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Someone Asked, So I Explained How To Get the New Feelings of Continuous Orgasm

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I posted on a website where people advertise for casual encounters, and all sorts of other things, that I'd come to a guy's house and teach my new technique, which I'm very excited about. It leads to entirely new orgasmic feelings. So far, I've had one local taker and that worked out great. I also had an inquiry from someone out of town, so I went ahead and told him about it. Thought you, dear reader, would enjoy finding out about this technique as well. Please, please do me a favor and communicate with me, and everyone reading this, about your results, thoughts, questions, or whatever, in the comment section below.


So, here's the scoop: Do you know about edging? That's the idea of bringing yourself close to orgasm and then backing off until the feeling subsides, over and over again. That, in itself, is fun but let's take it a step farther.

Stroke until just when you start to feel that 'gonna cum' feeling but don't stop entirely. Just lighten up and keep that pre-orgasmic feeling barely discernible. If it subsides entirely, stroke more. If it starts to get so strong that you'd end up ejaculating, back off. If it suddenly gets really close, then stop, but only for a few seconds. It will probably take some practice. In time, a very remarkable thing happens: You stay in that pre-orgasmic feeling for longer periods of time and it becomes stronger and stronger.

Your body actually seems to comply and help you by letting you go all the way into feeling the orgasm, yet you don't ejaculate. You may even get contractions and a drop of cum may escape from time to time. Just relax and, in time, you're in continuous orgasm.

You will also get two unique, new feelings that you don't get with an ordinary orgasm/ejaculation. The first is a deep belly sort of chill that's very delicious. The other occurs sometimes and is a pleasant sting in your urethra; that goes away when you're done and it's totally harmless. You also get the whole orgasm feeling and it's rather remarkable just to hold it for as long as you want. The coolest part may be that the ongoing non-ejaculatory orgasm can be stronger than a regular one.

Ejaculating at the end of your session becomes optional. While it used to be important for many men to cum before they could be satisfied, this is like being a pre-adolescent kid again. You get to play with your dick as long as you want and then you can go about your regular business, satisfied. Well, you'll probably still be kind of horned up and, interestingly, more alive and aware. You feel like an athlete in top form and can play again later in the day, tomorrow, or whenever you want!

Have fun and let me know if it works out! Please leave your comments below. - Jst



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