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Stranger at the Pool

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Just last week I went to the local gym to swim some laps, as I usually do late on Sunday nights. I guess to keep the pool clean, everyone is required to rinse off before using it, and no bathing suits are allowed. So after the routine quick shower, I walked down the hallway to get to the pool. When I got there, I was surprised to see a pair of flip flops sitting next to the pool, as I am usually the only one there that late. He looked to be about my age, although I had never seen him at school before. I tossed my towel on a bench, kicked off my own sandals and eased in.

After swimming a couple laps, we eventually crossed paths, which led to greeting each other, which led to small talk. The reason I hadn't seen him before was because he went to a local private school, and since they didn't have a gym class, he came here to work out a couple times during the week. After a few minutes of wading around, we both got out and sat on the ledge with our feet dangling in the water. While we sat there, I couldn't help but glance down between his legs. I've always been a little curious about other guys, especially my own age, so I couldn't help but stare at his large member. It had to be at least five inches soft and thick. He then asked me "so, you like what you see?" A little started, I asked what he was talking about.

"I know you're staring at me."

"Oh, sorry."

"No, it's ok, I don't mind. I've actually been looking at yours too."

As soon as he said that, I felt myself starting to grow hard. He laughed asked if I liked that, to which I told him I actually did. With that, the talk eventually turned to masturbation. How often, where, likes, dislikes, etc. It turns out, he is into guys too, which got my heart racing. After a couple of minutes, he mentioned that we should probably head back to the locker room, so we grabbed our towels and walked back, completely bare and hard. Looking down, his penis had to be at least 9 inches long, which dwarfed my 6.5. While showering off, both of us never lost a bit of our erections. After getting back to the locker room, we sat on the bench in the middle of the room facing each other, talking and eying up each others hard-ons.

About a minute later, he said "well, I think it's about time to take care of these" as he started stroking himself, which in turn caused me to start masturbating as well. After we really started getting into it, he asked me, "have you ever heard of a footjob?" I said no, and then he kicked off his sandals and began stroking me with his feet. I held onto his feet as he stroked me, and it felt incredible as his wrinkly toes caressed my member. I told him I was going to cum and he said to let it all out. Seconds later, I was spewing my cum all over his bare feet and between his toes. He then said "here, give me yours". I kicked off my sandals and he started masturbating with my own feet, cumming all over them. Once he stopped, he started licking the cum off of my feet, and to return the favor, I did his. I had never tasted cum before, much less my own, but it wasn't bad.

After collecting ourselves, we got dressed, exchanged e-mail addresses and planned on doing it again soon.



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