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Surprise Married Masturbation Buddy!

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We share a love of Asian girls and guys, and enjoy our first session of mutual masturbation!

I met a seemingly straight older man. He was married, and very bi curious. Luckily he was into Asian girls and guys, just like me, so we hit it off immediately. At my apartment, I got porn up on the big TV and went through my faves to find the best Asian girls. I chose some videos that I knew he would love, and that wouldn’t seem too ‘gay’, because our goal was to just watch together, play with ourselves, maybe a little mutual masturbation if he felt like he could. All very fine with me! After several videos of the cutest Asian girls masturbating later and we were both almost completely naked, enjoying the closeness of a like-minded soul, enjoying the freedom to indulge in our fantasies, and indeed enjoying watching each other get more and more aroused. I was also enjoying the delicious sounds of a man using his precum to lube his aching cock, but to make sure we were set, I offered him some scented oil. I would occasionally comment about a girl we were watching, to see if he was into talking. He soon opened up and warmed to the situation. And very soon we were talking about each girl, what makes her so fucking hot, cute or sexy, what we would like to do with her… this was much more stimulating than I had expected. “Her face is so damn cute, and her long black hair is perfect,” he would whisper as he held his balls with one hand and slowly pumped his beautiful cock with the other. “Fuck yes, I love when she caresses her perfect body all over,” I add. Soon, I decided to play some videos with couples. Mainly Asian men fucking Asian women. To be honest, these are a little boring for me, but I sometimes fantasize about being with them and enjoying both their beautiful smooth bodies. “I like this couple. His body is so tight,” I ventured. My friend knew I was bisexual, and I started making comments about Asian men in the videos to see how far he would come with me. “Do you think he’s hot?” “Yes,” he whispered after a little pause. I could tell he was really getting excited at the idea of extending our boundaries to include his deepest fantasy. Several more couple videos later, and we were exchanging glances and comments about the various Asian men in the videos. “He is really my type,” I mentioned. “Have you been with someone like him?” my friend whispered almost secretly. “Oh yes, I have some very close friends who look like him, and we get together sometimes,” I kind of lied. At that, he closed his eyes, lay his head back and really pumped his aching cock. I thought he was going to cum, but he stopped and relaxed his self love. “Tell me about them. Tell me what it’s like to touch an Asian guy’s body. Is it like a girl?” Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. But very happy to indulge him. “Kind of like a girl, in that their bodies are so smooth. One friend has the most beautiful golden skin, very smooth, very sparse pubic hair, gorgeously toned. I love just touching him all over, kissing his chest, shoulders, tummy…” I could see my friend was really enjoying this, as he was no longer watching the TV, but was laid back, eyes closed, just listening and loving his beautiful cock. I continued. “But they aren’t soft, like a girl’s body is,” I continued, “they are hard underneath that beautiful skin. And that is what is such a turn on for me. My golden-skin friend is a gym junkie, and he loves it when I worship his beautiful body. Such delicious muscles, abs… oh god, I’m so fucking horny thinking about his hot body.” I was embellishing my story, only slightly, to gauge his reaction, and luckily he was so into it! “Tell me more about him, what do you do when you’re with him?” Now he was getting into it! He was still watching the video, but now he was getting really lost in his own self-love, which I was incredibly getting off on. "Well, we get naked, get on my bed, and he starts to flex his muscles for me. He knows how much I love his sexy body, and he is very happy to indulge me. So, he is usually kneeling on the bed, naked, and very quickly his cock is rock hard as I caress his hard body. I love to approach him from behind, run my hands all over his chest, shoulders, arms, down over his abs. I kiss his shoulders and his biceps while I play with his nipples. Then I reach down, cup his sexy little bubble butt in my hands, caress his hips. Then, and this really gets him hot, I reach through his legs and begin to caress his smooth balls. He is usually breathing heavily by now, and his precum is dripping." My friend was by now so fucking turned on by this he couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh fuck... cumming," he hissed as we both craned our necks to watch his beautiful cock shooting long ropes of his hot cum all over his stomach and up to his chest. I decided not to cum this time, but to let him enjoy himself. I had decided to enjoy the fuck out of myself after he had gone home. After some recovery time, we cleaned up, and we talked briefly about how he felt. I was pleasantly surprised when he said he would love to do it again with me. He even mentioned that he would like to watch me cum next time!!



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