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Taken Advantage Of

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This happened when I was 14 and the girls were 17


I am an only child and when my parents used to go away when I was younger I always stayed at a friends of theirs. I didn't mind because the couple had twin girls, Jen and Jess, who treated me like a brother. When I entered my freshman year in high school the girls made sure no one bothered me. They invited me to eat with them at lunch and drove me home. We only lived a few houses down so my parents were happy about it. My father started to give them 20 dollars for gas.

When winter break came around my parents went to Florida and I stayed with Jen and Jess. I slept in the downstairs den and would watch tv all night. Jen and Jess's parents went away over new years and the girls were in charge. About an hour after their parents left Jen came into the family room and turned off the tv. I told them I was watching and Jen asked me to come into her room. I followed Jen and Jess was already in Jen's room. They then asked me a few questions. One was if I jerked off. I didn't know what to say and finally said yes. When they asked who I thought of I said them. Jen smiled. Next Jess asked if I would get naked for them. I asked why and Jen told me they wanted to see a guy masturbate. I was already getting hard and they both could tell. Then Jess took off her shirt and bra. I was seeing my first breasts. I was panting and looked at Jen who did the same. I now had four naked breasts in front of me. I stripped and once naked started to jerk off. Jen stopped me and measured my dick. 6 1/2 inches. Jen told me very impressive. I continued to masturbate and when I got close they gave me a shirt and I cummed into it.

I sat down and was in heaven. Jess came over to me and was standing in front of me. She leaned forward and put her nipple in my face. I started to suck her nipple and she moaned. Then I went to the other and did the same. Jen switched with Jess and did the same to her. After a few minutes Jess stood next to Jen and they pulled down their pants and underwear. Both had a lot of pubic hair and the hair looked wet.

My dick was hard again and this was the first pussy I saw. Jen laid down first and told me to get in between her legs. I didn't know what to do so she explained to me. I kissed her inner thigh and then licked her pussy. I did as she instructed and in a few minutes Jen grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy. She moaned and then I felt a liquid go in my mouth. When I came up for air Jen moved and Jess took her place. I did the same to Jess and in fifteen minutes she had an orgasm the same way.

After Jess got up I laid on my back and my dick was standing straight up. Jen and Jess laughed and asked if I wanted a blow job. I nodded yes and Jen told me she wanted to 69. I asked what that was and they laughed. Next thing I know Jen was straddling my face and told me to eat her again. I did and when I asked her about me she told me in a minute. Once she had an orgasm Jess got on my face. In ten minutes both were taken care of.

Jen and Jess then climbed on the bed and while Jess sucked my dick, Jen sucked my balls. I was getting close when they switched and Jess opened my cheeks and tongued my anus. Then Jess put her finger in my anus and I told Jen I was about to cum and exploded inside her mouth. Jen took everything in and kissed Jess. They told me I tasted good.

I fell asleep and woke up to someone rubbing my dick. It was dark out and Jen said thank you for last night. Over the next few days my mouth was sore as I licked them many times and fucked each one.
Anytime they were home or I was home from college, we did it.

A few years after graduating they brought me over a graduating present and told me how sorry they were taking advantage of me. I told them I had the best big sisters and friends a man could want.



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