to the library yet, although I did do many library masturbations again in later years. On this campus were a few school buildings- a middle school like the one I just came from, and big upper class schools. I knew my best flashing chances would be after school, when it was emptier. Our school got out before the middle school. I soon discovered that when the middle school got out a lot of girls would walk by my school, on their way home. There was a corridor by some lockers with windows looking out that was pretty deserted after school. I stood there and masturbated as the girls walked by, but they didn't see me inside the building. I must have left dozens of loads there, looking at their cute bodies and jerking off as they went by. Still, I wanted to flash! There was a door at the end of the hall. It was not in their direct view, so the only way to be seen by them was to leave the building. The door was down a slight hill from the path, so I discovered if I wore my gymshorts, and sat outside by the door, I could expose myself and masturbate, but still be unseen from the surrounding parking lots and fields. The only problem was it was not a clear exposre for the girls either. I spent a whole week masturbating as girls went by, without being seen. There was one group of girls I really liked. It was three or four girls, always wearing short skirts, and especially a brunette with pretty big boobs (remember the girls were only 13 or 14, I was 14), so boobs were rare. I pretended to read, had my legs up, dick fully out under my white gymshorts, with a book on my lap. waiting for them to come. As I saw them approaching I started coughing again, really loud, as I remembered this worked getting the girls attention at the shore. Well one looked down, and I quickly looked down into my book, pretending to read. Well , she saw me and I heard 'Oh My God. you've got to see this!' I was looking down, but I could see out of the corner of my eye they all stopped, and were looking right down at me! I heard peals of laughter, as they looked, and then ran away! It only lasted a short time. I then masturbated like crazy to the thought!

Well, needless to say, the next day I was there again, and ditto, the girls looked again! This went on for a few days, and as word spread around, with more girls looking at me. After a few days, one day, the girls stopped, and one walked down the hill towards me. Her friends were blushing at the top of the hill, staring down, and she said to me 'Excuse me, do you know where the ladies room is in the school?' She was smirking and staring at my exposed cock as she asked. I said yes, it was right down the hall, and she went into the school, while her friends waited, smiling at me. I could see a true gleem in their eyes as they stared at my cock. I think that was a ploy for them to look. She came out a few minutes later, said bye, as she walked up to meet her friends, and as they turned the corner around the school I heard bursts of laughing and hooting!

I was getting nervous, as the girls were obviously getting bolder. I didn't go back for a week, but finally couldn't resist the urge to expose myself! I knew almost to the exact minute when the girls would pass, so I readied myself, gymshorts, cock fully esposed, book on my lap, but with legs up too be totally exposed! This time I was jerking off as they came. I was fully erect and actively masturbating, but still looking down in my book, pretending I was reading, and then I saw them appear! There were three in the group that day including the brunette with the big boobs! They instantly stopped and I heard some shushes, like they were trying to be quiet. I pretended I didn't know they were there, and just kept masturbating. They stared and talked in hushed whispers, I couldn't hear what they said. Finally, I moaned out loud and shot my cum all over the place, right out in front of me!! As I did I heard some Oh My God and then Woo Woo and Hoot hoot! I got up and said Oh my god, pretending I was caught unexpectedly. They were all smiles as I looked right at them, and as I did, they then ran like crazy!! I heard hoots and hollers as they ran away. I was too scared to go back, but I never got in any trouble for what I did. I have many more stories, as I flashed hundreds of times as a teen.




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