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When my parents were divorced, mom, my younger sister and I moved into a kind of nice apartment. They had a swimming pool, but there was also a small deck accessible from my sister's and my room only. You couldn't be seen from there unless you were standing or sitting high up, because of the angle to the ground. It was kind of recessed in the wall so it couldn't be seen from the other apartments on our same floor.

Being a horny little kid, I thought it would be so hot to jack off outside on the deck where I could hear people talking below. So, I would go out there in my swimsuit, pretending to just lay out in the sun. When I was sure my sister was going to be out of her room for a while, I would take off my trunks and start satisfying myself. The first time it was quick because I didn't want to get caught, but I still shot loads all over my chest and stomach.

As the short days of summer passed, I was able to take more and more time jacking off, really enjoying the experience. I would get so hard and there would be so much precum, I had no trouble with making my cock sore. I would get close to cumming and then back off and drag it out as long as I could.

Well, the odds of getting caught finally caught up with me. One hot August day, my sister came into her room just as I had taken my trunks off. We both had that deer in the headlights look, me hoping she wouldn't tell, and she, I guess, just shocked to see me naked. So, to avoid any suspicion I just went ahead and laid down like I was going to suntan. She opened her door and asked what I thought I was doing. I told her and convinced her that it felt really good to lay out nude. I used the term nude because it didn't sound as nasty as naked. It appeared to work.

So, to my dismay, she decided to join me. She got a towel and some lotion and lay down beside me. How was I going to jack off, now. Because she's my sister, and because I had been caught, I didn't have to worry about getting hard for a while. So I just laid there and pretended to enjoy myself.

As she was getting settled down, she started applying the lotion, which I had never done. Being flat and hairles, she didn't have all that much to look at, but I looked anyway. She laid on her stomach and asked me to put the lotion on her back, so I did. When I got to her butt, I held back, but it was virgin white. I told her she really needed the lotion on her butt and she told me to put it on there. Her butt was way cute, and I started putting the lotion on there. I got brave and rubbed my hand all over her butt, running my fingers down in her butt crack. She never flinched or said anything, so I took my time. By now I was getting hard, but it was OK because she couldn't see it. I moved my finger further down her crack and felt her butthole, and she still didn't flinch. So, I took a chance and moved my hand further down and touched her pussy lips. She slightly opened her legs, so I moved my finger further down. I could feel her wetness in her slit and I was really hot now.

Suddenly, she turned over and asked if I wanted her to put some lotion on me. Her eyes went right to my raging boner. I thought I was dead now. But she just stared and kept saying, 'Wow!'

Finally she told me to lie down and she grabbed the lotion bottle. Since I was so hard, I couldn't very well lie face down, so I laid on my back. She took her time, but my boner kept up there. She went from my shoulders, down my chest, on either side of my cock and balls, and on down my legs.

I thought that was it, but she squirted more lotion in her hands and then started rubbing it on my cock and balls. I opened my eyes and looked at her, and she said, 'Well, you don't want this getting burned, do you?' I said, 'No. Go ahead.'

She rubbed it around, but not like jacking off, I was pretty certain that she had never even seen a hard one before, much less jack off anybody. So, I just enjoyed it.

Finally, it got to be too much, and I had reached the point where caution had gone with the wind. I told her to get more lotion and to wrap it around my cock and to apply it that way, moving up and down. She complied, which gave me more bravado. She started to take her hand away, but I told her that it felt so good, would she keep doing it that way. She agreed. So she kept doing it and I told her to make sure she went from top to bottom. Soon, that familiar urge developed. I told her to move faster, and she did. I am sure she could tell by my heavy breathing and thrusting hips that this was way more than lotion application. I think it was curiosity that kept her going. Then after just a few more strokes I shot and she she stopped. I told her to keep going, and she did. I came more that time than I did when I first started jacking on the deck.

She asked what that was, and I started in on 'the talk,' but she said she knew all that, she just wanted to make sure it was ejaculation. I asked if she had ever done that before and she said no. She asked if I had done it before, and I said not with a girl.

So she laid on her back and told me to put lotion on her front. Now she was the dominate one and I was submissive, mainly because I didn't want her to tell. Even though she didn't have any boobs to speak of, I rubbed her nipples a good bit, which she seemed to enjoy.

When I got to her hips, I lingered there, not wanting to move down her legs. I refilled with lotion and rubbed it on her pussy lips and she opened her legs well apart. I could see it all, and I was getting hard again, although not as hard as before. I could see that she was moist, so I put a finger in and looked at her. She opened her eyes and said that it feels good. So I went as deep as I could and it was so hot in there. And wet. So I started a fucking motion and she raised her hips. I asked if I was doing it right, since this was my first pussy feeling, and she said its fine, don't stop.

I didn't really know if girls could cum, but I thought I would mimic the fucking motion anyway, thinking that it was like a guy, wanting it faster and faster. It worked. she started bucking and telling me not to stop. Finally, she just tensed up, squeezed her legs on my hand and held the position for several seconds, if not longer.

I asked her what that was and she asked if I ever done that to a girl before. I told her I never even saw a girl naked before. She told me that's how girls orgasm. She knew a lot more about this sex thing than I did.

She saw that I was still hard and asked if I wanted to masturbate again (she used all the textbook words), and of course I said yes.

After that adventure, I made sure she was in her room when I went out for my jack off session. We never denied each other, except when she was on her period later on.

We lived in that apartment for only two years, but they were great years.



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