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Swimming Baths

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A summer spent at the swimming baths resulted in more than I planned for....


It was summer and I was playing around in the local swimming pool with a new friend. I had been a couple of times with Nick but over the summer holidays we had started going most days. At first we were shy with each other but after several days I stood in front of him as I got undressed and as I reached for my trunks I saw him looking at my cock. He looked away quickly, then pulled down his pants but rather than turn away from me as previously he turned to face me. I looked down and saw his cock was already semi hard and looking again at my cock he became increasingly hard as my cock reacted and started the swell slowly. Somehow we both seemed to acknowledge our excitement and as if preparing for whatever was about to happen we both looked around making sure no one was watching, then he stepped back into a cubicle and stroked his cock until it stood hard and erect. I felt my own cock stiffen but as there were several men in the changing rooms I pulled on my trunks and headed out to the pool without a word being spoken.

For an hour or so we played in the pool and then decided to head back to the changing room. There was no one else in the changing room and we each took a cubicle next to each other. The next thing we had both stripped off our trunks and started to dry ourselves. I was sat on the bench and was just about to put on my pants when he called me quietly and looking up, there stood Nick with his cock in his hand and stroking it not a foot from my mouth. I felt my own cock stir as he asked me to touch him. I hesitated, reached up and just as I did so an attendant entered the changing room as Nick bolted back into his cubicle. I heard him groan and we both started to laugh as the attendant asked us what was so funny, told us to get dressed and leave.

Several days later we returned. We were only in about five feet of water and it was fairly quiet with just about a dozen other kids in the pool. I had forgotten my swimming trunks and had to borrow some which were several sizes too big. I tied them tight but as I swam around they didn't hold my cock still and the motion of the water inside the trunks kept giving me an erection. After this happened several times I mentioned it to Nick and was taken back when he asked to see. I didn't hesitate and pulled down my trunks and exposed my very nice young cock to him under the water. He ducked under the water and to my surprise grabbed my cock and started wanking me. I tried to stop him as I was worried the Lifeguard might be able to see but several times he ducked his head under the water and continued to wank my cock hard and fast. I was so excited I knew I would cum really quick and sure enough I tried to pull him back up but instead of stopping he pulled me under and with several more fast strokes I ejaculated. We had been under water for maybe a minute and just at the moment I popped my head back above the surface two girls about the same age as us were stood the edge of the pool directly above us and it clear from their giggles and the fact that one of the girls was pointing at me that they had seen what was going on. I straighten my trunks, my cock still semi erect and Nick gestured that we had better leave so we pulled ourselves out and as the girls stood back giggling we quickly headed for the showers. Shortly afterwards, I came out of the shower and there stood the girls, one of whom flashed her tit at me before they collapsed in giggles and ran off into the changing room.

Unfortunately I never saw the girls again but Nick and I had plenty more opportunity to explore in the water.



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