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Taking Care of Auntie

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True story. My good intentions to help a sick Aunt paid off in big ways recently.


I'm a 37-year-old married guy and, like many others, have lots of unfulfilled fantasies. Sex with my wife is too infrequent, and I resort to frequent masturbation sessions. I recently had an experience that I never fantasized about previously, but have relived in my mind countless times since.

I have a 63-year-old Aunt who lives about twenty minutes from my wife and I. She has been divorced for about fifteen years, and lives on her own. She recently broke her ankle (slipped on the ice this past winter) and she was housebound for several months. During this time my sister was able to take care of her (she actually moved in with her) but on one particular weekend she had to travel out of town for a friend's wedding, and my wife was away on a business retreat, so I was charged with taking care of Aunt Doris for two days.

Aunt Doris is a great lady. Lots of energy, very free-spirited and just a fun gal. We have a great relationship, and have since I was younger. I arrived Friday evening and I cooked her dinner. I helped her to the living room afterwards, and we watched TV and chatted. A very relaxing evening. As we were talking Aunt Doris reminded me that before she went to bed that evening she needed to bathe (she told me it had been three days since my sister had helped bathe her) and asked me if I would be uncomfortable helping her. I was a bit taken aback (I hadn't given any thought to the details of what was required to 'take care of Aunt Doris...') but told her I would be fine if she was OK with a man helping her out. She told me it had been many years since a man had seen her in her 'birthday suit', but she was sure I had seen it all before and that if it wouldn't make me nauseous seeing an old chubby gal like her with her clothes off, she didn't have a problem with it.

My mind was spinning as I helped her up on her crutches and we worked our way into her bedroom. She had a large master bath right next to it, and she told me she would prefer to shower (shower stall) as opposed to trying to get in and out of the tub. I told her to let me know what she needed from me in terms of help, and she directed me to leave the room while she undressed and got into her robe.

A few moments later she called me back in and I found her sitting on the bed in a large white terry cloth robe. Her clothes (including her bra and girdle) were in a pile on the floor. My eyes locked on them momentarily, and she coyly smiled and said that I could help later on by doing a load of laundry.

Aunt Doris is a fairly attractive woman for her age; about 5'6', shortish grey hair, she is plump, about 160 lbs. She has rather large breasts (36D as I found out later when doing the wash...) and a large round butt. I had never 'checked her out' (OK, maybe I did when I was 14) but as the evening was unfolding I was wondering more and more what she looked like naked.

I helped Aunt Doris into the shower and started the water. She sat on the toilet and told me she had a special protective boot she had to put over her cast so it wouldn't get wet. I retrieved it from the linen closet and sat on the floor in front of her. As she lifted her leg for me to put it on, her robe parted and I got a glimpse of her vagina. I quickly looked away and I guess I blushed, because Doris told me that I shouldn't be so shy. She again reassured me that she had no problem with me seeing her body, and urged me to relax. I put the boot on, all the while glimpsing up between her thighs. As I did I quickly formed quite an erection.

The water was now warm and I helped Doris over to the stall. I put the crutches aside and she leaned on my shoulder, then untied her robe and let it fall to the floor without any modesty. As I helped her manoeuvre into the shower I couldn't help but look at her body; her aereolas were incredibly large and pink, the size of at least a silver dollar, and were capped by nipples that I was very surprised to see were hard. Her vagina was covered with a very thick patch of black pubic hair, although it was apparent that she did trim around down by her inner thighs. Her ass was large, white and jiggly. All of this, believe it or not, had me incredibly aroused.

I got her into the shower and she was on her own to wash and shampoo. She asked me not to leave as she didn't care about privacy, only about me being there in case she fell down. I sat on the toilet, not two feet away, watching as she scrubbed all over. As she washed between her legs I was wishing it was my hand, and me standing in there naked with her. I couldn't wait for her to finish so I could run to the guest bedroom to masturbate!

As she finished I helped her out of the shower, and as she was stepping out she leaned back against me, soaking my shorts and t-shirt. It also became very apparent to her I had an erection as her rear-end was pressed right against my cock. As I helped her dry off she laughed and said she hadn't had that effect on a man in twenty years and she was flattered. I hemmed and hawed and apologized, and she told me not to be silly and that it was completely natural. I helped her onto her bed, made sure she was covered with her towel, and pulled a nightgown and panties from her drawer. As I turned round I noticed she had thrown the towel on the floor and laid back flat on the bed.

She was in front of me, in all her naked glory, and just winked at me and asked me if I could put some lotion on her leg before I helped her dress. She said she couldn't reach all the difficult spots, and she handed me the body lotion that was on the nightstand. I picked up the towel and went to hand it to her, and she told me again not to be silly, I had seen it all already and that she didn't need to cover up. I squirted a bit of lotion on my hands and began to rub it into just above her cast (which ended at the top part of her knee) and she asked me to rub it under her cast if I could. As this mini-massage went on Doris' legs parted ever so slightly, and she told me how good it felt. I couldn't believe it when she began to gently cup her vulva and she told me that having a man touch her after so many years had her very turned on. I looked in her eyes and could see the lust, and her nipples were now standing at full attention. She smiled sweetly and asked me to 'rub her here' and pointed to her vagina. No more words were spoken; I simply knelt by the edge of the bed and began to very gently finger her. She didn't get wet, but her clit popped out like a small penis (it was very large) and I flicked and rubbed it for only a short time before she bucked her hips and then clamped her legs on my hand. Her body shook briefly as she let out a series of 'ooos' and 'aaahs' that signalled her orgasm.

She gently took my hand and pulled me towards her, and as she gave me a gentle peck on the cheek she said 'Thank you SO much'. I thought that was it and I turned to get her nightgown when she told me to wait a minute, fair is fair and now it was my turn. I hesitated, and as I did she told me to take off my wet shorts and lay next to her. I did as I was told (she IS my older Aunt after all LOL) and lay next to her. Her eyes locked on my cock, but she didn't say anything. She gingerly laid on her side as she pushed me onto my back, and she began to stroke me. I pushed against her, occasionally humping against her hip, and eventually became so horny I began squeezing her breasts. She whispered and asked if it felt good, and I told her it felt incredible. She sensed my orgasm building, and her speed increased. Then I shot, four very strong ejaculations of come all over my stomach and chest. By far the best orgasm I had in years.

I retrieved a soap washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned us both up. The awkwardness you would expect never materialized, she chatted openly and frankly about her lack of sex and how what we did was a loving thing, although to be kept between us. I dressed her and tucked her in, gave her a gentle kiss and said goodnight. The next day we discussed our sex lives at length, and she filled me in on some of her 'wilder times' when she was younger. That was the one and only time we were together (although it was only five months ago, maybe it'll happen again...?) but we are closer now than ever before.



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