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Step-Sister in Swimsuit

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This story is fictional, but I'm sure someone out there has had a similar experience! This is a story about a stepbrother and stepsister exploring each other for the first time.


I was on my local pool's swim team in my teen years. I had figured out that I was bisexual early in life and absolutely loved it when we had swim meets so I could look at all the boys' bulges in their speedos and all the girls' breasts and pussies through their one piece swimsuits. Our team swimsuits were a plain blue colour, made of very thin material and relatively tight. I think I must have done more staring at my fellow swimmers than actual swimming!

Anyway, the meet ran for two hours and most of the parents just dropped their kids off and came back to pick them up at the end of our session. There were a few parents who stayed inside the pool for the whole two hours though. One of them was my mum, and another was the father of a girl named Caitlyn who was one of the best swimmers on the girls' team. Both of our parents had been single but were now dating each other. Our families visited each other often and we became quite close. At this point they were still a year away from marrying each other, so me and Caitlyn weren't step siblings yet.

The boys and girls trained separately so I didn't see much of Caitlyn during our swim meet until after everyone had finished changing and got ready to go home. Our parents had become really close- me and Caitlyn started sleeping over at each others houses. On the car ride back to my place, my mum told me that she and Caitlyn's dad would be spending the night at a hotel in the city a few hours drive from our country town and would not be back until the next day. She told us to take care of each other and not to sleep too late. Caitlyn and I both said we understood and resumed our tickling fight in the back seat (I guess we were still fairly childish despite being 15 and 13).

I should probably tell you about our appearance now. I was tall, had a slightly muscular build and a mop of straight, dark black hair. I would say I'm more cute than hot, but I'm definitely not totally good looking. Caitlyn was tall for her age and had light blonde hair that ran just past her shoulders. She was skinny but not stick-thin and had a nice pretty face- not supermodel-looking but more of a girl-next-door from a teen movie look.

Back to the story, our parents had left for the night and both Caitlyn and I were using our laptops in my room. Eventually, we began to feel tired so we said goodnight to each other and began to sleep (there were two twin beds in my room). I tried to get to sleep but all I could think about was the sexiness of all the great bodies in tight swimsuits I had seen today. I decided it was time for a wank to help me sleep, so I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and slowly began to stroke my penis up and down. I was almost about to shoot when I heard the door creak open slightly and stopped. Caitlyn came in and I tried to hide my boner but she had already seen it.

'Wow, that looks so cool! Can I see it?' she asked. I was slightly embarrassed but managed to nod. Caitlyn told me that she had always wanted to see what a boy's doodle looked like. Mine wasn't very big (about 4 1/2 inches) but Caitlyn was still intently interested in it. I decided to ask her if she knew that boys could play with their penis and make white gooey stuff shoot out. She said that she had researched a bit (Caitlyn's a bit of a geek and loves to read books and learn more about stuff) but wasn't quite sure how it worked. I told her I would show her if she let me do something to her first. She agreed and I asked her to put on her blue team swimsuit and sit on her bed.

She sat upright on the edge of the bed with her legs stretched out in a V shape. I had stripped naked and put on my speedos as well (swimsuits make me extra horny), and I sat directly behind her, with my boner touching her back and my legs close to hers, dangling of the bed. I began to gently rub her breasts with my left hand (inside her swimsuit) while slowly swiping at her crotch (outside her swimsuit) with my right. After a minute, she began to say 'oh, oh, oh', and then after another minute it was 'OH, OH, OH', and after that it was 'OHHHHHHHH!' as her whole body shivered and contracted and she began to shoot small bursts of cum from her pussy onto her swimsuit to form a large wet patch on the crotch area of the suit. 'Guess we'll have to wash that out' she joked and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. 'Now it's your turn!' she said eagerly.

I happily obliged, sat on the carpet and pulled my speedo's to my knees. I asked Caitlyn to stand over me so that her wet swimsuit patch would be in front of my face and I would be able to smell and lick it while I pumped my little rocket. As I began to smell and lick her wet patch, it felt so good and I thought I would pass out before I even came! Caitlyn began to grind her pussy into my face and I was getting so aroused, I didn't notice that she was beginning to undo her shoulder straps. I could feel my orgasm coming closer and to my complete surprise, Caitlyn had dropped her one-piece and it was now on my legs between my penis and my speedo's. For a few seconds I glimpsed heaven- well it was actually a 13 year old girl's smooth, almost hairless pussy, nice and tight and beautiful. IT WAS HEAVEN, OK?

I felt the strongest ejaculation of my life as rope after rope of cum hit my stomach, Caitlyn's legs and even her cute little butt! I fell back on the carpet as a naked Caitlyn- her swimsuit around her ankles- fell on me. We just gazed at each other and kept like that for minutes. Eventually, we cleaned up and hopped back into our beds. In the dim moonlight, I looked over at her smiling face and grinned myself. I just couldn't wait until next time.



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