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Sometimes It's the Little Things

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Sometimes little things happen that leave a much larger lasting impression.

She was working late, finishing up a few things in her office before heading home at about 10:00 p.m. There were only a couple of people left in the building and they were downstairs working so I knew nobody else would be around her office. A sexy thought entered my mind at that moment. I wanted to 'accidentally' let C see my bulge at the front of my shorts. My penis immediately stiffened as I began breathing much harder as my excitement grew rapidly. I decided to go into the bathroom and pull my penis through the opening in my boxers so that it would be only covered by the material of my shorts. As I stepped out of the stall, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how very visible my erection would be, there could be no missing it. I realized then that I had to be really discreet and act as though I was totally unaware of how much my hard erection was showing through my shorts.

I popped my head into the doorway of her office and she raised her head from her computer screen and smiled acknowledging my presence. I commented about her working so late and inquired about how her husband and family feel about this. She commented that the kids were already in bed and her husband was probably dozing off already. I quickly said I had better let her get back to work as I stepped fully into the doorway and bent my back as I adjusted the backpack I was wearing. With this movement, my pelvis moved out a little and, of course, the outline of my stiff penis was very clearly outlined through my shorts. I tried not to make eye contact with her to 'allow' her an opportunity to grab a quick glance without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. When I dropped my eyes to her right before stepping away, I caught her eyes locked on my tent. I shifted my eyes quickly and returned them to hers and she had by that time returned her eyes to meet mine. I acted totally unaware and said bye and walked away.

I'm glad no one I knew encountered me as I left the building and got to my car in the parking garage. When I approached my car, I could see my reflection in the car window, and believe me, even though I am not well-endowed, there was a VERY visible bulge showing.

At home, I immediately stripped and unleashed my penis from its restraining clothing. Stiff, precum seeping out, my penis looked about ready to explode. A few fingerfuls of vaseline later, I was masturbating and trying to imagine how she was affected by what she had just seen.

I pictured her no longer able to concentrate on her work and powering off her computer and leaving the office for home. Once at home, she peaked in on the three kids and they were out cold. She then entered her bedroom and sighed seeing her husband fast asleep under the covers. C then goes to her dresser and pulls out some clean clothes and heads for the shower. She quickly strips out of her work clothes and is completely naked in the bathroom. Thin figure, small breasts, nice black bush of pubic hair, round perfect ass...she starts thinking about what just happened in her office. The first thing on her mind is whether I saw her looking or if I was intentionally showing her my excitement. My acting was very good as she convinces herself that I was blissfully unaware of my show to her. Then her mind focuses on the tent she saw and now she tries to envisage what my erect penis looks like. Before she realizes it, her hand is down at her pussy and she is softly rubbing her clit.

I try to time my ejaculation with her orgasm from masturbating. Of course, it times out perfectly and I cum very hard just as she starts shivering in ecstasy nude in her bathroom while her husband soundly sleeps in their bedroom.

Just a simple little thing like this is such a huge turn on in my continuing secret lust for my friend and co-worker.



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