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Summer Love

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The first day of a new life.


I had been dating Michele since the summer before our senior year in high school. Michele and I have known each other all our lives but during the summer we worked at a day camp and rode the camp bus to and from the camp. We talked and laughed the entire summer and went out on a few dates to the movies and bowling.

Our first kiss was in her car after we went out driving and she drove to a secluded area. We kissed for a while and after taking a break Michele saw my tent in my shorts. She laughed and I asked if she wanted to see it. That got Michele quiet and she said yes. I slipped them down and she reached over and felt my hard on. She said it was so stiff, but soft at the same time. She stroked me and said she must stop or I would probably burst. I said yes and when I pulled up my shorts Michele pulled off her top. She had on her bra, but I could see her nipples. I leaned over and pulled up her bra and kissed both her nipples. She moaned and said please more. I felt her breast and kept kissing her nipples. Michele had to stop me and we drove home and made out again.

When school started we were an item and most days I drove Michele home. Her parents invited me to dinner many nights and I got to know them very well. Michele loved dinner at my house and my parents loved how she handled me. When Thanksgiving came around my parents decided to go visit my aunt in Florida. I stayed home and went to Michele house for dinner. On Friday morning Michele came over and we ended up in my room making out. I was soon naked and Michele was in her panties. Michele was giving me a hand job and I was in heaven and was loving it. When I was close to cum I told her. She kept on jacking and I squirted on her face and hand. Michele said she wanted to do that for a few weeks.

Michele got up and washed her face and I had a few pillows in the middle of the bed. She asked what I was doing and I said I wanted to make her feel the same was as I did. Michele laid down and I kissed up her legs and then over her pussy. She laughed and said how nice that was. I then pulled them off and saw her pussy for the first time and kissed her pussy and started to lick it. She was moaning and telling me what to do. As soon as I found her clit she kept saying faster and slow and then stay right there. In a minute her body started to shake and she moaned very loud and squeezed her legs together and said stop. I did and she looked down at me and said that was an amazing orgasm.

She saw I was hard again and said she wanted to wait. I asked wait for what and Michele said you inside of me. I smiled and said not the right situation. She did jerk me off again and we fell asleep in each other arms. In March we decided to go to the prom and after we were going to go to her family cabin. The prom was fun with a lot of dancing and partying. The next morning we left for her family cabin and arrived after a 2 hour ride. We went into the cabin and Michele showed me around. When we reached her room she kissed me and said now is the right situation.

I looked at her and she stepped into the room and stripped naked. I followed and was naked in seconds. I laid on the bed and Michele laid next to me and we started to kiss. I went between her legs and licked her again and after she had her orgasm I slowly slid my dick inside her. When I broke her hymen she cried a little and then after the pain went away we went at it like rabbits. I asked if I should pull out and she said no she had been on the pill for years. I exploded inside her and stayed inside of Michele until I went soft. When I slid out I laid on my back and Michele gave me a kiss and said I love you. That Monday in school it was like we had a sign over our heads. A lot of girls and guys lost their cherries that weekend. We graduated and stayed together for a few more years until we ended it after a fight when I caught her cheating on me.



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