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Summer When Young

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Memories provoked by the summer of....


The story of the young person of thirteen years and his three young female companions reminded me of a time in my life when I was about twelve to thirteen years old and it was the time of the summer school holidays in the UK.

For some reason, perhaps my friends had gone away with their families, I'm not sure, but I remember I was at a loose end and felt nothing exciting was going to happen.

I was already aware of my own and others sexual pleasure by this time, having watched older boys masturbate to completion and seen my own sister masturbate, and was a regular masturbator doing it every day, sometimes two and three times, but mainly as a solitary pleasure.

During my bored ramblings at this time I used to walk through the local fields belonging to a farmer who grew grass for hay and straw. In the time I'm talking about it was quite ok to go into the crop field as long as you did little damage and many a young person spent part of their holidays 'bringing in the sheaves.'

During my preambles I really did stumble over a girl a little younger than me, a daughter of one of my parents neigbours. She was lying in the long grass in one of the meadows when I more or less fell over her.

I will call her Katherine for the benefit of this story. I walked over the crest of a hill in grass that came to my mid thighs only to find I was looking down on her lying in the grass with her dress pulled up to her thighs and no knickers on rubbing herself in a slow methodical way. I don't know if she heard me or if I said something but I remember she seemed to casually pull down her dress and speak to me.

Whilst Katherine was a little younger than me, I was not in her league. She had already developed breasts and was usually accompanied by an older boy of perhaps sixteen. Now there may only be three years between thirteen and sixteen, but there is a world of difference culturally.

I cannot remember what Katherine said to me at the beginning of the conversation but in what felt like no time she was asking me if I had seen what she had been doing. I admitted I had. She asked me if I played with myself as her brothers did, they were younger and older than me respectively.

With a slight amount of embarrassment I admitted seeing her and admitted playing with myself. By this time I was sat opposite her in the grass looking straight up her dress at her hairless slit. I was aware of what I was looking at as I had seen my sister's genitals and knew that girls could masturbate for pleasure just like boys, having watched my sister do it many times.

With no prompting or suggestion from me she pulled her dress back up, exposed her genitals, and started stroking them again. Safe to say I needed very little encouragement to remove my trousers and underpants and sat across from her with my eyes glued to her puffy lips as her finger slid up and down what was already a wet slippy canal.

All the time I was stroking my dick, slowly at first and then faster, as I started to reach climax. All this time Katherine has been silent, then all of a sudden she said 'Can you shoot spunk?' and before the sentence was out of her mouth my dick started to twitch and I started to ejaculate.

Just as I started to do this Katherine arched her back off the ground, seemed to grunt two to three times, and I remember seeing how wet her fingers were and at the same time she said 'It's here.'

I don't suppose I could believe my luck but for some reason I didn't revert to a shy adolescent after the ejaculation but just lay there in the sun with no pants on letting the sun warm my dick.

We both lay there in a state of undress for what seemed forever, with the sun on our genitals. The most remarkable thing was that we repeated the same actions in the afternoon, and if my memory serves me right at least once a day if not more, for the final three weeks of the holiday. If it was warm and dry we were in the field, if it was dull and wet, in her fathers garden shed. We only touched each others genitals about three times, at all the other times we were just content to sit and watch each other stroke and I loved to see her slit get wetter and wetter as she got more excited.

Even to this day after 34 years of marriage it is still a great sexual pleasure to lie next to my wife or sit in front of her so I can see her getting dripping wet as she strokes herself and she watches me shoot spunk out of my dick.



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