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Staying faithful....

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Staying faithful.... by
I have a girlfriend, but we each spend a fair amount of time separately away on business. I was bored and horny one night in some hotel and decided to ring a chat line I've used sometimes. Its always hit and miss who you get to speak to - there are some girls on there being paid by the line just to keep the guys on. They're OK, but its a lot more fun when you get the genuine ones. This night, I was fortunate enough to chat to one of those. She was called Joanne. We chatted about some mundane subjects but soon got on to the subject of sex, and especially masturbation. Joanne had been married and had clearly had a varied an entertaining sex life, but was now on her own.

She told me she masturbated six times a day - I have to say I was impressed she could find the time, as she had a full time job! She did it once in bed when she woke up; again before setting off for work, usually on the sofa; in the toilets at work (a quiet one!); as soon as she got in from work, again after dinner and a long slow one to send her to sleep with. She wasn't interested in phone sex, but it didn't really matter - by the time we'd finished I was so hard it took me only a couople of strokes to come, thinking of her constantly playing with her pussy. I told her how much I enjoyed watching a girl play with herself and we agreed to meet up next time I was over that part of the country. A couple of weeks later, I found an excuse for a business trip and we met up for dinner in a reasonably OK chain restauarant. Although a bit on the large side for my taste, Joanne was really nice, very friendly, talked lots, mainly about sex.

Luckily, the other diners were either too busy to listen or too far away! I was finding it hard not to get excited, especially as she had a superb cleavage and wasn't afraid to show it. I asked her what she liked to do whilst masturbating - did she read stories, look at magazines, use her imagination or watch videos. She told me she had just got a great video and loved to watch that. After dinner, she invited me back to her house for a coffee. Now I had a bit of a dilemma here - I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend, but found it hard to resist the offer, so I came up with a compromise - OK, you could argue it was still cheating, but it left my conscience clear!. I made it clear to her that I wouldn't fuck her but confessed to a desire to see her masturbate. We went indoors and she made me a drink. I sat on her sofa and she sat on a chair next to it. I think we both felt a bit awkward now, so I suggested she put on the video. I was amused to see it was already in the player - she obviously watched it a lot! The video was pretty high quality - a girl and two men, working their way through a script that had an inevitable conclusion! As we were watching, she said she usually lay on the sofa to watch this. I offered to move over, but she got a bit shy then. A scene came on the video where the girl took it in turns to suck the two cocks, alternating between them. Joanne said this was one of her favourite bits, so I suggested she could touch heself, but she still seemed a bit reluctant. I decided to be bold -after all, we had had some very intimate conversations, so I just stood up and took all my clothes off. I had of course a raging hard on by now - watching a blue movie and stripping off in front of a virtual stranger do that to me! Joanne kept trying to watch the movie, but kept glancing over to me as I stroked very gently - I didn't want to come too soon. After a little while, she clearly made her mind up and suggested we went into the bedroom. It wasn't too light in there, but bright enough to see as she quickly stripped off and exposed her delightful tits, which were big - I could see her nipples getting stiff.

She brought out a small box from under the bed, which she said contained her wanking kit. There were 3 vibrators and some KY jelly in there (though I don't think she ever needed that!) She lay back on the bed and slowly stuck a finger inside her pussy. I knelt on the end of the bed watching as she told me how tight and wet it was. Joanne asked if I wanted to put my finger in, so I lay down beside her, slipped one finger inside. She really was tight. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard on that whilst moving my finger in and out of her pussy. I put another on in and she started to groan a little and roll her hips on the bed. Something wasn't quite working though, so she asked if I'd mind her carrying on. How could I refuse? She took out a small vibrator and started to rub it over her clit. I knelt by her face so she could see my cock very close - the tip was getting quite wet by now. Goodness knows how I managed not to shoot. She slipped the vibrator inside and started to move it in and out, getting closer and closer to orgasm. She mad eme promise not to come yet. Soon, she came, bouncing on the bed and screaming loudly. Joanne was clearly a woman who didn't stop at one though! She asked me if she could suck me or if that was going too far, given my desire to be at least a little bit faithful to my girlfriend. I gave in - still not sure where the line is there, but a glowing sexy woman offering to suck your cock is something most men would find hard to resist. I was still kneeling on the bed, so she got up and knelt down in front of me, and started to suck.

She'd told me earlier about being fucked by two men at once and I thought how well lined up she was for that - her bum was sticking up and she was wriggling as she did the best blow job I've ever had. I had to stop her in case I shot inside her mouth - she wanted to see me shoot over her body. Joanne stopped and lay back again, this time with the largest of the vib rators - it was shaped like an enormous cock and was bright red. She started to work this one in and out of her cunt in a frenzied way, begging me to hold off until, she was about to come. She asked me to shoot over her pussy, but also to save some for her mouth. I really wanted to come over her face, but by then didn't really care where I came as long as it was soon!

She was soon reaching her climax and cried out at me to come. I only needed a couple more stokes until I shot my first load over her hand as it worked the vibrator and onto her stomach and around her cunt. I managed then to quickly move up the bed, still coming and furiously stroking my cock and deposited a reasonable second load into her waiting mouth before collapsing onto the bed. We must have been masturbating for nearly an hour when I finally came. We lay exhausted for a few moments before getting into the shower, where she washed me down. I had then to dress and drive a couple of hours back home. As I gave her a quick kiss, I realised I could still taste my cum on her lips - she told me she was savouring the taste and was planning another go with the vibrator as soon as I was out of the door!



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