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Spring Break Hotel

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Since it was our last year in college, a friend and I decided to go away for spring break since neither of us had ever been. We could only be gone from Friday until Sunday night, but we drove all morning Friday to get to the hotel we booked at the beach. Since we were pretty tired that evening we didn't stay out too late, but on Saturday we made it a night to remember. We bar-hopped and hit as many parties as we could, seeing more topless and naked girls than we could count. At one of the bars we were at, random girls were getting up on the stage and stripping and dancing with each other, some of them even went so far as masturbating in front of everyone. It goes without saying, it was a hell of a night and we were out until about 5am. Luckily we paid for an extra night so we wouldn't have to be out by noon, as late as we got back. We finally made our way back to the hotel and got to our room, and since we were just in our shorts and flip flops, it was easy to strip them off and get in bed. I took the time to actually get under the sheets, but he just plopped down and fell asleep naked on top of them.

Since I really don't sleep all that well, I woke up around 10:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I laid there for what felt like forever trying to fall back, but it wouldn't work. I thought about going into the bathroom and jacking off since I was so horny from what we saw the night before, but I was so exhausted I didn't want to get up. I don't think I was the only one either, because I looked over and he had rolled onto his back and he was hard as a rock. I didn't think much of it at first, but when he started moving around a little I started paying more attention. His feet were moving a little bit and he started mumbling. I knew he was sound asleep because this went on for a couple minutes. His mumbling started getting a little louder and his penis started twitching a little, and I just sat there silently and watched. Finally it happened; he almost let out a whimper and cum started running out of his cock at first, then spurted a little, ran out some more then spurted again before softening and laid across his leg. He stayed that way for about a minute before he moved a little and woke up, then glanced down and felt his cum. I acted like it woke me up when he said out loud "aw man, what the fuck..." I glanced over and asked him "what is that, did you cum or something?" Even though I knew damn well he did...he said "I guess I did...shit." "Oh well, it happens, especially after last night." He then wiped as much of it off onto the sheets as he could and sat up, rubbing his eyes and just sat there before falling back onto the bed. He just laid there spread out for a minute before he said "funny thing is, I'm still horny as hell." I rolled back over and said "really? You just came." "I know...but I think I need to jack off. That wasn't enough." I told him to go for it, thinking he was going to get up and go to the bathroom, but he started fondling himself until he was hard again and started stroking right there in bed. I couldn't believe he was masturbating right in front of me, and then he asked me "you gonna?" I laid there for a couple seconds and asked him "should I?" "Why not? I'm not ashamed, I gotta cum." Without saying anything I kicked off my sheets and exposed my hard, dripping cock to the sunlight and started stroking along with him. It took me no time before I came, and I grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around my cock and came hard, leaving a big squishy spot in the sheet. I just laid there with my eyes closed and not a word was said until I head him grunt and say "oh shit that feels good...", I looked over and there was another puddle of cum on his stomach. After a couple minutes he then stood up and said he thinks he needs a shower now, and I could see why, being covered with two sessions worth of cum.

While he was in the shower I got up and sat out on the balcony, not just waiting for my turn, but it felt pretty damn nice being naked out in the sun. Our room faced the water so there was no way anyone could see me, so when my cock got hard again, I just started stroking it like it was nothing. It was going to take me a while to cum again, and he came out before I got done, still naked and drying his hair. All he said was "you jacking off again?" I said "why not? You got to cum twice." He just said "true, go for it" and relaxed in his chair. I kept stroking while he sat there with his eyes closed and when I felt it coming I scooted forward and shot on the concrete between my feet. I then got up and went for the door and he asked me "feel better now?" I said "oh yeah, my cock's still tingling." He just smiled and I went in for my own shower. After a little while of just laying around the room and watching TV we both jacked off one more time, me shooting on the sheets, him on the carpet. When that was done we finally got dressed since we needed to go, and we looked around the room at the mess we made. He laughed and said "I'd hate to be the one who has to clean this room." I agreed and we left the maid a nice tip and left.

We haven't jacked off with each other since that weekend but sometimes we still joke around about it, but I know that I'm not going to forget how horny I was for quite some time.



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