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Summer With My Cousin Part 1

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A summer spent getting to know my cousin very, very well

I come back to this memory often because it was one of the most erotic pure sexual experiences of my life. Seems like a lifetime ago, over one short summer I had my sexual ignition full-throttled. I was visiting my dad's home in Alabama, spending as much time as possible riding around the countryside for hours on end on a little dirt bike he had.

One day I decided to start riding over to my grandparents' home to horse around over on their property. To my surprise, my grandparents were housing and raising my cousin Rachel, a short wiry girl with short-cropped hair that she wore just above shoulder-length, and petite with tone tanned body. Rachel was a year younger and I knew her parents were raising her in a very conservative manner, but she seemed very excited to have someone else her age to get to spend time with. I had only seen her once before when we were extremely young, and now here she was locked up in the middle of nowhere with no one to hangout with--but I was in the same boat!

A week went by and I kept visiting every day. What started as shy glances and smiles from her quickly turned to flirtation--which soon got more and more obvious and then almost aggressive. One afternoon, about two weeks after I'd started visiting, our grandmother said she was going to the grocery store and asked if I'd stay there with Rachel for a bit. (I guess she was concerned about leaving her teen granddaughter alone on their farm?)

I said I didn't mind at all; what else would I say? Grandma is barely out of sight down the road when Rachel runs by in the living room laughing, buck-ass naked, and says "let's play hide and seek!" I'm laughing/nervous because I'm completely off guard with her sudden nudity, and my teenage hormones are now directing blood down south and I start questioning my morals as thoughts flash through my mind as quickly as she'd stripped off her clothes!

I try to ignore her insistent demands for a bit, but she just stayed there in the living room with me, eagerly showing off her naked body to me.  Next thing I know, she sits next to me on the couch and just blurts, "I think we should have sex!"

...and I'm just flat-out like "No, absolutely fucking not!" (I mean, she was cute and perky--but she was also my cousin!) A brief moment of complete silence passes and then she asks if she can "just see my dick" ("tallywhacker" was her exact word--I kid you not!) I'm getting uncomfortable, mainly because this is my cousin asking and she then points out she's naked... a moment longer and my hormones overrule my head and figure, what the hell. I arch my back a bit and shimmy my shorts down around my ankles and there it is, my cock hard as my body can make it, gently throbbing to my pulse.

She sat just staring for a moment and asked if she could touch it, and I said sure. She mainly just poked around and then wrapped her hand around it and squeezed it till it was almost a bit uncomfortable. She let go and said some of the boys at her church talk about sex stuff all the time but she had never seen or did anything sexual. We sat there naked for a bit, talking about sex stuff (and my hard-on just kept throbbing, but I didn't want to do anything in front of my cousin) when our grandmother pulled back onto the property. In a flash, Rachel and I rushed to get dressed and I was soon on my way home to dad's.

The next day I went over as soon as I could, still feeling nervous yet now so curious about all the things she didn't know. When I pulled up, my grandmother was pleasantly surprised and said Rachel was about to get in the shower but if Rachel wanted to, she could stay here with me again while grandma went out on more errands. Grandma leans her head into the bathroom where Rachel is and tells her I'm there, and asks if she wanted to stay and without any hesitation Rachel said yes!

A few minutes later, Grandma leaves but the shower is still on.  I decide to play a card and I get naked and lay on the couch and start masturbating, slowly building myself up and then backing off. A few moments later, I hear the shower turn off and then Rachel walks into the hallway with a towel wrapped around herself, and stops when she hits the doorway to the living room.  I pretend not to notice and she asks "What are you doing?!" I explain to her that I'm her that I'm jerking off. She asks why and I tell her because it feels really good, it's what sex feels like without the sex.

Rachel is immediately intrigued and asks me to tell her how it feels. I describe it to the best of my ability, finishing with what an orgasm is and she just sits Indian-style on the floor and tells me to show her what my orgasms look like. I'm not sure, but by now I'm so turned on and my heart is racing as I lie on the couch stroking my cock for an eager audience and I say "sure, let me start again" and I was at it, like a steam engine I started pumping my erection over and over and stepping up the tempo

By now, I am very much putting on a show; I was breathing hard and squirming around all the while Rachel sat looking at me like an eager student until my pumping ceased and I paused while my cock spurted all over my stomach and chest, as orgasmic waves came over my body. She just smiled and said that was awesome and asked me to tell her again what it felt like.

A few minutes go by in silence as the cum starts to thin and start running off my chest when she says, "I wish girls could jerk off!" I started to laugh but then realized--she had never had an orgasm, and probably had never even masturbated! I pry, and she says that she's never touched herself and had only felt "tingly" down there during our talk and when she had pressed on the edge of the tub while straddling it but never more then a tickle.

She asked if I can do it again and I say sure only if I can tell you how you can feel this too. She excitedly agreed and sat Indian-style, still wrapped up in her towel. I sit up this time and ask her to sit across from me and she readily does and drops the towel. I then start working my dick back up to full throttle and when it gets up I ask her to uncross her legs and she does. I'm watching her as she watches me slouching on the couch spread eagle and I get to another great orgasm but this time I just let a few drops that mainly look like water out then slump down, laughing as she's just smiling at the whole ordeal.

Rachel is clearly wanting to get this whole "touch yourself feel good thing" and I start to explain to her what you do and what I've seen done, then I tell her to finger herself. She looks at me blankly and says "Where do I put them?" And I'm now completely aroused. I tell her that she has to put her finger in her vagina and work it around. She asks if I'd fingered girls before and I tell her just one. She laughs and I tell her the story and then she says, "Well, you could finger me to show me what I'm doing wrong and then I'll do it myself!" I'm shocked, still not sure why I had paved the road to this by jerking it on the couch. I thought for just a moment and then said, "sure, why not," with a shrug and a smile, "but we have to go into your room because we need to see when someone pulls up 'cause we can't get caught doing this."

She agreed that grandma would flip out about all of this and I knew this too. So I go and sit on her rickety white daybed and she comes in still nude and asks me to tell her what and where to go. I said, "Come lie here next to me on the bed, you facing this way" motioning to lying kind of diagonal on the bed. She walks over and lies across my naked lap, bumping into my hardon and lies down in the position of someone getting a spanking, but straddling me with just one leg with the rest of her lying on the bed. I notice her knees are shaking slightly. I ask if she's sure about this and she nervously whispers "yes."

I had only fingered one girl, maybe 4 times at this point in my life, but even so I had more knowledge so with my vast knowledge (ha!) I start gently pressing and rubbing all around her small lips, her butt pokong in the air laying in the awkward position she was, and then I start gently sliding my thumb up and down her slit. After a moment, I find the giveaway spot and start investigating more. She's laying over my lap seemingly much more relaxed now that it's been a minute or two and I pull my thumb up and put it in my mouth without thinking because she wasn't as moist as I had expected. After licking it, I placed my thumb directly back on the cusp of her vagina and slid into her her tight opening and she's gasps pretty harshly and tells me that it hurt a bit but she was ok. So I leave my thumb in and start gently doing a back and forth windshield wiper motion over the spongy spot and she starts to writhe a bit but she starts getting noticeably wetter.

I kept doing that motion for a time, all the while asking her how she felt but she just lay eyes closed and say "good." I pull my thumb out and swap to just my index finger but now she's aroused plenty enough that I'm now penetrating her repeatedly in a slow rhythm watching as she starts arching her hips while pressing into my hand. As I keep stepping up the pace she gets more and more vocal in how she's feeling with a subtle moan here and there and a few squeaks of bliss. After doing this for a solid 10 minutes, I'm now fingering her vigorously or at least what I thought was pretty intense when she reaches back with one hand and asks me to stop because she feels like she's going to pee. I laughed and held her hand behind her back like a police hold and said that's how it's supposed to feel and just let whatever's happening happen!

And then it hit, as I worked her pussy over I watched her build up and up and then...Rachel was bucking her hips now to my rhythm and moaning semi uncontrollably when she took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds and her orgasm struck like lightning. Rachel let the breath she had been holding out in a long, low moan while gripping my wrist that was holding her arm down and the other seemingly trying to bend the day bed's bar off! With her orgasm, she got extremely wet, wet enough to soak my hand and wet my thigh. She just lay there breathless for a second collecting her thoughts and then looked at me and said that was the most awesome thing that had ever happened to her.

We laid in her bed and talked for a long time about pretty much everything sex-related and then got dressed and when grandma got home we were just sitting outside and she asked if I could come back tomorrow to watch Rachel because she had so much stuff to do in town and didn't want to force Rachel to go with her if she wanted to stay with me instead. Rachel readily agreed and we laughed and said maybe I can teach her some things.



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