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Student Rental Agreement

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A way to easily pay for my student expenses


I recently moved to University in England. I moved into a little house shared with two other young students whom I rarely see around at the house. My landlord is a really nice old guy and was really helpful when I moved in this summer. My parents dropped me off and Stan helped me carry all my stuff, computer, clothes up to my room and made me feel welcome. His daughter had graduated from uni some years before and him and his wife rent out the house to pay the mortgage.

I always noticed, as I moved into the house, him watching me, like he'd never seen an 18 year old in a short skirt and little pink top. I could tell he was a bit of a dirty old man when he was walking up the stairs behind me getting an eyeful up my skirt in no time at all. I figured that this was why he was being so helpful.

I sat down and made him a drink and this was all it took for him to carry all my stuff while I just sad there. I rewarded him with a long look up my skirt as he drank his tea. He realy should get out more. Dirty old man. But he was so nice.

A couple of visits later he dropped around. I quickly got into a little t-shirt and white cotton panties as I saw him coming up the drive.

'I brought around those keys you asked for' he said and I let him in. His eyes on where my tanned legs met the bottom of my t-shit I used to sleep in, I knew it would get him interested in my proposition. 'Stan', I said innocently to start the ball rolling, 'Can I do any jobs around the house to help towards paying the rent?' He looked thoughtfully and he blushed and looked awkward. I bent over and lifted up some washing. 'Do you think this skirt is too long?' I asked as I held up a skirt from my clean landry. 'Only I'm looking for a job as a waitress and I thought I'd get your opinion'

Stan looked at the skirt and then at me and blushed. 'Can I try it on for you?'

Stan nodded. I pulled up the skirt and he looked and said I looked really sexy. 'I could sit and watch you dress up all day' He said, nervously.

'Don't you get 18 year olds trying skirts on in front of you?' I asked. 'No' he replied. I walked towards him and said 'You can look all you like Stan.' as I pulled the skirt off to the ground and lifted up my t-shirt to show my little cotton knickers. 'I don't mind if you look at me. You are only human'. 'Does looking at me in my underware make you uncomfortable?' I asked as he admired my little frame, I'm 5'2' with long blond hair. I walked over and asked him if he would like me to try on some more clothes while he relaxed. I felt like such a tease. He stared, open mouthed, at this hot little chick who was practically giving him a free lapdance. He especially liked legs and ass. I'd make sure he never quite saw everything of I knew I couldn't make the deal last as long as it did.

It's ok. If you like you can touch yourself. With that he pulled down his jeans and underware and his cock was already rock solid. He sat very still as I sat beside him and gently held his penis. I said I didn't mind letting him perv at me as long as he paid me. He nodded.

As I sat there in my black knickers and another t-shirt, he sat rather pathetically staring at my breasts through my t-shirt. 'You are so gorgeous, thank you for this' he murmered. I stood in front of him, lifted up my t-shirt and as he looked longingly at my flat stomach and the top of my knickers for a few seconds he suddenly came all over my legs. I laughed and he looked embarrassed again. I told him there was nothing to be ashamed of and he left half the rent money as he left the house every time.

I did this happy ending lapdance for another dozen times. I'd wear little schoolgirl skirts, they were his favourite. A couple of times I lent forward in front of him as he sat down to let him lick my underware and wanked himself off. He asked if he could and it was the least I could do for a good landlord.

My favorite was when I gave him a slow handjob whilst he lay down on my bed, and I knelt between his legs. He just loved that little plaid skirt he couldn't take his eyes off it. After a few minutes, all I'd have to do is let him see a little higher and he'd spray all over himself. When I spun around so he could catch a view up my skirt, I barely had to rub my fingers on his balls and he was almost cumming. I had to slow down and let him have at least 15 minutes of handjob. He seemed so happy. Guess I learned a lot about handjobs and teasing as an 18 year old.



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