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Surgery Friend

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We'll see what happens


A lady came into my office about a year ago and explained that she had just moved into the area and wanted some community information. We talked for a while to find out what the local community could offer her and came up with several options for her to pursue. A month later I did a follow up and called her and she told me she had decided to leave the area and her husband but was grateful for the help none the less.

Several weeks after that I was in the local store and a good looking young man walked up to me and introduced himself. The name meant nothing to me until he identified himself as the ex-husband of the lady who I had tried to help several weeks before. While in line we chatted, I expressed sympathy for his situation and he said that things just sort of happened with the stress of the move etc... Our conversation continued through the check-out line and into the parking lot where I found out he lived about two blocks away. I told him sincerely to drop by anytime he saw lights on at my place and we went our ways. I saw him several times after that just basically to nod to and simple greetings not much more.

We met again some time after that at the store parking lot again and he told me he was scheduled for surgery on his shoulder in a week or so. I was also scheduled for similar surgery somewhat further down the line so we started to talk a bit more comparing aches and pains and symptoms and he came by my house for some snacks and we talked for quite a while. As his surgery approached we talked more and I asked him if he needed a ride to the hospital or any other help and he told me he had it covered but to drop by after he got home and he could tell me how it was. I didn't make it over to his house until five or six days after he got home and we talked and he explained the pain, discomfort etc and asked if I would do him a favor. That was to tape a plastic cover on his shoulder so he could finally have a long awaited shower. I helped him take off his shirt, not really certain how he got it on in the first place and taped plastic over his scar to seal it.

His shoulder was well protected and then he asked with some embarrassment if I could help him get the rest of the way undressed and into the shower to get the first shower he had had in days. I helped him out of his clothes admiring his real nice body and helped him into the shower and helped him take care of getting soap and water on and off then out of the shower and drying off which he could not do well with one arm taped to his body. I was glad I had on a pair of fairly tight jeans holding me in place as my dick was starting to enjoy the situation. In the process of this he was starting to get a pretty solid woody and again apologized saying that he had not been able to take care of things due to his shoulder.

I told him not to worry and asked him if he would like a hand job to take the pressure off. He thought for a minute and said Ok and we agreed there would be no strings attached I would just help him get off since he could not easily take care of it himself. We went to his bed room he stretched out on his back completely hard and I lubed him up and stroked him for several minutes listening to him moan and thrust enjoying it almost as much as he seemed to be. This went on for about ten minutes until he shot about five ropes of cum from his neck to his belly button. When he stopped shooting and breathing hard I kept my hand on his body and told him not to be embarrassed or anything it's a guy thing and needs to be taken care of and there was no gay stuff involved.

I then cleaned him up and said ' Let's talk' we talked about the situation more and 'Guy needs' and I told him that I would help him when he needed an extra hand for simple things like getting dressed or general household things or if he needed to get off again. I've helped him out showering and cuming a couple of times since then even after he got his wrappings off and had free use of his hands but have been too busy to spend much time with him but since then we've become friends and with my surgery scheduled for next week he confessed to me that he is planning on seeing that he repays me with a number of hand jobs and starts to get hard when he thinks about it. It's sort of an odd friendship but so far works for both of us. I guess we'll see about things after next week.



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