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Starting The Day Off Right

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Having a day off from work, I obviously started out by masturbating. Just a recap building to a fantastic orgasm. 

I've been lying here in bed for a little bit, but before I get the day started there's no way I'm going to skip a prime opportunity to masturbate. I've already slipped out of my boxers, but it's a cold morning so I'm naked underneath the covers. I can already feel the outline of my erection through the layers. Sliding one hand under the covers, I grab onto my cock and give a few slow but firm tugs...feels good, and just enough to get my balls bouncing as I stroke. My bare feet are pressed together and my erection is making a tent out of the sheets. The material feels nice siding against my penis head; the sensations causing me to wiggle my toes. I'm already precumming, leaving wet patches of it on the sheet. I stop stroking for a second to smear it around on my swollen head making it nice and slippery. 


Ok, back to stroking. My knees have lifted up now; my feet firmly planted against the mattress. My eyes are closed, my mouth is hanging open. I want to make this last but the urge to cum is just too strong this morning. I've kicked off the covers, leaving me bare in the chilly morning air. I get goosebumps from it, but my penis is still burning hot. My legs are now stretched out with my feet flexing back and forth. Left hand up and gripping my pillow, my right is steadily stroking my shaft. My balls are flopping around as I pump harder and faster. Precum is constantly leaking from my piss hole, getting squished under my fist into a gooey mess. I pull my knees up with my feet now aimed at the ceiling, my anus now exposed to the cold air. Fuck, I need to cum. I'm close. I can feel it. I whisper loudly to myself "oh I'm gonna cum. Fuck, I love masturbating...this feels sooo good...ohhh I'm gonna cum..."



And then...it happens. My feet slam onto the mattress and my toes grip the sheet as the first shots of cum fly onto my chest and tummy. My eyes are clamped shut and my jaw drops as my orgasm takes hold. The next few spurts of cum roll onto my hand as the sound of sticky squishing fills the room. When it finally subsides I let go and melt into the bed, my rapidly deflating penis now draped into the wet spot in my pubes. Damn...that felt good. I must have laid there for two minutes before opening my eyes and seeing the mess of cum all over me. I grab my boxers and start wiping up the mess, not worrying about it getting smeared around; the shower will take care of that. Finally feeling satisfied I roll out of bed and slide into my slippers, grab some clean clothes and head down to the shower, my still chubbed-up penis flopping with every step.




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