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Take Me, Take Me Now

Posted by: Age: 49 Posted on: 7 comments
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I’m going to masturbate right now. Here’s what I’m thinking. If I can, I’ll hold off until I’ve finished writing.


Im due on tomorrow. That means I feel very feminine right now, and vulnerable. But it’s a vulnerability that I want to be abused. 

So, I put on a white cotton dress this morning, those lovely white virgin panties that make me feel so sexy, and an old, but still perfectly good trainer bra. I still fit it, and I love th little strap across the back. 

Im lying on my bed, using the voice app to dictate my thoughts. God, I’m trying so hard not to touch myself.

im wet. I can feel it. My clit is pulsing, just like it used to when I first became sexually active....just like it still does. 

Im lying on my bed, on my back with my right knee bent to the side. My arms are above my head. Every breath pulls my nipples against the trainer bra. 

The fact that my legs are slightly apart is delicious. 

You enter the room....a stranger....I don’t know you. 

You look at me, at my vulnerability, and you smile a deep sensuous smile. I see a bulge growing in your pants. 

I move my legs back together, but I make certain you get a flash of my panties as I do so. 

You approach the bed. You don’t say a word, but you trace the back of your hand from my wrist, down my arm, over my right breast down my tummy to my leg. It makes me shiver.

on the way back up, your hand presses between my legs. I press them firmly together. You use your other hand and force my legs apart. 

For a moment, I lie there, exposed to your gaze. Slowly, you remove your pants and take my right hand. You curl my fingers around your erection. Deliberately, I don’t make any attempt to move my hand, so you move it, making me masterbate you.

Then, your hands find my breasts through the dress and you cup them easily. You graze your thumbs over my nipples. 

Then, as calmly as anything, you rip the dress from top to bottom. I clamp my legs together again, but this time, you force them back apart. 

Although I am resisting you, I am so wet. So wanting. 

You position yourself between my legs and pull my panties aside. I squirm, but you hold my wrists above my head. I feel you against me. 

With one savage lunge, you are in me. Fucking me. Making me cry out. Is it with pain? Anger? Lust? Desire? You neither know nor care. 

You slap me hard acros the face. The shock makes me pee, just a little. You look down briefly, and then you hook your hands under my shoulders and begin to fuck me in earnest. It’s brutal, hard, and utterly glorious. 

I find my voice. “If you’re going to rape me, then rape me, you fucker! Come on, screw me.....fuck me....do it! Do it you bastard!”

Your voice, soft, melodic but firm replies with just what I need. “Shut up, cunt!....you love this, don’t you? You love being forced like this.” 

By now, I’m matching your movements, thrusting up against you as you screw me. This isn’t love making. This is screwing....fucking...at its most raw and passionate. Neither of us gives a fuck about the other, only our own pleasure. 

I teae you, knowing what I am about to say will make it happen.

”Dont you dare cum in me. Don’t make me pregnant”.

”Fuck you, bitch” is your reply as you ram into me so hard that my orgasm explodes. I feel yours, each twitch of your dick as you impregnate me.

you roll off me, and we lay side by side. 

I roll over and look at our picture on my bedside table. I look at my left hand, the ring you gave me at our wedding.

i feel you cuddle up behind me, still erect. I push my ass back towards you, feeling you begin to enter my tight little hole. 

I reach over behind my head and find your neck. “Fuck me in the ass, darling.”

You press fully into me and transport me to a world of unspeakable forbidden pleasure. I squire, wriggle, push back against you. 

You reach around and play with my clit the way you’ve learned I like. 

You nuzzle my ear, and I ask you to “say it. Say the words”

”I love your asshole. I love how it feels. I love fucking you up the ass.”

I want the fantasy....the one we rehearsed....the one you’ve never actually done, but confessed to me one drunken night that you would have liked to do. I ask you to tell me again...to live it out....you’re hesitant at first, but soon, you are into the role.

”it’s like...it’s like....fucking my.....sister. My kid sister. That day I saw her as I passed her room. Naked, her pert little boobs, her curves, her ass. It’s like fucking her.”

theres more, but I leave it to you

”I wanted to walk in there and push my dick up her tight virgin cunt.” (Hmm “virgin”, you haven’t used that word before).

”fuck me. Take my cherry...be my first.....make me pregnant”

You start to push. I yelp as if it hurt. You, to my utter delight, call me her name.

we finish by you cumming in my ass, and me role playing that forbidden girl you so wanted to fuck.

No, I didn’t make it to the end. I wanted the rape fantasy so badly today. In reality I feel like I would fuck anyone who asked me. Young, old, I don’t care. I just need sex so much today. 

Being married? Yes, I fantasise about that. Sometimes with a man, sometimes a woman. With either, it’s always an exploration of their sex life, of their fantasies. I live them out for them, no matter how taboo. 

If/when I marry, I hope to do this for real. All of it. 

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s a glorious day outside, and I want to go into my garden in just these panties. I want to wait until it’s unbearable, then I’m going to pee myself. I may squat, Or I may stand. I don’t know yet. What I do know is I will finish myself for the third time outdoors. 

Who knows, maybe one of the teenagers next door will see me?




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