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Surprise In The College Showers

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I was enjoying a slow arousal in the shower, and found a friend wanted to enjoy it too.

All summer long, I had enjoyed being outside, and had earned a good tan on my upper body and my legs.  However, my shorts had kept me white in between those areas.  I returned to college ready to get into the pattern of study and play.  


I had begun the semester and was a couple weeks in when I went one morning to the community showers in the dorm.  No one was there, so I quickly removed my underwear and stepped into the warm stream of water from the shower.  It hit me so good, and hit my cock in a way that made me stand there with my eyes closed as I felt the pressure from the water on my growing semi.  I got the soap and started soaping my body up, still enjoying that sensation as my hard-on grew.  I soaped my dick and it felt so good, I just kept soaping, eyes shut again.  It was wonderful.  



When I opened my eyes my buddy John was staring at me from underneath a shower nozzle about four feet away.  A grin showed evidence that he had been staring for a while, and had entered the shower without my taking notice.  I immediately began making excuses.  “Oh, I didn’t know anyone was here.  Eh, I thought . . . Uh.”  John just kept grinning.  His muscled body fully on display under the shower.  He walked over and took my hand away from my cock and began rubbing me.



I was in such shock and pleasure, I just stood there at first.  Then I reached over and grabbed his now hard cock and started rubbing him as well.  It was so awesome to feel his hardness as he worked mine.  He said, “I don’t think you should waste the opportunity to enjoy a good hard on, buddy.”  He dropped to his knees in front of me, I couldn’t believe it when he put my whole cock in his mouth.  The pleasure, the water, the masculine energy all contributed to a feeling growing in my groin, the pressure of a good cum load making it’s way from my balls to my cock.  “Fuck, buddy, I’m going to cum,” I groaned with pleasure.  



He sucked me dry.  



I said, “John, let me work on you now.”  I hadn’t ever sucked a dick, but I switched places with him and soon I was licking precum off his glans, and then I took the whole cock and began bobbing my head up and down as he moaned and gentle thrust his hips.  Soon, “Fuck, I’m cumming,” and I got my first load in my mouth.  



We returned to showering, talking about some of the hot women on campus.  We never had this experience again, but I’ll never forget it.  




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