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Stories of H

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Stories of my long time masturbation buddy, H

My Little Friend
Wanking While Working


Stories of H
For a brief time in my early 20's I rented a room from a friend of mine and his wife. They had an open relationship, and eventually his wife, who I will refer to as H, became good buddies with me. Masturbation buddies, that is. We frequently masturbated together, or would do things to get the other one off. Here are a few stories of some of the things we did together...
H had a huge king size bed, with six 'posters', or tall columns. At the foot of the bed she kept a large chest, on top of which several quilts brought it up to about the level of the mattress.
H had a big, thick double headed dildo (i.e. a head at each end). It was quite long, and she would strap it to the middle post at the foot of the bed. She'd move down, sliding the length inside her hot little pussy. Her legs could then rest comfortably on the chest.
While she wiggled and gyrated over the dildo, I would be kneeling beside her, stroking my cock. Usually I would watch her, then cum on her tits. I would also cum on her pussy and stomach, and a few times on her face and mouth. Cumming on her pussy was my favorite, as she would work the cum onto the dildo, and keep humping it.
H also had a thing, though, for having me cum in wierd places. A few times she had me cum on her feet, while her feet played with my cock. I also came on her back a few times, then rubbed it in. I also came in her cupped hands, then she would use my cum as if it were a hand lotion. Oh, and one time she had me cum in her armpit just to see what that would be like.
One of the ways we masturbated the most was when I was laying beside her. She would be on her back, and I would be on my left side, holding tight to her left side. My cock would rub against her plump, soft thigh. My mouth would be suckling her tits, while my left hand played with her clit.
Her left arm would be wrapped around me, while her right worked a dildo or vibrator in and out of her pussy. Occasionally she'd pull the dildo out to suck on it, or give me a few licks (she had a tasty pussy).
H gyrated her hips while she was doing all this, making my cock feel terrific against her thigh. Soon her whole body would start shaking as she began to orgasm. She'd hold me really tight, her body shaking and jiggling. I would be pretty worked up at this point, and it would usually set off my own orgasm. Hot cum would squirt out of my dick, gluing it to her thigh.
I had gotten back to our shared place one night after a fruitless date. I eventually found H in her bathroom, sitting on the toilet. She was wearing nothing but a tank top of sorts, that came down to mid tummy. I was still in my shorts and t-shirt.
She asked me how my date was, and I told her of how I was unable to get laid. My bulge in my pants was quite noticible, as she commented on how horny I must be. She got up and moved to the sink, commenting 'I've just given myself several good orgasms, but if there's anything I can do for you...' She wiggled her naked ass sexily at me.
Well, that was all it took. I dropped my shorts around my ankles, moved behind her, and began pumping my cock between her fat butt cheeks. She reached over and grabbed some oil off the counter, then reached back and dribbled some at the top of her ass crack. This quickly slid down, giving my cock a slippery path to fuck.
I was so damn horny, I wasn't going to last very long. I really pounded away between her big, sexy ass cheeks, and she ground against my stiff cock. I reached under her shirt, playing with her firm tits. My balls were on fire, as I slammed her really hard. I shuddered and began pumping wave after wave of hot cum all over her ass!
I held her tight for a couple of minutes, before I finally let go. When I did, she reached a hand behind her, and began smearing my cum all over her ass, moaning sexily. She pulled her shirt off, then gave me a kiss on the cheek before climbing in the shower.
One time I was in my bed, on my back stroking myself. H walked in on me, I forget what reason she gave. She was wearing an old nightgown, that came down to her knees. I invited her to join me, but she declined saying she was on her period. I asked if she would like to watch, and she enthusiastically agreed.
I continued stroking in silence while she watched, a dreamy look in her eyes. I asked her to 'give me something to look at'. She smiled, and pulled off her nightgown. She stood beside the bed now, totally nude. I complimented her on her sexy body, while she stared unabashedly at my hard cock.
I gave her a good show, stroking and pumping my cock. I watched as her nipples got visibly stiff. Soon I was exploding! Hot cum flew out of my cock, landing on my chest and stomach. H reached out, and dipped her finger in one of the larger gobs of semen. She then put her finger in her mouth and said 'Yummy. Thanks for a good show!' Turning, she flipped her nightgown over her shoulder and walked out of the room, still nude.
There was a big party at H's house one time. We had parties frequently. At this one party, it was quite late and several folks had already gone to sleep. I went back to my room to go to the bathroom. I was coming out of my room when I bumped into H in the hallway.
She held a finger to her lips indicating I should be quiet. She then pushed me back into my room. She came in and quietly closed the door, and dropped to her knees. Rapidly H undid my fly and pulled my cock out of my pants. She began sucking in earnest, really going at it.
I groaned softly, and she stopped long enough to whisper 'we only have a second, you better cum quick!' She then returned, her tongue swirling all over my hard prick. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock while her fingers caressed my balls. Very quickly her mouth brought me to orgasm. I clenched up tight then began pumping cum into her sweet mouth.
She put my wet cock back into my pants, and stood licking her lips. She blew me a kiss, and as quietly as she came in, left. I stood there stunned for a moment, and managed to remember to zip up before I rejoined the party.
The next day I asked 'why', she said she really wasn't sure. She was sitting there and all of a sudden had a desire for some cock in her mouth. She noticed me going to the back, and knew she could satisfy her desire easily, and did!
I woke up one morning, horny as heck. I decided to go find H, to see if she wanted to join me in some fun. I was nude, and walked in to her bedroom. 'I'm in here!' she called from the master bath. She was standing by the sink, nude herself.
Although my hard on made my intentions pretty obvious, I asked her to join me in some fun. 'I don't have much time,' she told me, 'but what the hell we can do a quicky. I was about to shower, so why don't you just cum all over me?'
'Sounds good. You want to go back to the bedroom?'
She smiled, and reached over and grabbed one of her vibrators. 'No, let's stay right here. I have an idea...' She laid down on the floor, and said 'Now stand over me.'
I straddled her, one leg on either side, just below her crotch. I stood over her, stroking. She took her vibrator, turned it on and began rubbing it over her pussy. It was a new experience, having a woman under me but far below. H told me she loved the new angle too, seeing my cock so far above, and getting a nice view of my balls.
It didn't take either of us long. Pretty soon her body was shaking as the vibrations against her clit caused her to have an orgasm. 'Oh, that was sexy!' I said.
'Groan. C'mon, shoot your load now. I want to see you splatter your cum all over me.' she said, breathing heavily. 'Right here' she said, sticking out her toungue and pointing at it. 'Aim your load right here!'
That was all I needed to hear. Just a few more strokes was all I needed to make my cock explode! The first shot arced in the air, landing on her hair and forehead. The second blast did manage to land in her open mouth and tongue, also spattering on her chin. The next few squirts, losing intensity, landed on her neck, tits and tummy. The last few drips I pumped out I made sure landed around and on her pussy.
She was a grand site, laying below me glazed in my hot cum. She streched, then began rubbing my semen into her skin. She sat up then, grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth licking off the remaining drops. She then held out her hands, and I helped her to her feet.
'Thanks!' she said, 'I always wanted to try something like that.' She stepped into the shower to clean up, and I thought it only fair that I join her, to help her wash. After all, it was my cum she was trying to get off!
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