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Sweet Cookie

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Cookie was around 19, about ten years younger than I. I'd known her for about 5 years, she and I had lived in the same apartment building. I had noticed her because of her very nice figure, but of course nothing had ever happened, that is until this time when we were together. After a brief visit with her mother and her one evening, just to say hello, she and I left together for an impromptu informal dinner. Afterwards, we came back to my apartment to visit for a while. As we sat and looked at some picture albums, and chatted a while, she simply looked up at me and said she'd wondered what it'd be like to kiss me. I just looked at her and did kiss her lightly on her lips, they were soft to the touch and soon we gently started using our tongues.

I was getting hard, but I felt a little trepidation, even though she was over 18, I still felt a bit uneasy. Very soon it was very apparent she was getting aroused too. All that she had on were loose fitting shorts, a tee shirt with no bra, and flip flops. I could see her hardened nipples through her thin tee shirt. I couldn't help myself, and through her shirt I took a nipple between my thumb and index finger and squeezed it ever so lightly. Our kissing intensified a bit, but was still very gentle and soft. She looked so sexy and I've always preferred a natural looking woman. I was in heaven, I just wanted to please her and drive her crazy. My fingers were exploring her breasts, and I was getting harder by the second.

Very soon I reached under her shirt and ran my fingers over her nipples, playing a while, very slowly, feeling her soft skin. Getting no reproach I placed my hand on her leg, moved her shorts aside with my fingers, and began to touch her clitoris through her cute little white panties. I then moved her panties aside and could feel how wet she had become as I stroked her clitoris. At this juncture we were really engrossed in what we were doing, there was no turning back at this point.

Within minutes I couldn't control myself, and started to slide her shorts off, along with her panties. She stopped kissing me and told me I had to take off my pants as well. I finished removing her panties and stood to let my pants and underwear drop to the floor. My hard penis was within inches of her face and I could tell she was looking with excitement. I sat back down beside her, again began to kiss her and resumed my attentions to her very wet clitoris. Occasionally sticking my fingers into her vagina, she was squirming with glee. All the while we continued with our gentle kissing.

Within a few moments I could feel Cookie sliding her hand up my leg, whereupon she placed her fingers around my very hard penis, and began to tug and pull gently. I actually grunted with pleasure and at the same time my penis twitched with her touch. My Cowper's glands were working overtime, and when she first grabbed my penis with her soft little hand, I spewed out so much pre-ejaculatory fluid she actually asked me if I had cum. When I said I hadn't she resumed her attentions to me, she started squeezing me, and moved her hand up and down my very wet and very hard penis. As she stroked me she twisted and rotated her hand, with every stroke I was getting wetter and wetter and very hard. God it felt so good, and at the same time I was pleasing her, moving my fingers to her urgings. We were kissing each other softly the whole time, it was fantastic, and very erotic. We both were just melting in each other's caresses. I can honestly say, I can't remember anyone being that attentive before. Her manipulations were magic! I really did squirt pre-seminal fluid with her every stroke.

We mutually masturbated each other for quite some time, enjoying each other until finally she couldn't hold out any longer and came. Then I let loose, I spewed my sperm all over her belly and hand, but she continued to stroke me until my pleasure subsided. It was great! We did repeat this experience a few weeks later, but only one last time. You see, she was getting married very soon. As it turns out she was fulfilling a fantasy, and believe me so was I! Although she was a plain looking young woman, she was very sexy to me, she had a wonderful figure. She had pert little breasts, a pretty behind, and very nice legs with petite feet that had very high arches. I have often relived this experience in my mind. You see it's still one of my sexual fantasies. Even to this day I can still see her in my mind.



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