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Some Random Memories

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I was really interested in Simonebs' recent submission from the female perspective about using random webcam sites. It got me thinking about some more of my own experiences (I've previously submitted three of my more interesting ones as separate stories).

I spent a lot of time on these sites at one stage, but the way they work has changed and there are almost no women now - and to be honest I'm interested in where they've all gone!


I actually got into random webcam thing through reading a story from a woman on Solo Touch some years ago. I had the house to myself, and as I read I realised I could try that out. Once I'd found the right site, the first thing I saw was someone jerking off in real time - and I could talk to them if I wanted! I was astonished at how easily I could find people showing what they were up to, and after I'd been watching for a few minutes I had to join in myself, off came the clothes and I arranged my laptop so I was highly visible. On these sites people flick to the next person pretty quickly and it took a while for someone to stop, but after a while someone did - and having someone admire my cock was such a turn-on that over about 90 seconds my cock went from being half erect to fully hard to a massive, messy, leg-trembling orgasm without me having to actually touch it. After that I was hooked.



By way of 'setting the scene' I usually sat on the bed with a laptop between my legs, with the cam just showing my cock and balls - I didn't want to show my face as I was in a job I'd probably be fired from if I was identified.



So, some 'random' memories...  


Once, over the course of maybe 20 minutes, I connected with a woman in Australia a couple of times who was fully dressed, leaning back on her sofa - I could see her from head to waist. The first time she stopped to look at my cock, but when I asked if she wanted to join in and she moved on quickly so I presumed she wasn't interested at all.


However, we connected again after another few minutes (random!) and she stayed a bit longer. I asked her if she wanted to watch and answer a few questions without actually joining in, which she agreed to (we were typing rather than talking).



As I said earlier, she was dressed but was also talking to someone off-camera, I'm guessing a girl friend rather than partner and I'd also guess they'd had a glass or two. Since I'm hooked on women masturbating, I asked her what she did to get herself off. She watched porn (favourite porn was threesomes), her last orgasm was that morning (naked on that very couch, watching a threesome on the big TV screen), she used her hands, and the biggest thing she'd fucked herself with was a beer bottle. At times she was conferring with whoever was off-screen but she was pretty focused on watching me working on my erection. Having a woman talk about how they masturbated while fixated on my cock was a huge turn-on, and after a few minutes I warned her I was going to cum and then had a great spurty orgasm. The best part was her the look on her face - at the first spurt her jaw literally dropped open, and I can clearly remember the mix of surprise and lust on her face. She did ask, "How was that?" to which I replied that I'd has a great orgasm and thanked her several times and we disconnected.



Other interesting things I've seen? A guy with a cock so big I just just stopped and stared. We chatted for a few minutes while I admired his erection - it wasn't just long or fat, it was LONG and fat. While I was staring at it and pulling myself off I could see a line half-way down his shaft and as I couldn't figure out what it was I had to ask. It turned out to be the bottom roll of a condom, his erection was so big a condom only got half-way down. What a monster! I didn't get to see him cum but I had a great orgasm myself.



Another interesting experience? One gorgeous blond woman in her late teens, she was lying on her side on the floor, visible from the neck down, with her laptop beside her. She was in her underwear when we connected, but once she decided to stay and join in she quite quickly removed her panties, spread her legs, and started working on her clit. She had a GREAT body, she looked like a cheerleader with long blonde hair, a great figure, and lovely tits she released from her bra when she got going. She worked on her nipples a bit, and after a couple of minutes rolled over onto her back and started thrusting into each pump of her fingers, all the while checking to see what I was up to (pulling my cock, obviously!). A couple of minutes more of this she looked like she was getting close, got up on her knees with her legs spread apart and frantically finished herself off, with some serious moans (she must have been home alone) and thrusts of her hips as she orgasmed. I got the timing right and orgasmed at the same time as her. I felt like a real hero helping this girl cum.



In a slightly similar vein, I connected with a middle aged woman (again, no faces but could see everything else) who I could tell was already turned on by the dildo buried in her pussy. Over the course of a few minutes she pumped the dildo in and out with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other, slowly speeding up until she orgasmed - we weren't talking but I could hear her breathing. She didn't stop the pumping or rubbing though, and a minute later held up a couple of fingers to show she was cumming again, and then three fingers another minute later. Again, such a turn-on to help someone do that.



A few times I connected with couples. Once I was watching a guy pound his partner from behind, and I mean really pound her. She sounded like she was enjoying it but I suspect she'd have been a little tender afterwards. I've also joined a gay couple who were having a great time swapping blow jobs. We didn't chat much, just watched each other go off.



An older couple from Canada more or less invited me into their bed - when we'd talked for a few minutes and they'd decided they wanted to join in, they peeled back the bedclothes and put their laptop down by their feet, and proceeded to work each other over. The woman showed her blowjob skills (which were pretty good by the sounds they guy was making) and I got to see the woman work on herself with her fingers as well. Swoon.They didn't cum but seemed to be having a great time. I certainly came though.



A couple of times I connected with exactly the sort of thing Simoneb was doing - a couple of girls in their late teens who just wanted to watch. I doubt I connected with Simoneb myself, but once I was sure I wasn't talking with curious girls I was keen to help. I often wondered what these girls did after they'd watched several guys cum...



A couple of times I've had some really interesting chats with women. Once I connected with a British women who was on her hands and knees with her cam behind her so I had a really clear view of her pussy and ass, but she obviously had the laptop by her head as she could see what I was doing. Her pussy was lovely - a trimmed bush, well-defined but not puffy lips, and she looked really tight. Our chat was about what I found attractive about her pussy, and she was genuinely interested in what turned me on.



In a similar vein, I had a conversation with a younger woman who was VERY keen to show me her pussy once she got her panties off, and when I complimented her on her body she was also keen to know what turned me on - and really responded to my compliments about her pussy and body (which weren't fake, she DID have a great pussy and body).



I've had many other experiences but these are the ones that stick in my mind. I'm interested in hearing from any women out there about their experiences with this.



BTW: writing this story made me head off to the bedroom several times.




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