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Strip Poker with My Sister

Posted by: Age: 14 at the time Posted on: 4 comments
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One evening, when my parents went to a movie, my sister, Andrea, and I were playing the card game Concentration. I was 14 at the time, and Andrea was 13. She wanted to switch to poker. I was OK with that. A few minutes later, she boldly suggested strip poker. I was blown away - instantly excited and nervous at the same time. I couldn't believe she was interested in nudity or whatever, just like me.


I know brothers and sisters aren't supposed to get along, but we are best friends. I think it is because I am a sort of a mellow guy, and she is very take-charge. Some would say 'bossy', but I rather like to have someone else call the shots. I'll go along with anything reasonable. I look just ordinary. A bit short and skinny, even for my age, with longish black hair, and I like to wear glasses. She also has long straight dark hair, but much longer than mine. She likes to wear it in a ponytail, and it reaches clear down to the top of her butt. Some say her blue eyes are surprising, since our skin is so dark. My eyes are brown, of course. She, too, is kind of short and skinny for her age.

So, she got us to playing strip poker, and before long, she had lost everything but her bra and panties. I was down to my underwear. Now, it was getting exciting! She lost the next hand, and off came the bra. Her breasts were small - but what would you expect for a 13-year-old? Still, they were the first real breasts I had ever seen. Oh sure, I've seen everything on the Internet. I even read Solotouch, but to see real live breasts in person, well, it had the effect you might expect. My penis became very hard in my underwear. There's no way Andrea couldn't see that. But, she didn't say anything. Another hand of poker. This one was critical. Either she, or I, would lose our underwear. Who was it going to be? Dang, it was me! I suggested we heat up a pizza. No, she wasn't having it. I lost, fair and square, and so I had to take off my underpants. So I did, reluctantly. I started to pull them down, and they caught on the top of my hard prick, so I grabbed around the front of the waistband, and then, finally, slid them down.

My sister, sitting four feet away, sucked in her breath, and you could hear it was kind of uneven. Sort of jittery. So, she was as scared, or charged up, or maybe a combination of both, as I was.

I figured it was time to play the next hand, and couldn't wait to see her vagina. But better than that, without saying a word, she just removed her panties right then and there. Wow! I was at a loss for words. There she was in all her glory. She had a tuft of hair above her vagina, but the item itself was brown and smooth, revealing a vertical slit that went between her legs, and a bit of a fold in the middle. She slowly turned around, like a model, and I was able to take in the smooth curve of the way her back blends into her beautiful small, smooth, chocolate butt, and her exquisite legs. I even liked her back, her shoulders, well, everything! My sister is a beautiful girl!

What she saw was my hairless penis sticking straight up, as hard as it has ever been, and kind of bobbing back and forth with my heartbeat. I'm not naturally hairless. For the past year, I've been growing some hair right where my penis joins my body, but I've been shaving it, along with the slight bit of a mustache I've started to develop. I like the way my crotch looks much better, and from what I can tell on the Internet, many guys shave down there these days.

After maybe a minute of staring at each other that seemed like a second, I asked "Now what?"

Now, this was a prime example of where her bossiness comes in handy. She started directing in that way she does.

"Stand up and turn around Mike, let me see your ass."

I did. I kind of stuck it out this way and that, a sort of muscle less dance, and she seemed to like that. Then she told me to bend over and spread my asscheeks so she could see my asshole clearly. I'm not sure why, but I was very proud to move closer to her chair, and show her.

She wanted me to put a finger in my butt. I hesitated. So she said, "Never mind," and touched my anus with her finger. Wow. A chill of some sort I've never quite experienced went through me. She then started poking her finger against my butthole, and it kind of hurt, but felt exciting all at the same time. I flinched and told her it hurt. She pulled her finger away, and smelled it. She said she liked the smell. She said it's kind of sweet. Evidently the glands around there secrete something nice. She licked her finger - that same finger, so it was wet with saliva, and started pushing again. What a feeling! I had never stuck anything in there, but from now on, I knew I had a whole new world to explore. She kept going in slowly, twisting and pushing. At one point, she pushed up against something along the front of the inside of my body. It felt even more amazing, but kind of scary too. I suddenly felt the 'gotta pee' feeling, but much better.

Then she was done, and ever so slowly pulled her finger out. I never knew anyone's fingers could be so long.

Now, she wanted me to do the same to her. What a joy! She got on her hands and knees on our sofa, with her butt up in the air, and spread wide. I had a clear view of her dark brown asshole in her milk chocolate ass. Oh my God! As I walked over, my knees felt weak. I touched my index finger to her asshole like she did to me, and then I smelled it. It was mild but better than the smell of cherry pie cooking. What a great odor! So then I tasted it, but couldn't detect any taste. While my finger was in my mouth, I coated it liberally with saliva, and then stuck it into Andrea's butt. It was surprisingly warm inside. I curled my finger around trying to press forward and give her that same gotta-pee feeling, but she didn't seem to get that. After a minute, just like the way she did, I pulled my finger out very slowly. She was shivering the whole time. I asked if she was cold, but no, she was just very, very excited.

Then she flopped over, so she was laying on her back on the couch, with her legs off the front edge. She spread her legs way out, and told me to put my finger in her front. I noticed right away that it was very slippery and wet. My finger kind of stalled over what I now know are her inner labia. I couldn't quite find the opening. So with both hands, I gently spread them apart. I wanted to see what was inside. Beautiful. Pink. Exciting! Now that I saw the opening, or at least a valley leading deeper, I placed my index finger in there and it slipped right in. Not tight like her butt.

She told me to add a second finger, so I did. Then she wanted me to rub what she called her 'clit' with my thumb. She started squirming so I stopped. She told me to keep going. Then she told me to use the fingers of my other hand on her clit.

Suddenly, she started kind of jumping up and down a couple of inches. I stopped again. I thought I was hurting her, or maybe she was ticklish. She yelled, actually yelled, "Keep going!" So I did. She was having what I now know was a major orgasm. Her legs were shaking all over the place. For the next two minutes, I kept thinking it was over, but she told me to keep going. Finally, she grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands away.

She was panting and was saying over and over, "Oh wow!"

Still naked, and still with my penis sticking straight up, I started to walk away. I was going to get a bite out of the kitchen. She commanded me to come lay down on the sofa. Yes, that was a much better idea than getting some food.

She started by stroking my inner thighs with her fingertips. I just about jumped out of my skin. I'm ticklish, but that was beyond tickling. If she had done that one more second, I would have peed right there on the sofa.

She then gently fingered my scrotum. Now that didn't tickle. I can't describe it but to say it was delicious. She wanted to know what balls felt like, so she squeezed them between her thumbs and forefingers. One in each hand. She was kind of squishing them back and forth, but it was starting to hurt. She was squeezing too hard. I let her know, and she stopped.

She then grabbed my penis. Another 'oh wow' moment. No one has ever touched my dick. It gave me a kind of chills I've never experienced. She seemed interested in the peehole, kind of pulling it open with her fingertips. That too, felt great. I was noticing that my penis felt harder than I can ever remember. Almost straining at the skin to grow even bigger although I think it was at its absolute limit. And then a new feeling started to happen. It was sort of in my penis, but more in my lower stomach. And all over my body, even my shoulders. It was some sort of new kind of chill. I knew her exploring the tip of my penis was what set it off, and I did not want her to stop. I had had some dreams where I woke up and felt something like that a bit. And something had come out of my penis that left wet spots in the sheets. My dad had told me that's normal, called 'wet dreams.'

But this was way, way better. Whatever was happening was just amazing. Then, out of nowhere, my penis started, well, I'll call it 'contracting.' Or pulsating. I felt something rise through the tube inside, and come spurting out. I looked and saw white stuff coming out and drooling all over Andrea's hands. I knew immediately that was 'cum.' I had read about it, and seen guys ejaculate on the Internet. Andrea let go of my dick immediately and started to back away.

For the first time that I can ever recall, I commanded her. I said, "Ohhhh, keeeeep going!" She put her right hand back on my penis, and her left on my balls. She wrapped her right hand fingers around my dick and started moving the skin up and down. I was in heaven as my first-ever orgasm subsided. She kept going. Suddenly, it didn't feel the way it had a moment ago, and I had to ask her to stop. She didn't right away, and it became an almost unbearable tickle. But then she did stop, and it was over.

Now, it was my turn to lay panting on the sofa. She told me it was an orgasm, which I already knew. She said it was the coolest thing she had ever seen or done.

A week later, we did it again. And a week after that. In fact, every week when my parents go on their date, Andrea and I play with our new sport.

My sister and I have been learning by leaps and bounds. We both figure it will be good to have experience when we start going out with boys and girls. We have learned how to hold back longer and to enjoy the building sensations. We spend long hours with our fingers in each other's butts. It might be a family fetish or something, since we both very much enjoy both getting and receiving butt fingers. We even do it while making each other cum. She has learned to press against my prostate when i cum. We have tried some other things too, like experimenting with peeing. We were surprised to discover how much she likes having her nipples tickled, licked and sucked. And even more surprised to discover I like that too. We have discovered that after I cum, it takes at least 15 minutes before I want to play any more. But she can go on having orgasm after orgasm. I can't get enough of that. I'd rub her all night long if I could. I'm happy as a clam to simply stare at her beautiful breasts while I finger her pussy. She loves that too.

One night our parents came home a bit earlier than we expected. Oh, they came home at the usual time, but we had let time get away from us. You should have seen us scramble to get dressed and cleaned up. Our parents never suspected a thing, but for a few days I was sure something showed - perhaps a look on my face or something. Andrea said no, there was nothing visible. We continue to play weekly.

Now, I'm looking forward to getting older, and start dating 'real' women. That ought to be fun.



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