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Stroking Fantasy Finally Cums True

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I wanted her to watch me stroke my cock...and she did

My biggest fantasy in the world was to have a woman watch me as I pleasured myself for her hungry eyes. I've often advertised on the local CL but the responses I usually received was from guys or from women that wanted to be paid, neither one of them appealed to me.

A few days ago I received a response and as we were emailing back and forth, I began to get excited as it looked as if we were moving forward in a positive way, but I wasn't holding my breath just yet as I've been disappointed many many times before. I had no idea that this was going to turn in to so much more than I expected, in fact, this encounter put a few checks in the block.

I had just completed a round of golf and I emailed her to tell her I was done and I really wanted to cum and was she ready. I received a response back immediately and she said she was. I asked her if she wanted to watch me in my vehicle or if she had a place in mind. She responded back that she had a room and would I feel comfortable performing for her there. I of course, said yes, then she dropped a bombshell on me and asked if another woman could watch me at the same time. Oh my God, I couldn't believe this was real and I damn sure said yes. I asked if she had a picture of the other woman and I immediately got hard, she was gorgeous and a bonus....they were lesbians married to each other!! I know this all sounds to good to be true and that's exactly what I was thinking so I still reserved a bit of caution in case it was.

I arrived at their room, nervous introductions were done and it was time to play. I asked where they wanted me as I have never done anything like this before and they said that they hadn't either. We decided I would sit in a chair as they sat together on the bed. I had no idea how to break the ice and was pretty nervous and finally I just took a deep breath and unbuttoned my pants. I stood up and let them slide down over my hips and down to the floor. I heard both of them gasp when they saw my semi hard cock, which made me feel good. I took my shirt off and sat down in the chair and spread my legs, giving them a full view. I gently wrapped my hand around my cock, slowly stroking it as my other hand cupped my balls, massaging them gently. Removing my hand from my balls, I slowly traced my fingertips up to one of my nipples. I swear my nipples are connected to the nerves in my cock as I became extremely hard and pre cum started dripping out of the head.

I looked at my audience and they were enraptured with the show I was putting on. One had her hand between the others legs slowly rubbing her pussy (they still had their pants on). They asked if they could touch each other or would I rather them just watch me. I told them they could do whatever they wanted. With that said, both shirts came off and they started making out and watching me at the same time. Watching her lips wrap around the nipple of the others was so fucking hot and my cock was throbbing, I was stroking so slowly now, watching them touch each other. One of them laid down and the other straddled her, I saw her hand slip under the waist band of her pants and I'm assuming her fingers buried deep inside of her pussy. God this was incredible!!

As she started finger fucking her partner, both of them watching me as my grip got tighter around my cock. The one on top reached over and spat on my cock, which was amazing. For a moment when she reached over, I thought she was going to slip my cock between her lips, but didn't. Then she went back to her ministrations with her girl. Of course every man wants to watch two women together and I was fulfilling two major fantasies at the same time. My moaning and groaning told them that I was close and the one on the bottom (the one whose pussy was filled with the fingers of her lover) told me that she was close and wanted to cum at the same time as me. I told her I was close and her eyes closed, her hips raised to meet her partners fingers and her tits fell into her face. Her partner reached down, and as her eyes locked onto mine, slowly and sensuously placed a nipple into her mouth.

Oh god, that did it for me and I moaned that I was going to cum. The feelings were overwhelming me and my eyes closed, my head tilted backwards, my hips started fucking my hand and I blew, rope after rope of cum, all over my chest, straight up in the air and back down onto my cock, dripping down on my balls and on the floor. I haven't cum that hard in a long time and hearing my two new friends enjoying themselves while watching me was beyond description.

Since I am in the military, and we are comfortable with each other, we plan on getting together next week at their house, which is out in the country. Since they know that I love stroking myself outside and they live in a private spot, we are going to play and cum outside. Maybe this time they will let me cum on them, but if not, I don't care. I have found that I REALLY love to make myself cum as they watch. Just writing this has got me so hard again, perhaps I'll close my eyes and relive yesterday again.



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