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Such a Sweet Girl! (Part 2)

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Hi guys! For those of you who liked my story, sorry for being so late in continuing it. I've been pretty busy lately, but now I finally have the opportunity to finish telling my experience. So, here goes Part 2!


I felt like I was in a dream world! I couldn't believe this was actually happening to me. Here I was, sitting next to this beautiful little girl with my rock-hard dick completely exposed to her. I remember her first reaction was a cute little giggle, her face flushed red with embarrassment and buried into my chest. I put my arm around her, feeling her silky smooth skin and told her it was ok to keep looking at it.

She then lifted her head from my chest and stared at it for a few moments. She asked me if she could touch it. I said she could do whatever she wanted with it, so long as we kept what we were doing a secret just between us. She agreed and then she went for it. Oh GOD! I still remember how unbelievably soft her hands were! It sent chills up and down my spine; I was melting right there in her hands. She began running her hand up and down my cock, feeling with her fingers and inspecting it thoroughly. I was breathing very heavily and precum began oozing out of the head like a volcano!

She started asking all sorts of questions, like how many times does it get hard, do I play with it, and what's this stuff coming out of it. I said it was precum and it comes out whenever I get excited and start playing with it, and that it usually comes before the thick white stuff. Since we talked about sex before, she knew what I was talking about. She asked if it felt good went she touched it and rubbed it, and I said it felt so awesome!

I was in heaven! I asked her how it felt and she said it felt very nice, like nothing she's ever felt before. I taught her how to stroke it soft and slow so we could enjoy it more. Both of our parents wouldn't be back for probably a few more hours, so we just took our sweet time. I could hear her breathing heavy and could tell she was really getting into it. She looked up at me with a big smile on her face and said, 'This is fun! I like doing this.' I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt kinda weird but good at the same time. 'Good! I'm glad you're not too weirded out to enjoy it', I said, and I started lovingly stroking her arm with my fingers. I then bent down and kissed her head, breathing in the scent of her hair. She gave a little sigh and laid her head on my chest, still stroking my throbbing cock.

This went on for a good five or ten minutes (I was very surprised I held on before cumming for so long!) She asked if she could see the rest of my body. Her curiosity was driving me crazy, and I was more than happy to let her see me naked! With her still sitting down facing me, I stood up off the couch and began stripping down for her. I remember her having this cute little look of embarrassment and covering her eyes with her hands. I told her it was ok to look, and she uncovered her eyes. She just looked at me with a smile and giggled a little bit. I turned around for her so she could see my ass. I spanked it, and that gave her a laugh! I turned over to face her again and she said, 'You're body is really pretty!'. My face was flushed! (I was an athletic-looking kid at the time) She also commented on how my dick was still hard and how funny it looked while I was standing. I slapped it around and she just laughed hysterically.

I then said it was her turn now. I wanted to see her naked body so badly! But, I told her she didn't have to if she didn't want to. She said it was ok though, she didn't mind. With that, I just stood in hypnotized silence as she took of her clothes. One by one, her jammies came off and she felt comfortable enough to take off her adorable little white panties. With each piece of clothing that came off, I just stared at every single part of her body. She happily and proudly turned round for me. Her hot little budding tits, her awesome creamy legs and that oh so tasty-looking ass! I was like a deer in headlights.

She asked me if I liked her body; I said, 'Hell yeah! You're beautiful!' She giggled and blushed a little and sat back on the couch. Her pretty hairless pussy was to die for. I was so awestruck by her beauty, I bent down and kissed her on the lips! I then sat back down next to her. She then told me she wanted to see me shoot my white stuff, and I told her she could help me do it. I spread my legs and had her kneel down in front of me. She liked the hair on my balls and said it was cute. Such a sweet girl! She started stroking my cock again. Damn, I was the luckiest kid in the world that night!

As she continued stroking with both hands as slowly as she could, I taught her different ways of doing it. I made it fun for her, making silly faces and stuff, talking about sex. We were both laughing and having a great time! There was precum all over my cock, and she liked the way it looked coming out of the head. I showed her how to use it for lube. I reached over with my hand and started stroking her hair and face. I think I was in love at that point, LOL! She liked the feeling and smiled at me lovingly. I could tell she was really getting into it again by her heavy breathing. By this time, she was just staring at my dick with a vacant look on her face. Sometimes we would look at each other and smile. It was so erotic, I couldn't take much more.

After almost ten minutes of jerking, I was about to cum. 'Ohhhh Heather, I'm gonna shoot it! Get ready!', I said. My breathing was becoming very heavy and my body was tensing up. I told her to keep stroking slowly and she did. The next thing I knew, I totally lost control and exploded! My cum shot so far with such force, I thought I was gonna pass out! Rope after rope of thick hot cum went all over the place, hitting Heather in the chest a few times and finally landing on my stomach and chest. She flinched and turned her head away slightly, but that didn't stop her from laughing and stroking. I was moaning and yelling like a zombie, my whole body shaking from the intensity of it. My load just kept coming for what seemed like forever, finally ended up oozing onto her hands. She wiped some of the cum off of her hand, 'It feels funny,' she said still laughing.

I was completely out of it! She asked if I was ok, I said, 'Yeah, I'm good. Just give me a minute to cool down.' She said she could see and feel my body shaking, and I sounded funny, like a monster or something. She got up and grabbed a roll of paper towels from the kitchen and brought them over to me. I was a complete mess, sitting there covered in cum; I didn't care! I took some towels and helped wipe her clean then she offered to help clean me up. How sweet of her! I remember her commenting on how much cum came out and how far it shot. 'Wooooow! That was a lot!' I was still out of breath as we talked about what had happened. She said I looked like I was dying, but I told her I was ok. 'It felt so good, Heather.... you just don't know how good that felt! Oh my God!'

We sat next to each other and just cuddled up closely, talking and laughing about the whole experience. I asked her how she liked it, and she said it was a lot of fun, and that we should do it again. This girl was amazing; she was so innocent-looking but so much fun! After a while of cuddling and making out, I said we should go to bed before our parents came back. I made sure there wasn't anymore cum left anywhere, and cleaned up what was left. So, we then got dressed and went to my bed. She didn't mind sleeping with me. I turned on the TV to make it look like we fell asleep watching it.

Later on, her parents finally came and picked her up, and my parents came and went to bed. After that, we had a few other jerk-off sessions when we would get the chance, but nothing could ever beat that first time with her. Unfortunately, her family moved away to another state a few months later when her dad found a better job, and we eventually drifted away and lost touch with each other as we got older. I cried and became depressed for a little while; after all, I felt like I was in love with her. But like I said before, I will never ever forget her or the fun we had that night. Unbelievable....



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