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Strapped at His Mercy

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When fantasies become reality...

My fiance and I used to play it safe in the bedroom. You could say we were very vanilla. It wasn't until I regained my love for reading and writing that we began experimenting and realized we had similar fetishes and fantasies. I was never adverse to being tied up or spanked, I'd just never experienced it before. I figured since no one else seemed to have any interest in it, I was probably one of the few masochistic people who fantasized about being spanked or being tied up and extremely vulnerable. Clearly I was wrong. The more my fiance and I tried new things, the more research I did as the more I found out just how many people enjoy the world of bdsm. Now I'm not into any extreme hardcore type of bdsm but I have a high pain tolerance and honestly pain pairs wonderfully with my pleasure. My fiance learned this quickly and he loves it. He started doing his own research and holy crap, the man blows my mind with how Dominant he has become. It's such a turn on because I can be and PREFER to be submissive in the bedroom. Now that you know a little bit of the back history, I'll get to the point lol. I won't be able to share the entire story due to the guidelines on this site (masturbation only) but I'll share one of the best parts. We'd be going at it for quite a while, changing up the pace and techniques every little bit, but as we were revving back up, me held up against the wall with my neck in his hands, he threw me on the bed and told me not to move. Obviously I didn't. I just lay there and watched him disappear into our closet. He came back out a few moments later with not one but TWO belts in his hand! He pulled me by my legs down to the end of the bed, spread my legs as wide as they would go and began tying a belt to each thigh. From there he placed the belts on the handles on our mattress and once again disappeared into the closet. At this point I could just feel myself dripping. Even if I wanted to move I couldn't. He came back out with our rope and the back massager! All he did was smirk at me that little look that says you're so in for it and proceeded to plug in the massager. Then he climbed on me and started wrapping the rope around my wrists, tugging on it every now and then to ensure my wrists are securely bound. Once they were tight enough for his liking, he pulled my arms all the way up so they were outstretched above my head and began tying to the rope to the headboard. At that point I really was not going anywhere! I was in total ecstasy just from being bound and helpless. Before I even had the opportunity to speak, he was holding the back massager to my clit...ON FULL SPEED. I came in a matter of seconds, and then again and again. After about the fifth time I was trembling from the continuous orgasms and was begging him to undo the bindings. He shook his head, crawled over and whispered in my ear NO....you're done when I say you're done. It doesn't end there but I can't share the rest...like I said, guidelines and all that...but I'm sure you can all figure out where it went shortly after that!



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