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Successive, Compulsive, Multiple Orgasms

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This is my story. This condition has been plaguing me all of my adult sexual life. I am not a prostitute or working girl. I am a Senior sensual woman coming out and sharing this anomaly with anyone who wishes to learn about it also.


I was in my late 30's, under a great deal of stress, husband, sales manager position with a downtown Chicago Computer Software/Hardware company in the heart of the financial district.

I was attractive, sexy looking and smart. I didn't flaunt it, it was there all of my life and very well protected by my mother when I was young and even now as a Professional woman, and I didn't throw it around either.

I am a Catholic girl, we were discouraged from masturbation or touching our bodies, and God forbid having anyone else touch us, what a conflict going into marriage, but that is another story.....soon

I was on the train going to work one day, I sat across from a few guys I usually sit with and converse professionally while en route to our office jobs.

One day I suddenly felt warm, blew it off as 'pre menstrual' stuff. My nipples were suddenly standing firm under my blouse, a warm sensual feeling in my groin became very apparent. Nope, I was not touching myself nor was anyone else. I suddenly realized I was having an orgasm. AN ORGASM, YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME??? As the wave of pleasure overtook me, I sat there blushing, flushing and sitting rather uncomfortably. It passed finally, and a few minutes later started again. Only this time it was stronger. It overtook my whole being again, my breasts were filled with hot hormones that were enveloping every inch of my bra. My panties were so wet, and the explosion within my core that slowly spread around my mid drift and up into my shoulders and down my spine. This was an orgasm I was not familiar with. Some of it was familiar but some of it was all new.

I stiffened in my seat, trying to control it, but it was so overwhelming. One of my gentleman friends noticed my demeanor and asked 'what's wrong?' I whispered to him 'I think I am having orgasms'. He turned his head quickly to mine with an astonished look and said 'No fucking way?'

These waves of orgasms continued for almost the whole hour of my trip to work. I had to go into the ladies restroom to disguise it. By the time I reached my destination, I was exhausted to say the least. I was a runner then, and this experience made me feel like I had been running around the block for hours. I was ready for a shower, to say the least.

I got to my office, I had a sales meeting in an hour with some new clients seeking our Accounting Software and programmer assistance contract. Freshened up as well as I could had some coffee, went into the meeting confidently, knowing our company would get it.

About 1/2 hour into the meeting, the warmth between my groin was starting. My breasts again started filling with those hot hormones again, I was getting flushed and blushed too. OMG OMG I am doing it again, how can I disguise this while doing this presentation??? I left the room, waves of orgasms at least 10 of them starting from the smallest to the earth quake variety finally subsided. My co worker came in and I had to play 'FLU' and she had to resume the presentation without me.

'What the hell is going on?' I asked my Gynecologist I am getting these things anytime they feel like it, I cannot control it, it is waking me up at night and my husband is going nuts. She didn't have a clue, sent me home with some tranquilizers, that I refused to use.

The nights for lovemaking with my husband were always great, but now I had this curse. He sat there watching me, writhe in ecstasy and pleasure without his assistance, he quite enjoyed it at first but it got old and started to strain the marriage eventually breaking it.

The condition subsided for awhile, a reprieve from the exhaustion, now the emptiness of divorce. My third husband wanted to share it with a group, so that marriage ended too. Into my 50's it continued and stopped about 52.

At 58 I was married again, everything was fine until his death now at 64. The condition came back, now I am post menopausal, hot and horny again. And no man to be found to help me with this. These waves of pleasure awaken me at night, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coming over and over again, collapsing into a mound of pleasured flesh by mornings light.

A weekend with a wonderful man winds me up in the emergency room. All night long I am doing orgasms over and over, alone. My legs start to cramp, I am scared now. By morning he is asleep, I awaken him and insist he take me to the ER.

I am 65 now, the doctor in the ER hooks me up to an IV, takes a blood test, keeps me comfortable for about an hour. He comes in and says 'what kind of exercise have you been doing all night?' I ask him why? such a question?? He says 'you are dehydrated'....insists I tell him. So, I tell him my orgasm situation and how it kept me up all night long. Waves of passion, ecstasy, pleasure, warmth, cool downs, heat ups, over and over again all night long. About at least 50 that I can remember, different strengths, multiples, etc.

He gives me a bottle of Gatorade, takes a blood test an hour later. He comes in with the results says 'your fine' your body has been around the earth a few times but because of your good health and stamina, you will be fine. Go home and suck on the gatorade and from now on keep it on the side of your bed, cause you going to need it when your body goes into these physical feats of O's.

He is smiling, I am blushing, it makes sense, my poor body is screaming for liquid as I am draining it of sweat, water, mucosa. I take his advice, only what lover is going to want to take a chance when he see's all the Gatorade next to the bed...........LOL HE BETTER HAVE STAMINA, THAT'S FOR SURE..........MARGOLYN

I go on with my celibacy now for 8 years, my former husband was ill and celibacy was the only alternative as I was overwhelmed with his physical care 24/7.

To this day some nights are all niters, no doctor can give me an explanation for it, some have touched on it but we cannot confirm the real reason it happens.

I work out, do weight training, treadmill, walk four miles a day and that seems to help, but it's MARGOLYN'S CURSE!!! It's bad and its good. It's definitely a unique situation to say the least, but it is ME. I don't think there is a man out there who would be patient enough to enjoy it too long, lets put it this way, IT'S AN ALL NITER FOR SURE.............THEY ARE TOO OLD NOW TO STAY UP THAT LATE....LOL o.K. babe, at least make the coffee cause I gonna be down later than you.....


ORGASMS...............THATS IT FOLKS!!!



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