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Standing Up (1)

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Just thought you'd like to know...


Standing Up (1)

I'm certain there are many women out there who do this regularly just like me, but I thought it might be worth relating some of my experiences with you. I'm fifty-two years old, married, very short and petite but with large breasts...at least for my size...C cup. That doesn't have much to do with my story, but will give you an indication of how I look. I'm in good shape, a runner for over 20 years, and I lift light weights daily, and a dental assistant.

I truly can't remember when I first masturbated, but it was while I was taking a bath. The wash cloth was soapy and felt particularly good one morning when suddenly I had the urge to pee. I took the wash cloth away thinking I would get it messy and placed my hand over my pussy so I wouldn't spray. That's all it took and I was holding my breath and grunting to a wonderful but short orgasm. As we all were, I was hooked and spent the next twenty years masturbating 3-5 times a week, through marriage, children, even when sick and in the hospital when I had surgery on my knee and ear.

I have tried most everything from dildoes, water massages (when in a hurry), vibrators (always carry a pocket rocket) to crossing my legs (doesn't work for me), veggies (too messy), and pillows (too much work). Other things as well but can't mention them in Solo Touch. But I always come back to my trusty fingers.

We live in a three story Victorian home and have a den and computer room on the third floor which is actually part attic. One evening about twenty years ago, I was passing one of the small windows up there and was fascinated by all the lights and homes that were visible. Being quite the voyeur, I grabbed my husband's hunting binoculars and perused the neighborhood, gazing into every window without curtains hoping to catch a glimpse of something erotic. I wasn't disappointed.

About two blocks away in a second story bedroom was a TV playing some porno movie. It was far enough away that I could only distinguish forms and movements, but it was no doubt porno. Occasionally a figure would pass by the TV screen and by the way his hand was moving, he was jacking himself off. For the first time in my life, standing up, my hand wondered inside my sweats and found my clit which was erect and sensitive. It was awkward at first trying to frig my clit and hold the binoculars still wishing for a better view through that window.

The novelty of this position was also exciting and I found my knees bending and hips thrusting against my hand. Then I would lose the view and have to straighten my legs. This happened several times until I knew my climax was inevitable and had to attend to my pussy with all my focus. The first tingling made me hunch over and then that wonderful wave hit my thighs and tummy making my legs buckle as I fought to stand up. The binoculars fell to the floor as I held one hand against the wall for support and the other busily rubbing my hard little pearl. What a sight I must have been, but it felt very good and I knew this wasn't going to be the first time..

The binoculars had broken when I dropped them, so I knew I had to come up with some lame excuse for my hubby. I did some research on the internet, found out all about binoculars, magnification and field and promptly bought hubby a very nice pair of binoculars that provided a far better image. Mmm...was I thinking about myself a little?



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