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Summer With the Exchange Student

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Great site! Love all the stories, so keep'em coming.


Two years ago, my family hosted an exchange student from Sweden. We'll call her Kailee. Kailee had brown hair just past her shoulders, blue/grey eyes, and rather large breasts. She was about 5'8' and about 125 lbs.

Kailee and I were walking home from school one day, talking about various things (her English was quite good) when the subject of masturbation came up. Kailee asked me if I did, and I shyly answered yes. She told me not to be ashamed or shy, that it was very natural, and that she had started at a rather early age. Boldened by her, I stated that I too had started fairly early (about 6 or 7). We talked a little more about it and then continued to the house in more idle chat.

Once at the house, Kailee said she was going to her room (the guest room) to do her homework. I had no homework that day so I went on my computer to chat. No one was on, so I logged off and went to get a snack.

When I finished, I went to my room to look at my Playboys that my friend had bought me and masturbate, but was stopped by moaning coming from Kailee's room. I stopped and listened for a bit, then knocked to ask to join her. After a minute or so, she answered the door, looking fairly flushed. I asked if I could join her and she opened the door more to let me in. I looked at the bed and noticed a dildo on it.

When I turned around, Kailee had already taken her shirt off, and her nipples were protruding from her large (38C) breasts. She told me to strip off and join her on the bed (queen size).

I quickly took off my shirt and jeans and then stood waiting in my boxers, my dick already at attention. Kailee had taken her shorts off, and I could see her shaven pussy glistening with her juices. She looked at me and I just stared back.

She came towards me and took my boxers off, easing the band over my hard 7' dick. Kailee then patted the bed and I hopped up, almost immediately starting to stroke my dick. After stroking for a while, I had the urge to kiss Kailee. I moved over to her and she gave me an odd look, not knowing what to expect.

I slowly kissed her, but what surprised me was when she kissed me back, hard. We continued to make out on the bed for a bit more before I broke the kiss and moved down to her chest. I started to lick and suck on her delicious nipples. I stopped after a couple minutes and placed my hand on her moist pussy. I asked if I could and Kailee just nodded. I slowly inserted two fingers and moved them in and out while brushing her clit with my thumb. After about 5-10 minutes, she moaned and started bucking her hips, having a large orgasm. I licked my fingers off and Kailee thanked me for the orgasm.

We started masturbating ourselves again, and just as I was about to have my orgasm, I opened my eyes, and saw my sister standing there!

But that's another story for another time. I have to get ready for work now. I'll post the rest in a little while.



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