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Spring Break

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Spring Break by "SpyGuy" (Chilled2thebone@yahoo.com)
The people who had rented the condo next door were making a terrible racket, so Susan slipped on her light silk robe and went over to ask them to quiet down. The door was answered by a pretty, tan woman in a striped bikini. Her sun-streaked blonde hair was pinned up on top of her head.

Susan felt her pussy growing damp as she looked at the other woman's young, firm tits. She was used to the college students taking over the building every spring break, and actually looked forward to the opportunity to check out the beautiful women. "Were we being too noisy?" the bikini-clad woman asked, clapping her hand over her mouth and gazing at her with wide blue eyes. Without waiting for Susan to reply, she reached for the older woman's hand and pulled her inside. They went outside to the balcony, where a number of pretty coeds were relaxing in the hot tub in their bikinis. The cool breeze from the ocean made it a perfect hot tub evening. "I'm Jenny," the woman said to Susan, and then stepped into the hot tub. "Join us." "But I don't have my suit," Susan objected. Smiling, Jenny pulled off her bikini top, revealing her glorious, round breasts, topped with thick, hard nipples like cherries on a sundae. Susan's mouth watered, and then she slid off her robe, revealing her naked body. Though she was in her forties, her body was as tight as Jenny's, though her breasts were smaller and her nipples thinner.

Jenny watched as Susan slid into the hot tub beside her. The warm water teased Susan's bare pussy and hard nipples. The women chatted, relaxing in the steam, and Susan was surprised when she felt Jenny's hand sliding up her thigh. She turned and smiled at her. "You're very beautiful," Susan whispered. Jenny smiled back. Some of the other woman had removed their swimsuits, and Susan was in heaven looking at their pert breasts bobbing in the bubbling water. She guided Jenny's hand higher, enjoying the sensation of the younger woman's hand between her thighs. Jenny tentatively touched Susan's cunt, and then when Susan moaned in pleasure, grew bolder. Not caring about the other women in the hot tub, Susan pulled Jenny to her and kissed her passionately. She ran her hands down to Jenny's luscious tits, stroking them lightly with her palm, running the water back and forth over Jenny's sensitive nipples. Jenny sighed and deepened the kiss.

Their tongues danced wetly against each other. Susan moved her hand lower, pulling down Jenny's skimpy bikini bottom, and explored her damp bush until she felt the wet lips of Jenny's pussy. "Mmmm," Susan sighed, pushing aside the folds of flesh, searching for her new friend's hard clit. A quick glance around the hot tub confirmed they were not the only ones enjoying each other's bodies. Susan grew even hotter at the sight of all these young women kissing and caressing each other's breasts. "Sit up here," Susan said, patting the ledge of the hot tub. Jenny moved up and Susan spread her legs, kneeling in the water so she could suck on Jenny's pussy. She rolled Jenny's hard clit between her lips, sucking on it and flicking her tongue over the softly pointed tip. Jenny was groaning and rubbing her own breasts. Some of the other women stopped and watched Susan bringing Jenny to orgasm. Susan inhaled deeply as she nibbled on Jenny's hard clit, smelling the scent of the other woman in heat. Jenny was moaning loudly, one hand still massaging her breasts as the other one caressed Susan's damp hair, urging her mouth to continue. As Susan continued sucking, she felt another woman come up behind her, and a finger wiggled into her wet pussy.

Gasping in pleasure, Susan pressed her ass back against the woman's finger, wanting to turn around and see which of the lovely coeds it was, but not wanting to disrupt Jenny's pleasure. She slipped her finger into Jenny's warm slit, imitating the fingers pressing in her own cunt, swirling gently around her clit. Soon she felt Jenny's thighs trembling on either side of her head and her clit throbbed against Susan's tongue. "I'm coming, I'm coming," Jenny cried out into the night, her voice mingling with the waves from the ocean. Like a chain reaction, Susan felt her own pussy beginning to quiver with ecstasy. The woman's hand kept massaging her clit, her fingers moving in and out, and soon Susan was coming too, still kissing Jenny's dripping slit as she shivered happily. Jenny slid back into the warm waters of the hot tub, and Susan turned around to see the woman who had been fingering her, a petite woman with dark hair and eyes. The woman smiled and Susan pulled her close and kissed her. She slid her fingers down to the woman's lightly furred pussy and stroked the damp slit lightly, moving her other hand to the woman's small breasts. It didn't take long for the second woman to come. All around Susan were the soft moans of the other women kissing and coming against each other's fingers and tongues. She was in heaven. "Glad you came over?" Jenny smiled, when Susan sat back, licking her fingers clean of two women's juices. "Definitely. This may be the best spring break ever," Susan smiled.



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