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Teasing Myself and the Guys

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I feel like it's my turn to share, instead of just read.


In all my years of masturbating, my favorite thing is to get aroused as much as possible without directly stimulating my pussy. That's not to say that I avoid it, because I certainly always gladly enjoy myself, I just really enjoy the build up. I have gone for hours of mentally stimulating without any physical stimulation. It always leads to extreme wetness, which makes it all the better. I've literally had my moisture slowly making its way down my thighs before. I usually start by reading erotica online (which is a gamble, because so many stories become disgusting with incest, bestiality, etc.).

Sometimes I will read stories for an hour or more, sometimes I find free videos or pictures also. I really like stories about girls releasing their inner sluttiness, and even though they are fiction, its very hot fantasizing that I am the one sucking off three guys, or walking topless through a parking lot or whatever. As far as pictures; I like pics of tan, muscular guys with really big dicks and no pubic hair.

Anyway, after I leave the internet, I like to tease men out in public. Sometimes just showing a little midriff, sometimes knee high boots with a medium-short skirt. Whatever I do, I always do it where I won't be caught by anyone I know. I live in central Florida, so it's easy to go to one of the big malls in Orlando and remain anonymous while rest assured that I won't meet someone I know. I'm also pretty close to the beaches on the east coast, I can wear my bikinis that are too risque for family to see. I positively LOVE the thrill of walking around in a bikini with one of my labia pulled out the side, pretending like I'm unaware, of course. Also a great alternative is showing a little bit of areola. I keep myself free of pubic hair except for one horizontal line at the top; like a landing strip, but sideways. It's like an inch thick and four inches long. I know, it's weird, but I like it that way. I shave every day, but I leave that little one-inch at the top. One reason I like it is because its actually very difficult to keep it covered when I wear certain bikinis or this one pair of tiny shorts. I can only get away with wearing these shorts (or bikinis, of course) at the beach, and the little shopping places near the beaches, but it is great. I actually get more people that notice my pubic hair peeking out than people noticing my labia 'accidentally' showing. And NO I never do both at one time, that would ruin any chance of looking accidental.

There are a couple things I really like to do at the malls. First of all, the more 'fancy' the mall, the more sexy the customers dress, so it's easy to get a little 'slutty' without fear of getting in trouble. Anyway, I enjoy shopping for clothes that are a little bit too see through, and trying them on with no bra or underwear. I mean, I don't choose something that's PAINFULLY obvious, but very revealing is ok. I will try it on and then walk out to see myself in the mirrors, and I always see someone, usually an attendant, or another customer, and often a customer's boyfriend or husband. Those are the best! I always give myself a big pep talk beforehand, promising myself that I won't cover up or back down. It is VERY hot.

The other thing I like at malls is wear a short skirt or shorts without underwear and walk up and down the stairs and escalators, knowing that people can see things they shouldn't. It's so hot, I have to stifle the adrenaline shaking my leg muscles. At the Mall of Millenia they have two more 'attractions' that I enjoy. One is the glass barrier at the edge of the upper level. I have accidentally seen up some girls' skirts and shorts myself, so I KNOW some people can see my business when I am having my fun. All I have to do is stand there pretending to text, and watch through my sunglasses as people stare. The other thing there is they actually have sections of floor that are glass. Mind you, it isn't perfectly clear glass, but in the pattern of the glass there are lots of small areas that ARE perfectly clear. I dont think people can see as much as it FEELS like they could see, but holy-hell it is hot to squat down (pretending to look for something in my purse) for a minute or two with my labia literally hanging in the air.

One time I wore a zippered hoodie with no shirt or bra underneath; that was very arousing. I even unzipped it all the way when no one was looking and walked around with my hands in the pockets holding it closed. I was very surprised how hot that was. I only opened it a couple times, in the far corner of a few stores.

Also when I'm certain that no one can tell, I like to carefully get a fingerfull of my wetness and taste it. I'm always careful to not directly stimulate myself, because the goal is prolonging the buildup. So I just wipe up what's on my inner thighs, or just gently wipe some from my lips while making as little contact as possible. It's also extremely erotic to wipe it on my face: right on my cheeks, lips, chin-all over myface. I only do that when I'm extremely horny. there's nothing quite like walking around in public with dried (or wet) lady-lube on your face!

Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. I never used to masturbate so much until recently becoming single. I mean, I have a great job, no kids, lots of spare time, and all these beaches and malls around me. I'm definitely not a blonde-bombshell, but I am cute, look good in a bikini, and I stay tan and take care of myself otherwise. My little collection of sex toys has grown, and I just seem to be enjoying some 'me time' more than I ever did before. Is that so bad?



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