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Sometimes, You Just Know

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I’ve been allocated a first year dental student. Kate is seeing practice as part of her studies, and her role is...well....to watch and take copious notes. On the other hand,I’m expected to talk about what I’m doing every step of the way. This isn’t easy because some patients hate that kind of thing. 


Ok, I admit, things between me and Stevie are still pretty icy. When Kate walked into my surgery in her blu scrubs my heat missed a beat. She is tall, willowy, tiny breasted like me, and yes, I did check out her panty line. And I couldn’t find one. I’ve been known to wear nothing under my scrubs before. 

So, Kate perched herself on a stool, took out her notebook and a couple of different colored pens. I talked her through the next patient. Lower left first molar extraction and root canal of the lower third molar. Extraction last, of course. 

I saw the color drain from her face a little and hoped I didn’t have a fainter. (Been there, done that) So, anaesthetic applied, patient informed who Kate was, and permission to talk through the procedures granted, off we went. 

I use magnifying glasses for root canals and was happily drilling out the distal root when I saw something moving peripherally. At first, I thought Kate was fainting, but it was regular. She was bouncing her crossed leg. No! Surely...she couldn’t be....

As I proceeded the bounce became more pronounced and deeper. Come the extraction, she clamped her leg tightly, withher toe under the calf of the leg it was crossed over, and I saw definite thigh twitches. She also looked wide eyed. 

Personally, I had no doubt she had cum! 

We had time to talk before my next patient, so we talked through some finer details of what she had seen...and I noticed she had made not a single note. 

So in for a penny....

”How did watching the real thing make you feel?”

”Wow! It’s powerful, isn’t it? All that responsibility...all on your own”

I explained that a dental surgeon is never really on their own. That in a hospital practice, there are always more senior colleagues around, and inprivate practice there’s usually more than one dentist plus the ongoing training and monitoring that happens. 

“Yes, but I felt what you were doing....in my gut.”

Next patient...surgical extractions....three of them. Plus one retained root from an extraction performed elsewhere. 

Kate again started bouncing her leg. Slowly at first, then with more speed and deeper movements. This time, I heard a couple of grunts from her. 

Patient in recovery, magnifiers off, and Kate shifted position. She uncrossed her legs, and I saw it. A definite damp patch on her scrubs. Absolutelyno doubt about it. 

“Some people find their first look at surgery a real turn on” I calmly said. “I remember the first time I sat where you are...although it was in the UK. I got positively horny.”

Kate said “Really? It’s not just me then?” 

Professionalism prevented anything from happening, and anyway, there’s Stevie. 

But having a girl masturbating, which she did twice more that day only a few feet away from me wasso arousing. Fortunately, I was wearing panties so my wetness was contained....until, at the end of clinic I dashed to the van and within seconds had rubbed an orgasm of immense proportions out. 

I'm still angry when I cum. I guess I will be until this thing with Stevie is resolved. I’ve told her I’m not taking the job offer, but that didn’t seem to resolvethe situation. 

She knows...and I guess deep down,or maybe not so deep down...I know too that I should take it. Will I grow to resent her the longer I stay with her? Will it always be something between us? I don’t know. All I do know is that we haven’t made love since, so an episode like today is far more arousing than it should be.

I should have asked Kate to leave, but I didn’t. I knew what she was doing and I loved it. In any other position I would have had my hand down her scrubs in a heartbeat, but fucking the students is a major,no-no. People have lost their jobs before now over that. Anyway, it compromises the position when you have to give them hell. 

On the journey home, all I could think about were Kate’s scrubs. That visible dark stain between her legs. It set off a chain reaction of questions. Is she shaved or trimmed? Is she bi? Straight? Lesbian? How often does she masturbate? Was she fucked last night? Is she kinky? Does she like weird shit like I do? 

Yes, I admit, when I changed and tossed my own scrubs into the bin, I did look, but the laundry bins are emptied very regularly and hers were long gone. 

By the time I got back to my (empty) house, I was ready for another cum. Stevie wouldn’t be home for another couple hours, so I indulged in a little fantasy. I imagined I was the patient and Kate was the DS. I lay in her chair while she examined my teeth.

i imagined my skirt was tucked up revealing my white panties, and that my shirt, under which there was no bra, waspulled up enough for her to see my small breasts. 

Then I imagined her slipping a hand inside my shirt, squeezing and fondling my breasts before sliding a hand under the wasibant of my panties. In my mind, she had to stand up to reach over me, which put her crotch close to my face. I felt deliciously trapped and dominated like that, but the best bit was that I imagined her scent. 

In my mind, I let her finger me to orgasm, and just as I came, I imagined burying my face in her scrubs and inhaling her scent...faintly tinged with the scent of pee...as I came.

this was a softer, less violent, but much longer lasting orgasm than the one I had before. It just seemed to roll on and on, like one of those rumbles of thunder we get in the summer. I really thought I could smell her cunt. 

Well, I have three weeks of Kate. No, I will make no move for her, and in the highly unlikely event that she makes a move on me, I will politely but firmly resist it. I have no intention of fucking up. However....it’s nice to have some eye candy in the surgery....and if she needs to get herself off by bouncing her leg, well....good for her! I still need to sign off her notes every day though, so she better be up to speed. 



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