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Spring Break 1961

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A memory much savored.


Well, gentle readers. We are about to embark in the 'wayback machine' on a trip backward to a time over forty years ago. It was when I lost my 'hand job' virginity to a young lady during spring break from college.
In 1961, I was a freshman at the State University. I won't give the institution's name for fear of embarrassing my former instructors who hounded me about 'I before E except after C.' I can say that it was in the Deep South and in an extremely conservative atmosphere, driven in part by the morals instituted by the local bible pounders. An occasional illicit can of beer was really being rebellious, and, of course, never on Sunday. As one can imagine, when spring break finally arrived, the migration of students to the Florida beaches to shed themselves of inhibitions and suppressed libido, clogged virtually every highway in a three-state area. I found myself in Panama City, Florida, referred to as the 'Red-neck Riviera.' I had driven down in my Dad's little Volkswagen beetle, which he begrudgingly loaned me, in search of that girl who might relieve me of my terrible burden, my virginity. Yes, at eighteen, I had yet to be laid. Someone told me that each male was allocated only a thousand orgasms. As I figured I only had about ten remaining, I needed some real bona fide sex. I had deposited enough sperm in a multitude of receptacles, through taking advantage of myself, to populate a small country, but never between the legs of a compliant female. Was this going to be the weekend?
As I arrived, the sun was just setting. I knew where a number of my friends would be gathering so I figured that there, at least, was a starting point in my quest. They had built a substantial driftwood bon-fire on the beach. Even in North Florida, in early April, the evenings can be a bit chilly. Gathered around the fire in a circle, they were swaying side to side, trying to sing folk songs, which were popular at the time. I snatched a drink from my cooler and joined in, lustily singing, albeit slightly off key,'kum-ba-yah my Lord,' while at the same time eyeing the girls to see if there were any prospects. The fact that the rest of the group was singing an entirely different song didn't seem to make any difference. Joining the circle, I linked arms with the people on either side of me. At least I could sway with the best of them.
As we carried on, I looked at my companions. On my right, a guy. Well, nothing there. On my left, however, was a short girl, somewhat attractive, with bright red hair. Couldn't tell too much about her figure as she had on a jacket to ward off the cold. Unfortunately, on her left was my roommate from college.'Damn,' I thought.'I can't hit on my roommate's date.' Our eyes met and she smiled.'Hi. Come here often?' I was tongue-tied. What to do? She had opened the gambit and I, a communications and speech major at college, was totally at a loss as to what to say. I stammered for a moment. Opening my mouth, I squeaked,'Uh, hi yourself.' 'Jeeze,' I thought,'Smooth move Clyde.' Was that the best I could come up with? My heart skipped a beat when she drew me a bit closer to her and smiled again.'Aren't you with him?' I asked, nodding toward my roommate.'For now,' she replied. My, this was shaping up better than I could have hoped. I swore I could feel the swell of her right breast pressed against my arm.'A little closer and I might have to kiss you,' I murmured.'Like, I'm afraid,' she answered. A slight chill ran through me and I could feel the beginnings of an erection. Hell, at eighteen, a slight breeze flapping my pants leg would give me an erection. An open window would make me horny.'Meet me here, tomorrow morning,' she said. My eyes rolled back in my head for a moment.'YES,' my mind screamed.'Pay dirt.' I took a pull off my beer and launched into another song, almost shaking with excitement. I was the luckiest man in the world.
The next morning I rushed through my ablutions, brushed my teeth, ran my hand over my 'crew cut' and pronounced myself ready to go. Arriving at the beach, I found the fire had pretty much gone out with just a trickle of smoke rising up from the remains. The object of my unbridled lust was nowhere to be seen. I kicked idly at a bit of charred wood. The surf was making soft 'swooshing' noises as it nibbled away at the sand.'Well, here we go. Shot down again,' I thought.'Maybe I'll wait a few more minutes.' I watched a gull snatch a minnow out of the surf.'At least he got lucky.'
There was a crunching of gravel as another car pulled into the parking lot. A door opened and there was the object of my affection, still clad much like the night before but now with some very short shorts. The jacket still hid the rest of her but I was happy to see she had nice legs.'Let's go someplace else,' she said. I glanced at the cars,'Your place or mine?' She answered by opening the passenger door to my car and getting in. As I too got in, she leaned over and lightly brushed my lips with her fingertips.'Good morning. Sleep well?' 'Well, not really, I replied, not mentioning I had slept in the car, fighting off the urge all night to grab my dick and spend one of my few remaining orgasms.'How about yourself?' 'Oh, I was fine except for a little itch.' With that, she sort of squirmed in the seat as if planting her butt deeper into the cushion. The implication was quite obvious.'Let's go find someplace that's a little more private.'
I started the car and set out to find a spot where we could be modestly alone. There were any number of side streets, just off the beach but a lot of houses, many of them occupied as the tourist season was starting. We continued chatting and driving until we arrived at a new subdivision with most of the homes still under construction.'This might work,' I thought. I searched for a stretch of road where there were few homes, looking for ones that were obviously empty. Finally I pulled over and turned off the engine.'This do?' I asked. She responded by pulling me to her and planting a big juicy kiss on my lips.'That answer your question?' I kissed her in return, her mouth now open and her tongue searching out mine. We grappled as best we could in a Volkswagen, the gearshift lever in the way. I was so excited, I didn't have the presence of mind to recline the seats. Pulling down the zipper on the front of her jacket, I reached in and gently cupped her right breast through her shirt, praying that she would let me continue. As I touched her through the cloth, she let out a slight gasp and pushed against my open palm. No bra, I discovered to my delight.'This is wonderful,' I thought. I slowly caressed her tit, the nipple already hard in my grasp. I rolled the end of her tit gently between my searching fingers. Her breathing quickened. Her tongue was frantically swirling in my mouth, colliding with my own. My dick began to swell. Oh hell, let's face it. I was already hard as a brick. I could drive nails with my dick. I could drill for oil with my dick. I could pole vault with my dick.'Oh shit. This is starting to hurt.' A night of anticipation had put me on a hair trigger.'Please don't let me cum yet.'
I began to unbutton her shirt. As her braless chest came into view, I was treated to the sight of pale, pink tipped breasts. The kind of milky white skin that only redheads seem to have, sprinkled with random freckles. The color of her nipples was so light pink that there was little change from the breast to the areola. As she moved, they wobbled ever so slightly, their conical shape inviting me to kiss her nipples both of which were quite erect. I leaned down to take one in my mouth.
'No intercourse,' she said.'Huh,' my brain dully reacted.'No intercourse,' she repeated. My erection immediately started to wilt.'Ahh, ok,' I mumbled. Geez, was I going to be denied again? Was she shutting me off just as I thought I was going to finally do the deed? So close and yet no pussy? She leaned over, her breasts swaying and rested her hand on my lap.'I can do you just as good.' My pecker began to rise again. She ran her palm over my quickly expanding dick. She tugged on the zipper and then said,'Take off your pants.'
Here I was with a half-dressed woman, virtually naked from the waist up, breasts exposed to my gaze and she tells me,'No intercourse?' This must be a colossal joke. I numbly did as she directed and undid my belt, then raised up to slide my pants down around my ankles. My penis began bobbing with each heartbeat, rising back up to its full six inches. She glanced down but said nothing for the moment.
(Note to readers: I'm not blessed with an eight and half inch organ as many seem to be, massive in heft and girth, threatening small animals and making women scream in delight. I'm very average. Nonetheless, I've never had any complaints. At least not to my face anyway. )
'Now, take off my panties.' Well, at least this won't be a total loss. I've never seen a real, bona fide, totally exposed vagina, especially in broad daylight. Up to now, Playboy had been my source of viewing pleasure. She too raised up to let me slide down her shorts. I'll never forget her panties underneath. They were white with red stripes, cut much like a man's boxer shorts.'How odd,' I mused. I expected the typical white cotton types that were always shown in the mail order catalogues.'Go on,' she said. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled down slowly. I sucked in my breath as her public hair was revealed. It was as bright red as her head was, though quite thick and coarse.'You like?' I reached over as she spread her legs and tentatively touched the hair. My hard-on was now literally pulsing. I leaned over and kissed her left nipple this time and slid my hand between her thighs.'Mmm,' she murmured. Extending a finger, I explored the lips to feel a growing wetness. Not quite sure what to do - mind you I'm a virgin - I eased my finger into her opening and slid in to the second knuckle.'Yes,' she hissed. She then lightly grasped my dick in her left hand and began gently squeezing. I thought I would lose it right there. Precum began oozing from the tip and she rubbed her fingers in it, coating the head with my fluid. We kissed again, now with even more abandon. Our tongues clashed and we shared our breathing as passion was overcoming all else.'Oh God, that really feels good,' I whispered into her mouth. She responded by increasing her grasp on my penis, rubbing her thumb over the head. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the underside was even more sensitive, but who's complaining? Clear strands of precum began to link the tip of my dick and her fingers. As she stroked, more fluid dribbled from my piss slit to flow down my shaft and one crystal string slowly made its way to the edge of the seat cushion. I continued delving into her now very wet cunt with two fingers, little squishy sounds arising from between her legs.
By now, the windows in the car were totally fogged from our heavy breathing. It was sort of like being in our own little cocoon, snuggled up and gently fondling each other's privates. I left her mouth and began sucking on her breasts, alternating from one to the other. I flicked her nipples with my tongue, each tiny caress causing her to suck in her breath. Her hand began picking up the pace a bit, now stroking the length of my pole, plenty of juice there to lubricate her hand. Deep within my body, somewhere between my balls and my asshole, I could feel a tightening of the muscles. An all too familiar feeling, building in intensity.'Not yet,' I thought.'I want this to last longer.'
I doubled my efforts on fingering her pussy, her juice flowing around my digits. I paused to lick off my fingers. She was delicious, the aroma slightly peppery and the taste a little salty. Placing my right hand under her ass, I gently pushed up to increase the depth of my plunging fingers. I leaned down and kissed her bush, the hair tickling my nose. I have died and gone to heaven.
'Are you gonna' cum?' she breathily said. 'Soon, I think,' I replied.'Soon.' She smiled, almost in a grimace as I pushed into her pussy, her pelvis tilting up and her legs splayed open to give me free access. I squeezed her ass cheeks as I delved her innermost regions. Her hand on my penis tightened.'Let me know. I want to see it squirt.' 'Yes, oh lord, yes. I'll shoot it for you.' I was involuntarily rising up with each stroke, literally fucking her hand. The precum was a torrent now, my pole glistening in the light.'Any second now. I, ...I...I'm really close.' 'Ooh,' she cooed.'Is it gonna' be a lot?' How the hell should I know? Niagara falls? Moses parting the sea? Nuclear explosion? All I could tell was that I was on the verge of having the most intense orgasm of my life. I had never felt so aroused. I thought I was about to pass out as my body shook.
'Come on baby. Do it for me.' She jerked my dick faster. Then she would stop and squeeze it, rippling her fingers as if she were trying to milk me. The feeling was almost too much. Each touch was as if electricity were coursing through my body and exiting through the end of my penis. My breathing was shallow and quick as I felt the approach of the impending orgasm. My butt rose up from the seat again to meet her stroking fingers. I was nearly overwhelmed as the pressure in balls and dick increased.'Now,' I shouted.'Oh God! Oh God! Unnnh. Here it comes.' As if a floodgate had been suddenly opened, the first shot of slippery cum literally erupted from my dick with such force it flew across to splat against the windshield. She watched it fly through the air.'Ohh, baby. That's so good.' She rippled her fingers again and was rewarded with a second shot. A pearlescent string of goo flew out to hit the dashboard followed by a third and fourth ejaculation which, not quite as forceful, landed on her legs and then mine. The fifth and sixth shot leapt up from my dick to bubble over her fingers and into my pubic hair and then down my balls. I was panting as if I had run a marathon, the release being totally exquisite and draining.
'Are you OK?' she asked.'Dear God. Oh God. That was incredible. Yes. Oh.' I could only slump for a moment in the seat. My dick was still in its final spasms, droplets of cum seeping from the tip to coat her already dripping fingers.
'You haven't finished. It's your turn.' I said. I redoubled my efforts on her pussy, glancing at the cum that was oozing down over the speedometer and gas gauge to drip on the floor.'Yes. Deeper, dammit. Ahh, Ahh. Shit. Now you've got me going too.' She raised up again to let me finger her eager pussy. It was so wet my fingers easily slid up inside her, her red bush rising and falling with each stroke.'Oh. Oh. I. . I. . ahh, that feels so good. Push your fingers in my pussy.' Her breasts heaved with each breath.'Ahh. Fuck. I'm about to cum. More!' Her ass was completely off the seat as she met each thrust.'I'm cumming. Yes, yes. Ooohh!! Kiss my titties. Deeper!' How could resist commands like that. I literally devoured her tits, slobbering over the nipples. Then I rose up to kiss her panting mouth.'Unngh, unngh, ahh, oh shit. Unngh!' Our tongues pressed tightly together. Her cunt spasming around my fingers, gripping them with pulsing motions. Her breathing was labored and ragged.'That was so good...wow.'
I glanced up from the sight of her juicy cunt and, much to my horror, saw a man approaching the car.'Aw shit. Someone is coming.' I guess he wondered why we were sitting there so long with the windows fogged up or maybe he was just perving.'Let's get out of here. Drive me back to my car.' Off we went, me frantically trying to wipe the fog off the window so I could see, she with her cunt and fiery bush raised up, trying to pull up her panties. By the time we got back to car, she was dressed again. I, on the other hand, still had my pants only partway up my legs and my dick still exposed but now pretty much sated. We parked and fortunately, being early Sunday morning, we were the only ones in the lot.'I've gotta' go. Momma thinks I went off to see a friend.' 'Can I kiss you one more time?' I asked.'Yeah. Sure.' We embraced and kissed.'Mmm.' I couldn't help but caress her breast again. She reached down and slid her hand over my partially hard cock and gave it a squeeze.
'Good, wasn't it?' I could only nod in response as my dick began to twitch again.'Looks like it's gonna get hard. Think about me when you jerk it.' She backed out of the door and straightened her jacket. Then she pulled the leg of her shorts to one side and flashed her pussy.'See ya,' she giggled.
This was a totally true story, reconstructed from memory and remains one of my fondest recollections of my varied sex life. Though still a virgin after the incident, the handjob that I received was, without a doubt, the best I have ever had. Over forty years later, it still provides fuel for arousal and subsequent masturbation. Funny thing though, I never found out what her name was. God bless her.



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