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Sun Rise

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Hi! My name is Alison, I'm six foot, black haired, D sized breasts with lovely long legs and bright blue eyes.
My eyes slightly open up to be greeted by the morning rays of the sun rise. My dark purple blanket completely wrapping me in a cocoon of warmth. I laid there for a few minutes until I started feeling hot. I pulled down the blanket to my bellybutton to reveal my breasts to the WORLD! well more like to my room. The air kisses my breasts and slowly but surely my nipples get hard. I moved my pillow to sit up against my headrest and sat up, my waist still hidden and warm I bring my knees up and apart to make a tent shape out of my blanket. I close my eyes and my hands start lightly grabbing and pulling my tits. I took my finger and put it in my mouth and traced circles around both my nipples. I started to lightly pull and roll my nipples, each time I would pull or roll my nipples it would send little pleasurable pulses to my pussy. Keeping one hand on my nipple I move the other hand down to my belly then my fingers met my landing strip. I started to pull on my landing strip then moved to my pussy. I start fondling my large pussy lips and lightly separating them with one finger. I dip one finger in... I'm wet and ready! I take that finger and lead it up to my clit. Lightly rubbing my clit while I keep rolling my nipple. By now my breathing has gotten deeper and longer, I lightly start tapping my clit. With each tap my hips would jump up trying to get more pressure. With this the blanket falls down to my ankles I look down to see my lovely large pussy lips. I take two fingers and get them wet and place them on my clit. Rubbing harder and faster my breathing turned into moaning as I penetrated my cunt with both fingers hearing and feeling my wetness. My fingers start going faster and faster along with my breathing and moaning. My palm hitting my clit while my fingers thrust into me *fap, fap, fap, fap* I start feeling my orgasm start to build in my tummy. I pinch my nipples harder my fingers going faster and harder my orgasm moves to my pussy. Cum starts to seep out of my pussy and dribbles down to my ass-hole. I take my cum soaked fingers out and start rubbing my clit even faster and harder. I moan and scream as my pussy explodes and squirts pussy juices all over my hand and bed sheets. I start shaking in pure bliss, my eyes closed my knees fall down I start licking my cum covered hand clean. The taste of pure self pleasure I reach down down to my pussy and scoop up the rest of the cum that has stuck to my butt and pussy lips and lick my hand clean again. Every now and then my pussy would contract and shoot out a little cream. I lay there in my cum soaked sheets and took an early afternoon nap. Hope you enjoyed! please tell me what you thought. Would you like more? Let me know. I hope you have a CUMTASTIC day!



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