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Some of my firsts

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Besides losing ourr virginity, we all have other maturbatory and sexual 'firsts.' Here are 30 of mine.  While I catergorized this as Male-Solo, some of it is Male-Female. And one Male-Male! episode.


So I have decided I must contribute more stories.  I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll start at the beginning and give you some of my masturbation- and sex-related “firsts.”  As I go down this list, each of them brings back some great memories of fun stuff I’ve done.  I would love if you would let me know in the comments if there are some “Firsts” you’d like to hear more about.  Or if you have more questions about my firsts, let me know!.

So, here we go--

1.The first time I Masturbated--

I learned to masturbate in stages.  I figured how to give myself an orgasm, but didn’t tie it to a sex act until later.

2.The first time I realized I had an erection:
Age 13.  My mom read a book to me about sex.  Even as the book was talking about how men get erections, I had no idea I was personally getting one as she read the work ‘erection’ to me out loud.  I felt like I had to pee, and I ran to the bathroom, only to find---- oh my god, what is that?!?!

I was a confused child.

3. First time I realized girls in my class had breasts:

 We were on an overnight “camping trip.”  Not in tents or anything, we stayed in a big posh “dormitory,” with a clearly delineated female wing and male wing.  But on the second day, we had to pair up with a partner and learn how to paddle a canoe.  I was assigned to learn with a classmate named Pam.  We got in the canoe, and just as we were about to start, I turned around to ask her if she was ready. I saw her cinching up her life vest, and “plop!” Out came those fantastic round breasts. The image was instantly burned in my mind and I have never lost it.  

4. First Orgasm, dry:

My family grew up in the woods.  And so I spent a lot of time in the woods, building tree forts with my friends.  Back then, I could shimmy up a tree pretty darn quick, and before long, I realized that it felt really good.  I didn’t make the connection that this was anything to do with sex yet, and I certainly didn’t even know the term masturbation existed.

5. First weird object used to have an orgasm, dry:

A fire hydrant.  There’s an explanation. It’s really long.  I should have bought the fire hydrant dinner first.

6. First time I used a weird object to have an orgasm, dry:

With the fire hydrant.

7.First time caught using a weird object to have an orgasm, dry:

I made the connection between using the fire hydrant for an orgasm and sex when the neighbor kid who was three years older than me pointed and shouted, “Hey, look! He’s having sex with a fire hydrant.  (Side note: the girlfriend was not the usual looking fire hydrant.  But again -- long story.)

8. First orgasm with ejaculation:

 I graduated from the fire hydrant to the more discreet and indoor bed post of my own bed.  My reaction to seeing my own cum was hilarious, at least looking back on it now.  At the time, I was traumatized, because I had no idea how to clean it up and thought there was no way to conceal the evidence.  (Solution arrived at  - socks)

9:  First time walked in on while masturbating:

Twenty two years old.  By my 70 year old landlady.

10.  First time I looked at porn on the internet:

Junior year of high school.  The internet had just been invented.  Our family had been one of the first families to get internet in their house in our small town.  One Saturday morning, while my family was all gone, I typed in the search terms “nude beach” into one of the very earliest search engine websites.

11.  First time I masturbated to porn on the internet:

Senior year of high school. I was a month away from graduating.  That’s also when I switched from stroking my cock with my right hand to stroking my cock with my left hand.  I found it was easier to jack off with a left hand then it was to use a mouse and click with a left hand.

12.  First time I masturbated with my hand:

Eighth Grade. I didn’t cum though.

13: First time I masturbated to orgasm and ejaculated using my hand:

At the end of ninth grade.  Yup, I went more than three years having fun with tree trunks, fire hydrants and bed posts -- oh, and the door frame a few times-- before I figured out how to make things easy for me and just use my hand like every other dude.

14. First ‘visual aids, non-nude, pre-internet’:

The Sears and JC Penny’s catalogues. Specifically, the lingerie, swimwear, exercise wear, and exercise equipment, and bathroom towels pictures.  The exercise equipment and towels were not particularly titillating, but the female models were.

This led to a whole succession of ‘visual aids’ -- weekly sunday newspaper flyers with lingerie ads, then the very early victoria’s secret catalogues, and then sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

15. First orgasm from oral sex:

Senior year of high school.  My first girlfriend gave me blowjobs in the back of her car.  We used to drive way out into the woods, park, and have sex. We found oral sex feels nice, but it doesn’t get me to the point of cumming.  And then one time, she did something right, and while I tried to pull out before I came,but  she gripped my ass and pushed me into her mouth.  I almost didn’t cum, I was terrified I was going to choke her, but she swallowed it down like a pro.

16.  First time I worte a story about maturbation:

Ninth Grade.  I wrote out a fantasy about how four of my female classmates, whom I thought were the sexiest looking in my class, kidnapped me and dragged me to one of their houses, and then made me watch them strip nude and masturbate in front of me.  I wish I still had it, I think it would sound pretty hilarious if I read it now, but back then I found it really hot.

17.  First lubricant used:

My spit.

18: First time I used a ‘weird’ lubricant

Junior year in high school.

19.  First weird lubricant used:

Cooking oil.  No shit.  This was the dawn of the internet, and after a late night search for ‘masturbation techniques,’ I found a list someone had compiled of stuff to use as lubricants.

20.  First time I used baby powder as a lubricant:

Freshman year of college. I was desperate, and it was all my girlfriend could reach at the moment. She didn’t want to get up and get some of her lotion because she was almost on her way to her third orgasm and didn’t want to be interrupted.  It worked pretty well, to be honest, and it wasn’t the only time I used it.

21. First time I masturbated while reading SoloTouch:

SoloTouch had several previous incarnations, but I believe it was around my senior year of high school or freshman year of college.

22.  First time I had cybersex:

Freshman year of college, spring break.  My girlfriend and I went home to our respective families, but we were desperate, and late at night we both got a chance to chat.  It was interrupted when her father came downstairs to find out why there was still a light on in their family room.  Nothing kills a steam session of cybersex when the words, “My Dad just found me down here naked and he says I have to go to bed now” flash across your screen.

23.  First time I had phonesex:

Freshman year of college.

24.  First time I masturbated outside when it was January and the temp was below freezing.

Freshman year of college. On a picnic table in the middle of a park.  True story.

25. First time I timed myself masturbating

Eighth grade.  I think it was under three minutes. I made it into a game-- how many times in a row could I cum in 20 minutes. Yup, I could actually cum more than once within 20 minutes.  In fact, my best was once five times. Oh, to be a 13-year old boy again.

26.  First time I had sex:

Senior year of high school

27.  First time I penetrated myself anally

Sophomore year of college

28. First time I watched a guy masturbate

Twenty four.  He didn’t know I was watching.

29. First time I wrote a story for SoloTouch

Again, there have been several iterations before this current one. But I think I was about 23 when I wrote about some of the crazy stuff I had done with  my girlfriend of my freshman year in college

30.  First time I bought a vibrator for a girlfriend:

Twenty-two.  Good god, we had fun with that thing!



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