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Teaching the Neighbour

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The an old neighbour of mine wanted about masturbation, and enlisted my help to teach her.


Sorry for the length, I tried to leave in whats important, and I really dont want to break it up into multiple parts. Thank you for your patience.

For a while now I have had the house all to myself. With everyone gone, I spend most of my time studying, playing video games and watching stuff on the internet. Until about 2 weeks ago, when a neighbour of mine reappeared (who we will call Jay). About 8 years ago I moved to the neighbourhood and like all kids made friends. She happened to be the younger sister of one them and being 5 years younger then us always wanted to be apart of our adventures. Later I found out that for the longest time she had a crush on me, but for obvious reasons never made anything of it.

So I was surprised to say the least, that she appeared at my doorstep. And my god had the times changed, now 15 she was growing up to be a very pretty women. She has dark brown hair, and dark tint to her skin. As for her breast, I would say a B, and she had incredible legs. I asked what she wanted and replied that she just wanted to hang out for all times sake. So I let her in and for the next few hours bonded really well. At first it was awkward with simple questions, but then we started discussing are likes and dislikes. I told her I watched anime and british shows and she was quite keen on the former and asked if we could watch some together.

Naturally with nothing to do, the last 1 and a half weeks have simply been us hanging out in my room watching anime, movies, youtube shows so on and so forth, and I started to see myself as that cool older brother. Until 8 days ago.

Do you masturbate. She asked. I was so stunned as it came out of left field.

I was hesitant, choosing my words carefully. Yes, yes I do, its normal. Why do you ask?

Well because I was hoping you could like. And she trailed off and I could see she was getting nervous. And she wasnt the only one. Although she is currently sexy, I still see her as way to young and at this point more of a sister then a sexual pursuit. But that said, I felt that she was old enough to ask decently mature questions.

Its okay, you can tell me. What you say here stays here. I said.

Um, well its just. I am curious about porn. She said. I shifted, I was hoping she was going to say she wanted to know it was normal, not this!

Well I guess thats natural, although I am surprised you dont already know about it. Dumb thing to say.

Hahaha, but I dont even masturbate so I wouldnt really no were to start. Her laugh was shaky, but she was quite serious.

You dont masturbate? I should add her family is deeply religious so not really surprising. If you want to know I give you the name of a site. If that works? Also really dumb.

I cant, my parents would find out really quickly, and they have all that family protection shit. So I cant ever masturbate and look smut! Her pleas were getting desperate, and she was getting pretty worked up about it. It didnt help that I was somewhat aroused.

Okay fine BUT we will absolutely drawn the line at masturbation. I will not teach you other things.

Thank you! And she hugged me.

So what do you want to know?

Everything!! And the she said was as if her dream came true.

Well, like whats everything? Do you need to know how to masturbate and what sex is?

She giggled but gave me a stern look. I am not stupid. I know what to doish, and I know the basics, being horny. I am wet right now! She said that with such happiness that I figured that I might as well start.

So we went to the next room and got ready. I set up the laptop on my lap and she leaned next to me. Both of us went really silent, and I typed in Pornhub and up it went.

We have all the time in the world. So what do you want watch? And she sat stunned. She told me to pick the first one, so asked if she was cool with a threesome and she nodded. So we leaned back and watched, I was getting decently hard and I could that by her breathing she was also getting turned on. After 20 minutes of that, I went to the categories and started going through each type. Anal, babe lesbian, even gay which was my first time seeing it and my last. We literally sat there for roughly an hour before she asked

Do you mind if I, masturbate. She asked.

Sure, ill leave you to it.

Well dont you want to as well? Why dont we both do it together? She quickly said. At this point I was so horny that I was compliant.

Under the covers? Ironic that I was the one acting shy. She responded with an okay and half of me died inside. But that went away really quick. She stood up and removed her shirt, then her black bra revealing her breasts. She had cute little nipples and slightly perky tits. She asked me what I was doing, as if she expected me to get nude as well. Once again I complied and took of my shirt and then removed my jeans. It was then finally she saw my boner (between 5.8 and 6) and she blushed.

Wow.. your really big. she added. And she remained still watching me like a hawk as I pulled down my boxers. She was stared at my cock and I was really turned on by the fact she was into it. Jay then pulled down her short shorts show off her black panties. Then she slowly trailed them down showing her pussy. She had a stubble of pubic hair, but as she turned around I saw her glorious tight ass. It was fit and round. What surprised me the most was her tanning line. She has been sun bathing recently and so both her breasts and ass were pale and consequently my cock was throbbing.

We sat back down (completely forgetting about the covers) as I suddenly got an idea. You want to play a masturbation game?

ummm sure, but Idk if I will be good at it. Jay said quietly.

Its all good, we masturbate and the first person who cums loses.

Alright, but I dont even know what cumming feels like, so how do. And she stopped mid sentence looking at me expectantly, and she was very close that I could feel her breath on my lips. Could you make me cum?

At this point at I had little restraint but I blurted out. Only a little foreplay and thats it. She kissed me and we made out, our tongues intertwining (she was not inexperienced in kissing it seems) and I nibbled neck, bit her ear, licked her nipples until finally I slid my finger into her warm wet pussy. She let out a gasp and clung to me, and her hand went straight to my cock, trying to jack it off. I fingered her gently with one finger as she moved her hips to push it deeper. Her pussy was so tight, and she was probably the wettest I have ever felt on a women. After about ten minutes she began to squirm saying she was going to pee, I told her just let it happen.
She let a loud moan biting into my shoulder, bucking as she came on my finger.

And that I said after a few moments Is an orgasm. She laid there breathless for a few minutes, recovering her senses.

Okay, I think I am good to play. We went back to watching porn, this time she tried mimicking actions done by the porn stars. She was struggling at first to find her style, but she quickly got the habit (its not exactly rocket science). Her problem it seemed, was that she couldnt hold back from cumming. The first 30 minutes we groaned and masturbated, switching from fast to slow. But after the second video she let out a hot cry and her body started spasming. Later the fifth video she came again.

Fuck I lost. Lets keep going. She said under breath. We went from anal, to asian, lesbian, bisexual, threesome, babe, big cock, without incident, both of us getting sore. I was so fucking hard I was ready to burst, but I used my left hand at a slow pace, knowing I could not go my natural way without fearing of cumin hardcore. Every now and then we would start kissing and biting, and she kept asking me to play with her tits, which I did, messaging them gently for a few minutes. When we got to bondage her mood suddenly got way more erotic. Her moans were getting more frequent, and I kept glancing at her as she bit her lip.

Get on all fours. I said. She was shocked, but obeyed me. I took her bra and tied up her wrists. She didnt seem worried at all, on the contrary she said Fuck, this is so hot. I then went behind her and spanked her hard on the ass. She give the loudest moan yet, and her arms buckled. She lay there with her ass in the air as I spanked at a fast pace then slowly stopping to caress and kiss the cheeks. She kept asking me to fuck her like this, but I refused, saying we shouldnt go that far. Although she made me break down and I ate her out. (Although it was a very willing compromise)

Her smell was unique, odd but in a highly erotic way. Her taste though was sweet and I found myself tickling her clit more readily then I would have thought. Her moans grew louder and louder and she finally came hard onto my tongue. This time she needed way more time to recover, and I thought we were done for good.

I am so sore. She said with deep breaths. But I will win at least once. And with that she plunged a finger into her pussy and started going at it again.She looked at me with big eyes. And this time I will be the one touching you.

We focused again on the screen, looking through the categories. But suddenly she stopped fingering herself. Whats that? She pointed at the hentai. I showed her a video, and to my complete and udder shock she was turned on.

The animes we watch have hentai on it. Trying to sound smart and knowledgeable. She asked if we could see some and I had to switch sites. (I was a title embarrassed because it happens to be one of my knowledge of this category). She was so hung up on it, that for the rest of the time we solely looked at hentai. We were still jacking and jilling tp some RWBY hentai when she leaned over an whispered. I am going to cum soon, I want you to cum with me. I felt her hand creep up and grab my balls, playing with them gently. I swear to god that the I twisted her mind because she followed that up with saying As I cum, I want you to cum all over my body. She then pushed away my hand and replaced it with her. She must have watched me more then I though because she replicated using the finger tips of the tip of my penis (I am not circumcised). She laid back pulling me with her. She then jacked me off quicker. She was on her back, fingering herself and playing with. Multi tasking at its best. She turned to face the porn again and I switched the page to a BDSM hentai and she lost it. Fuckkkk I am going to cum again And she lifted her hips. But as I watched her face I could control myself anymore. My ass clenched and my hips bucked as I climaxed. She realized I was coming in the same instant and both her hands went in lightning speed. After 2 hours of masturbating I simply just fired like a rocket hitting her in the belly and breasts, the second third a fourth repeated the pattern. We were both breathing really heavily and I told her she should shower while I cleaned up the room. (Letting the window open despite the room smelling like bliss).

After that we talked about it and agreed it got slightly out of hand, but also thought that it was exhilarating to have another person during it. Since then we have done twice week, although now she has become more bold and masturbates at home, using fantasy.



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