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Teaching my Friend

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On October 9th I submitted the story Me and My Brother Learning Together, and this is what happened after.


Shortly after we turned 13, me and my twin brother Josh, learned to masturbate together. We continued to do so almost every night. On the third night after we started, we pulled off our clothes and got in bed like usual. Once naked, we normally start jerking each other off. This time he gave me a weird look and I asked what he was thinking. He mentioned it might feel good to put our penis in the other persons mouth. I just told him it was gross, but started to think about it in my head. Reluctantly, I told him to try it on me first.

After a few seconds, he lowered himself and put his mouth over my hard dick. He started to slowly lick the head of my penis, and I excitedly told him that it actually felt good. He continued to suck and lick me, bobbing his head up and down. After only two days jacking off with him, this was by far much better. After about a few minutes of him sucking me, I told him I was about to cum and to get off me. He continued to suck me, which grossed me out at first thinking he'd be eating my cum. I started to explode and I could tell I was cumming more than I have yet. Wave after wave shot through my 4.5" penis into his mouth and he kept swallowing it. After he released it from his mouth I asked what it tasted like, and he said it was pretty good. Sure enough, I pushed him down and rolled on top of him, and started to suck him. It was only about a minute until I could tell he was about to cum and I really considered pulling it our but I kept going. It was pretty gross at first having it spurt his cum into my mouth but realized it wasn't too bad. After that we just rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day, Friday, my best friend, Jake, asked if I wanted to sleep over at his house that night. Me and him have been best friends since we were little. We have slept over at each others houses many many times, almost every weekend. When he sleeps at my house, he sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor beside my bed, and sleeps in his briefs like me. When we are at his house, we share his double bed. I quickly said I would, knowing my parents would be fine with it. I soon started to think about how me and Josh jerk each other off everything and was sad I would miss it. But I quickly got excited, thinking maybe Jake and I could do it too.

Well it was after school and he and I walked to his house. The two of us were quite similar, both short, shaggy hair and pretty hairless. I've never seen him naked, just in his underwear. We did the usual stuff; we played video games, watched movies and just hung out. His parents told us they were going to a party at their friends house and we would be alone until Saturday afternoon. We have spent nights alone before so it was fine with us, but made me more excited for my ideas.

When it got to bedtime, we both took off our clothes, minus briefs, and hopped in his bed. I mentioned to him how it was hot and that me and Josh started sleeping naked. He asked, "isn't it gay since we're in the same bed?" I just told him that we're best friends so it's okay. He accepted that and so we both took off our underwear and threw it on the floor. I looked over and saw that he had about the same amount of pubes but his penis looked a tiny bit longer than mine. Mine started to get hard and I could see he was staring at it, and then his started to get hard too. He said "I hate when it gets hard, it's so annoying!" and was frustrated. My thoughts were, JACKPOT! I decided to see what could happen, so I asked if he had masturbated, or jerked off, before.

He looked kind of stumped and confused then said "you mean that thing they talked about in health class where you rub your penis and stuff comes out?" I quickly said "exactly it!" He said he's never tried it before and never rally thought about it. I was in heaven hearing this. I wasn't really thinking I was gay or anything, just wanted to try it out with him. I told him all about how me and Josh learned together, jerked each other off and sucked each other. He seemed fine with it until the sucking, when I told him it was actually pretty good. At that point we both had very hard boners. I told him we should try it still and he hesitantly agreed.

I quickly reached over and startled to slowly rub his hard uncut dick up and down. He moaned pretty loudly and said it's amazing. I kept going for about 5 minutes until he said stop, and that he had to pee. I told him to let it be, and he looked confused. I kept jerking him off until his whole body started to shake and let out a moan. He then spurted out a tiny bit of cum that dribbled down his dick. He told me how amazing it felt. I asked if he wanted to try me and he quickly said yes. He reached over and started jerking me off and I quickly came, shooting about five ropes of cum all the way up to my chest, the most I've shot so far, aside from maybe in my brothers mouth. Jake was amazed by how far I shot my load. At that pint I could see he was hard again and his dick was still wet...

I leaned down and started to put my mouth over it. He resisted at first but I put my mouth on it and he quickly let me continue. I kept doing this then had a thought, I turned my body around so that he could suck me off and I could suck him off at the same time, or the 69 position. He caught on quickly and started to suck me. The feelings were incredible as we sucked each other off simultaneously. After a few minutes we both came at the same time in each others mouth. I then rolled over and plopped down beside him. Both of us were exhausted and covered in cum and sweat. We quickly fell asleep naked like that, and when we woke up we did it all again. That just strengthened the friendship between him and me.

Later that day, I went home and went straight to my room. No one else was home, so once I was in my room I stripped down and jerked off twice more thinking about my time with Jake. Just as I came, shooting my load into a pair of old underwear that I pulled from my laundry pile, My brother walked in. He was startled at first to see me masturbating. I decided to tell him my adventures, and I wouldn't believe what would come of the next few days, with me, me brother and Jake together because of it...



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