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Stuck at a Train Crossing

Posted by: Age: 34 Posted on: 12 comments
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So many paths to orgasm!


I can get myself off using just about anything, and there are always new discoveries to be made. This afternoon I was driving through town when the chest strap of my seatbelt slid across my right nipple. Happens all the time, right? But this time for some lucky reason it really got my attention, sending that familiar ping to my clit as though a violin string had been plucked.

Intrigued, I grabbed the belt with my right hand and dragged the edge across my hardening nipple again and again, delighting in the wonderful sensations that were beginning to make my pussy moisten. At the next red light, I continued to tease my right nipple with the belt, increasing the pressure and making the hard little knob spring out on one side of the belt edge, then the other. My left hand took the opportunity to lavish attention on my left nipple, flicking it to full length with my fingernail as I shifted around in the seat, my swollen cunt lips compressing my clit, my jeans now wet all the way through. The light turned green and my left hand reluctantly returned to the task of operating the steering wheel, my right continuing to stimulate my frantic excitement. By now, I really wanted to cum; no, I seriously, eye-crossingly, needed to cum.

Frustrated with myself for getting into this near-desperate situation with no apparent means of relief but unwilling (unable?) to just knock it off and settle down, I tried to figure out a nearby spot for release. I was so very wet, nearly dancing in the seat with all my squirming! But where was I going to go to finish in the middle of a bright, sunny afternoon while driving along busy city streets? Fortunately, fate intervened and I had to stop at a train crossing for a long freight train that had just started across the tracks. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid my left hand down to my throbbing cunt to give my clit a squeeze and slide a finger into my wet hole, the oh my god sensation making my pelvis buck. My left forearm hit the steering wheel and an idea entered my swirling mind. I withdrew my (now slippery) left hand, tugged my jeans down a smidge, snapped off my seatbelt, and lowered the steering wheel in one fevered movement. Raising my hips just a bit, I could now rub my begging clit against the hard plastic of the wheel, my juices making it slick. Two strokes, three, four, then my orgasm exploded through my body, my pulsating clit banging hard against the wheel, making me cry out with giddy, nearly unbearable pleasure as I came. As my ragged breath returned to normal it occurred to me that it would have been quite a show had there been another vehicle next to mine...maybe next time!



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