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Strip Club

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Some years ago I visited a strip club, it was a fairly seedy joint as most of them were in London's Soho at that time.

I paid my joining fee and went down the stairs into a small basement room very dimly lit. There was a small stage, and the seats were wooden and joined together with lengths of timber, in order to make a row of seats. I sat down two rows from the back, just as a naked girl was leaving the stage.

After a five minute break a very sexy blonde girl came on wearing the most sexiest outfit, a black and red trimmed lacy garter belt, with matching little panties and bra, sheer black stockings. Over the top she wore a long see-through black negligee. The music was turned up and she began to dance, and move around in a very sexy way. She was good, slowly the negligee was slipped off, and then the bra. All the time she was pleasing her audience. She turned her back towards us and bent down, her lovely arse framed with the suspenders of her garter belt, with the little fabric strip of her panties pulled hard into her arse crack, she was very horny, and so was I.

I then noticed that my seat was shaking. I looked to my right to see that the only other guy in our row had his cock out and was wanking, I was surprised, but then the girl on stage was very sexy. I looked around and saw there was nobody behind us, so I decided to get out my cock, it was already quite hard, so it sprang out.

Discreetly as possible I began to wank, the girl on stage had just removed her panties, and was adopting various poses to show everything off. Still wearing her sexy garter belt and stockings, I was finding it difficult not to cum everywhere.

The curtains came down, I quickly put my coat over my lap in case anybody got up and would see me. Then the guy sitting near me got up, I think he went to the gents. When he came back he sat closer to me, with just one seat between us, this surprised me a little.

Finally the curtains lifted and another girl came on, she also looked stunning in sexy underwear, I could not believe my luck, really sexy girls and dressed to please.

Once again as she began to peel off I felt the chair shaking, so although he was closer, I took this as my cue to resume stroking my hard on. After a couple of minutes, the guy sat next to me and put his hand on my leg. I turned to look at him and he smiled at me. He then moved his hand and seized my throbbing cock, and slowly began to stroke it.

I looked at the stage and the girl was naked except for the all important stockings, I was being wanked by another man, whilst watching a stripper. It was amazing, I was so sexually charged, I reached down and felt his cock, it felt so big and hard, it felt good. I began to stroke him, I was now very close to cumming. Then the curtain came as the girl left, he pulled back from me, so I did the same, covering our cocks at the same time.

He whispered, suggesting that we go to the gents together, assuring me that it was very safe. Nervously I agreed, and waited for a minute so as not to leave at the same time.

I got up as another girl came onto the stage. I entered the gents and he was standing there with his cock out wanking, I got mine out and joined him. He grabbed hold of my cock, and gently stroked, he had a great touch. I returned the favour, as I slowly wanked his rigid prick. He then showed me a small window where you could see the stage. We stood facing the window watching the stripper gyrating and posing as we wanked each other. Shortly the guy started breathing heavily and said he was about to cum. With that he shot a long rope of cum that hit the wall, I continued to stroke him, milking the last of his cum from his purple head. My hand was covered in his spunk, as I looked at this he increased the speed and I spurted my cum on the wall, the floor, and also onto his hand.

We cleaned up and went back to watch some more strippers. They were really good with a natural talent for pleasing the men in the audience. So much so that within about twenty minutes I was back in the gents with him. I had his pants around his ankles fondling his balls and his arse, whilst wanking him with my other hand. He soon came again not with the same force as before, but a decent amount, which I managed to catch in my hand. After I had milked him dry, I walked over to the window, and wiping his spunk over my cock I began to wank myself. Looking once again at a girl in stockings etc, being very sexy. I shot my load on the wall again, and watched as it ran down the wall.

The guy was stroking his semi-hard cock as he watched me. We cleaned up and left. I returned a few times, but never saw him again, or indeed had any similar experiences.

I would love hear if you have any comments. Thanks.



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