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I had just turned 15 and had no sexual experience, except for my hand.

It was a summer day and no one was around. I wandered over to a playground about three blocks from my house where I had seen some kids playing basketball in the past. No luck, no game, no kids except for two girls on the swings. Having nothing better to do, I sat down and watch them. Soon they gave up swinging and came over to where I was sitting.

Their names were Jenna and Bethany. They both appeared to be a couple of years younger than me. They were very easy to talk to. They did almost all the talking. They asked my age and told me they were 14. Jenna might have been, but I figured 13. She had a nice figure, a good hand full of tits and a comely ass. Bethany looked a little younger but like Jenna had a nice ass. Theirs legs were cut and scratched. It looked like they played hard.

They had on sandals, no socks, loose fitting shorts and loose short sleeve jerseys. They lived a couple of blocks from the playground in the direction away from my house.

Soon Jenna turned into a little vamp. Stretching to show off her figure, tying her jersey in a knot to expose her waist, licking her lips etc. She would call Bethany aside and they would exchange whispers. I was all eyes for Jenna; Bethany was watching me watch Jenna.

You know that I wanted to mess around with Jenna. I tried to get my arm around her a couple of times but she wiggled away. Still her sexy antics continued.

I offered to meet her later and buy her a sundae at the local ice cream parlor. They took this as an offer for both of them and pleaded for now, not later. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would be progress, I agreed. Walking over, Jenna grabbed my hand for few seconds. When she did this her tits pressed into my arm. I figured it was not an accident. We had ice cream and a good time.

Afterward, I suggested we go over to my home, which we were now close to. Bethany protested that they both had to go home but after a whispered talk with Jenna she agreed to come. My house had an enclosed porch leading to a side door. Neither the porch nor the door was used. There was a sofa, chair and table on the porch.

With me holding Jenna's hand we entered the porch. I turned and tried to kiss her. She jumped back.

"What are you doing?" from Jenna.

"He's trying to kiss you." from Bethany.

Embarrassed silence from me.

"Oh, I am sorry." from Jenna. She sat in the sofa; Bethany chose the chair; I sat next to Jenna.

I tried again, this time moving slow. I was rewarded with Jenna's lips meeting mine.

I tried to wait awhile before using my tongue but failed. I swiped it across her lips. Her mouth opened just a little. But that was all I needed. My tongue explored her mouth. Her tongue finally joined mine in a dance.

My hands began to rub her back and sides. Soon I was under her jerseys. No bra!

I was in heaven. Making out and feeling her bare tits , fantastic!. I lifted her shirt up and got a look at a beautiful pair. Jenna pulled it down again. I tried to feel south of her waist, she put my hand above it. I put her hand on my crotch; she moved it away. It went on like for 20 minutes. Still it was great.

Bethany complained again that they had to go. This time Jenna agreed.

I wanted to walk them home, but they didn't want me to. They had started down the sidewalk, when I ran after them to make a date for the next day

This became our routine. Jenna, Bethany and me meeting. Maybe a soda or pizza, maybe not.. Before they left 20 minutes of making out and feeling Jenna's great set of tits, but no further. Sometimes Bethany would watch the whole thing, mostly she was waiting nearby. Bethany would complain about the time and they would leave.

Funny thing was, Bethany would flirt with me in front of Jenna. Jenna never minded. Exposing Bethany's ass became a game. I pulled down her shorts and panties a couple of times. I just sneaked up from behind her and tugged them down. Even Jenna did it. Bethany mooned us a couple of times. Once she bent over and I saw my first pussy. I thought Jenna would get mad, but no she laughed instead.

Finally, I complained about Jenna's no nudity , no below the waist rule. When she made it clear that fucking and BJ were out, I asked for a hand job. No answer from Jenna.

The next time we met, Jenna looked at me and nodded her head but said not a word. I took this as a good sign. . She was wearing a sweater, with nothing on under it. She bent over a couple of times giving me a show of her growing tits. Usually I got at most a fast look but not today. She wanted me to see them.

We had made out a lot of places but I steered them to my porch again. Bethany waited outside on the steps. As soon as we entered the porch, we were kissing. With us standing up, I could feel her pressing against me. I grabbed her buns and pulled her tight. . Usually, she would moved my hands, the no below the waist rule But not this time. I pushed my hard dick into her stomach.. She tried to get us to sit down but I held her up.

I pushed my dick into her stomach again. " Feel what you do to me."

"I will." With that she tried to get us to sit down again. You know that I followed her lead. I knew I was going to get my dick felt by someone else's hand for the first time. That soon, I would be coming. I knew that this was a big first for Jenna too.

You also know that I wanted a fuck instead of a hand job. I rubbed her crotch to get her excited enough. Her hand grabbed mine, and moved it away.

"Then touch me."

Her hand went to my leg. I moved it to the hard lump in my pants. She didn't move it at all.

Our tongues were intermingled. My hands up her sweater. I raise them to expose her tits. When she didn't pull her sweater down, I took a quick look and said.

" They are beautiful."

"They are yours to look at."

" Show me the rest." All this was said with our lips touching and between tongue duels.

" My top and Bethany's bottom that all you get to see for now."

I thought the reference to Bethany was strange, but this was not the time to question it.

" Jerk me off.."

Her hand began rubbing me over my pants. "Like this."

" Yea."

I started to open my belt.

"What are you doing?"

" Pulling down my pants."


" So you can jerk me off"

" Do you have to?" Since I already had them down at this point, I did not reply.

I put her hand back. She wrapped it around my dick and started the up and down motion. She squeezed it way too tight and I asked her to loosen up.

I went off all over her hands, my pants and the floor. It was GREAT!

" Neat" was her comment. We snuggled for a few minutes, my pants down, her sweater up. She stole more looks at my dick then I did at her tits.

"That the biggest one I ever saw."

I was only 15 and did not think I had a big one.

"Whose else's have you seen?" I asked.

Bethany appeared at the door. She took a look at my dick then complained about the time. I made no move to cover up.

Jenna told her they had lot of time and to sit. Beth sat down opposite us and looked at my dick.

"So whose dick have you seen?" I asked again.

She explained that Bethany talked some boy into pulling down his pants in front of the two of them the summer before. He was in the same grade as Bethany, a year behind Jenna. I figured that he got to see Bethany and maybe Jenna without pants. But I let it go.

My dick was standing straight and wanted attention again. I started to play with Jenna still bare tits. After a few minutes I leaned in and started to kiss her again. I was very puzzled by the whole thing. But hey, not complaining just wondering over the possibilities.

Jenna 's hand sought out my dick. She played with it for a while than started to jerk me off. Even with Bethany there it took a little longer. But the jism squirted again with Bethany leaning in for a good look.

There is way more to the story.

We repeated this scene or close enough to it several times. I saw more and more of Bethany ass and pussy in our play. Jenna started to talk about how Bethany was being left out and wanted me to give her some experience. I was afraid that if I did that jealousy would ruin my luck. So I was against it.

Jenna got me really worked up one day and in the middle of a great session just passed me to her friend. Bethany had already removed all her clothes. Hell, I went for it.

I tried to climb on top of her but Bethany used her hand to get me to explode in a hurry.

For a while, I prefer Bethany, even if she had such a small rack. With her I got full nudity, I even was able to get her off by playing with her pussy while sucking her tits, Both of these were no no's with Jenna. Sure, I suspected that they were bi. They were.

Today we live together. The house is great. My income is large. I think this is because of the confidence they have always given me. Not many threesomes but all the twosomes I want.

By the way, Bethany's tits out grew Jenna's.



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