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Some Inappropriate Spanking

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Dominic is goth girl who discovers a taboo side of herself. And when she masturbates to the taboo fantasy for the first time, it only makes things so much more intense. 


I guess you can say I’m somewhat on the dark side. I love dark makeup, leather boots and music with double bass drums beating to the sound of screaming guitars. I’m definitely not what you would call cute, well, maybe when I was ten or twelve, but not anymore. These days I have a period, breasts and a vagina that’s really doing a number on me. Throughout high school I managed to keep my urges down with masturbation and vibrators, but as I started my road to adulthood earlier this year things began to change.

No, I didn’t go to college, couldn’t afford it. I was lucky to land a job at a local call center, which is just my type of place, given that people fear me, especially when they see me. Apparently I have a very pretty face, but nobody can spot it behind all the makeup and piercings. It can’t be my tattoos, because they are strategically placed in areas I can’t show in public without looking like a whore or getting arrested. Another possibility is my long black hair, but I don’t really give a shit, because this story is about my stepdad, Shane. More specifically, it’s about how he spanked my ass until…….well……..you’ll find out soon enough.

 My mother worked at the post office and Shane was a local contractor with minor contracts. Needless to say, we never saw the inside of the Hilton Hotel or anything remotely as luxurious. Vacation was a fancy word for boring camps at the lake twice a year. Some months were harder than others, but hey, who can’t relate? My older brother had just managed to move out and I was hoping to follow his trail, because Shane and I couldn’t stand each other. We had some connection when he started dating my mother, but through the years we made peace with having different points of view. This obviously led to frequent fights and arguments. However, we tried to keep it as civil as possible for the sake of my mother. Unfortunately things did manage to get out of hand, or should I say in?

I had just walked into the living room after another shitty day of handling dumb-ass customers over the phone, only to be greeted by an irritated Shane. I remember sticking it to him before even saying hello just because I felt like it.

“What’s going on with you?”

He didn’t like my tone of voice, of course.

“That’s a great way to talk to your stepdad. I’m just feeling the love all around.”

He was searching around for something and I didn’t know what. He also seemed very pissed off. I would’ve left him there, but he was tearing the place apart and I wasn’t going to clean the shit up.

“Oh, I’m sorry daddy. Can I get you a beer and your slippers?”

Strangely enough he didn’t reply. He just glared at me for a few seconds and kept on messing up the living room. I never actually saw him like that before. He was the brooding type, not the kick ass maniac type. 

“What are you looking for?!”

“Just leave me alone! Go piss somebody off somewhere!”

Now I was getting angry.

“And why don’t you just go fuck yourself.”

I thought the devil had taken over his body. He just stopped with whatever he was doing and targeted his eyes in my direction.

“You’re a real smart mouth Nic.”

I was never scared to go up against Shane, but this time I was too afraid to push his buttons any further. The tone in his voice and the strange expression on his face were big warning signs to just stay quiet, although it was too late.

“How about we do something we’ve never done before.”

Shane walked over to me and grabbed my arm. He pulled me towards the couch and I obviously resisted, but my small frame didn’t stand a chance.

“What the fuck are you doing Shane?! That hurts!”

As he sat down he dragged me along, but not towards the seat next to him. Instead, he threw me over his lap.

“Are you insane?! I’m going to…”

Before I could finish the sentence I felt the first hand landing on my ass. Shane had never even touched me, let alone spanked me.

“Ouch! Stop it!”

The second hand landed and it was like he flipped a switch. It’s almost as if the sharp pain woke up my hormones or something. I didn’t even cry out, because my pussy was getting soaking wet. Maybe it was the combination of his belt buckle scratching against my thigh and something else poking dangerously close to my clit, I don’t know. All I remember was becoming very conscious about the urge I had to pull down my panties. 

“I should have done his a long time ago.”

Shane spanked me again, and again. My skirt started to ride up past my upper thigh, almost revealing just about everything. I wasn’t exactly shy when it came to kinky underwear and Shane was finding that out without the need for imagination. 

“Why aren’t you saying anything Dominic? Are you finally at a loss for words?”

Bam, bam, bam. The more he spanked me the wetter I got. I almost thought I was going to cum, if that was even possible. Shane wasn’t paying attention to my dress, maybe he didn’t want to, because I could feel his hand on my bare skin now. I dug my nails so hard into the couch the material started ripping. Without thinking I whispered,

“Don’t stop daddy.”

Can you guess that these words made Shane stop? There was a moment when both of us just froze.

“Jesus Nic, I’m…..”

I jumped up and ran to my room. I couldn’t bear to look at him and yet I wanted to jump his bones. He made some poor attempt to explain, but I didn’t stay long enough to listen. After I barged into my room I slammed the door shut and fell back against it. I was so fucking horny at that point I wanted to go crazy. Instinctively I pulled down my panties a few inches and started rubbing my clit.

With meaning I dug my finger into my cunt, just like I did with the couch, pulled them out and smeared the cream across my pussy. All the while I was seeing Shane’s hard cock pinched between my legs as he spanked me like a little girl. God it felt good! Within a couple of seconds I could feel the orgasm coming on. Just as I came Shane knocked on the door, but I didn’t stop. My free hand reached for the door knob while my occupied fingers finished what I started. I was biting my lip so hard it started bleeding a little bit, because fuck knows I wanted to scream.

“Nic? Please, don’t be mad okay?”

I couldn’t respond, because my legs were about to give out under me as they shook. I pushed my pelvis forward as if I was sitting on Shane’s face and this caused my head to bump against the door.

“Are you okay? I’m really sorry Nic, I don’t know what got into me.”

I forced myself to yell something, just to get him away from the door.

“It’s……it’s fine Shane……..I’m okay.”

I was really hoping he wouldn’t hear me panting, although it was obvious I was up to something. Silence. After a few seconds I heard his footsteps move away, which was when I sagged to my knees and started to giggle. I may not have known what dick felt like, but I knew how to give myself an incredible orgasm. Despite my talents I realized I would never be able to rid myself of the sexual feelings towards Shane I suddenly had.

 A couple of days passed and things were getting tense between Shane and my mom. I avoided him like the plague while he actually tried to be nice. I didn’t know what was going on between them, but I didn’t want to be part of it. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, I received a call at work from my mother.

“Nic, I’m going away for a few days okay? Shane and I need some time apart.”

“Why do you have to go? Why doesn’t he just find another place, I mean…..fuck.”

“Well, it’s complicated baby. I’ll explain when I get back, but Shane said he’ll be around if you need something.”

I thought to myself “No mom, the situation you are putting me in is fucking complicated.” Alone with a guy I still couldn’t get out of my head was a one-way road to some big problems.

“Fine. Okay. Just make it quick.”

I was so worked up that when I came home I started laying into Shane, again, but this time I was really pissed off.

“You better tell me why my mother is going on vacation while you’re still here.”

He was in the backyard, building something I can’t seem to recollect.

“Now’s not the time Nic.”

“I don’t give a shit about the right time. What the fuck is going on?”

“God dammit Nic…” He slammed the tools onto the table in front of him, “She’s having an affair……okay?........is that a good reason for you? She’s gone with her new fucking boyfriend. Fuck!”

I didn’t know what to say, although it did explain why he started acting so strange.

“After nine years the bitch just packs up and fucks off!”

“Hey, don’t talk about my mother that way you asshole!”

I was the one that stepped closer this time around and I stopped right in front of his face. For the sake of my confession I’ll be brutally honest. I wasn’t mad at him. In fact, I wanted him to spank me again. My mother is one of those cases that got pregnant way too young and never got used to responsibility, so I honestly didn’t burden myself to stick up for her. 

“Back off Nic.”

That look was in his eyes again and I knew he needed just one little push.

“What are you going to do…….daddy?”

It was like I unleashed a demon again. Shane reached for my hair and snatched the threads between his fingers. I didn’t have time to enjoy the pain, because Shane pushed me over the table, pressing himself against me.

“Come on daddy. Spank your little girl.”

Then it came. His hand connected with my ass and the sting chased straight to my pussy. His grip on my hair got tighter with the second smack. His dick was throbbing against the ass cheek he wasn’t spanking. Before he could hit me a third time I lifted up my skirt. Shane hesitated, but his dick was telling him to just let go. With every strike my pussy just got more soaked. After about seven strikes I felt Shane stopping, but he didn’t let go of my hair. With his free hand he unbuttoned his jeans. It didn’t take him very long and I distinctly felt his erected muscle slapping against my ass. I just left him to do whatever he wanted to, because fuck knows I was already dripping down my leg.

Shane made himself comfortable behind me and pressed his dick between my ass cheeks, sliding it onto the tiny piece of underwear. With this motion he reached around and stuck his hand down the front of my panties. His fingers searched for my clit as he was rubbing one out against my ass. The only thing that separated us was that tiny piece of cloth, but it still felt great. When he found my clit he really started jamming his cock against me. I was panting again and my juices were all over Shane’s fingers.

“Make……make me cum………please daddy…..”

Shane was panting just as hard and his solid cock humping my ass was almost better than getting spanked. Up and down, round and round his fingers moved. Every muscle in my body began tensing up as I started cumming. Instead of biting my lip I screamed,

“Yes daddy….mmmmm…..fuck…….daddy!”

I pushed back against him so hard I thought he was going to fall over. Everything inside me shuddered and it felt like time stood still. My panty was covered in pussy juice and once again I had a difficult time keeping my legs straight.

“Get on your knees Nic.”

Shane wasn’t asking, he was telling. Like a good little girl I kneeled before him and his huge cock.

“Open your mouth for daddy.”

I knew what he was going to do and I simply couldn’t wait. I barely had my mouth open before he jammed his cock inside. The salty pre-cum met my tongue as the rest of the shaft pushed to the back of my throat. I felt like gagging then he pulled back. Both of his hands were on my head, pulling it closer. It sunk into my mouth 2 or 3 more times and then his sperm started flooding down. I heard the satisfying sounds coming from above, but it didn’t compare to the sensation of his pumping cock on my tongue. When he finished he pulled out and kneeled down in front of me.

“Be a good little girl and swallow daddy’s cum.”

For the next couple of days we didn’t speak a word to each other. Everything felt weird and the tension didn’t seem to fade. Seeing as I was the one that pushed him over the edge I figured I should make the first contact, but I didn’t do it with words. My body language would be a strong enough message for what I wanted to happen. You see, things weren’t weird because we didn’t like what happened. Things were weird because we wanted to go further, but our communication channels weren’t exactly smooth. My mother had given me another call saying she was coming back on Sunday, which meant I had to make the most of Saturday.

Shane was busy watching a football game when I walked past wearing only a bra and a panty. Unlike the first two times, I wasn’t wearing sexy lingerie. I decided to go with one of my first training bras and a pair of cotton panties that were way too small. I paused in front of him for a couple of seconds and locked onto his stare. Then I seductively made my way to my room. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at me with lust. Everything was up to Shane. I laid down in my bed as if I was getting ready to sleep, hoping I would hear his footsteps. Nothing. I began to think that I made a big mistake. I felt like pulling on my clothes and actually sleeping when I saw Shane standing in the doorway.

“Are you sure about this Nic?”

“Tonight I’m your little girl daddy……and your little girl wants to fuck you right now.”

His shirt was already off and his belt was loose. As he reached the edge of my bed he bowed down and started kissing my toes, then my feet. It wasn’t a secret that he liked them, because I caught him looking at them quite often. Taking his time, he gently sucked on my toes while rubbing is cock. He steadily worked his way up until I could feel his breath through my pink panties. His tongue played with the cotton material while his hands moved up my thighs. I took his cock between my toes and massaged it.

God he had a big cock. His hot tongue on my panties and his hands all over my thighs were enough to send me into a very intense orgasm. With a rather swift motion he pulled my panties down. In turn, I sat up and opened my present. His cock was already hard, ready to fuck me. Without saying a word Shane dragged me on to my side.

"You want daddy to spank you?”

“I want you to punish me hard daddy.”

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. Before he let go he gave a few strokes, showing me that I should continue. As he started spanking I started jerking. Bam….bam….bam. Shane’s hand hitting my bare ass was the biggest turn-on I ever had. In all my life my pussy was never so wet, nor has it ached for dick as it did in that moment. My fingers were tightly locked around his cock, jerking him like an inexperienced teen.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck your bad little girl.”

Shane was really worked up and eager. Without thinking twice he pushed me onto my back and spread open my legs. He settled in-between with his cock tickling my clit. Only one powerful pull and he snapped my tiny bra. I didn’t have the biggest breasts in the world, but they were big enough to fill Shane’s hands. He lightly bit them and pinched my hard nipples. Meanwhile I was lifting my hips, helping his cock to rub against my clit and probe the entrance of my cunt. My pussy was yearning to get filled with Shane’s cock and every second that passed only made me more frustrated.

 I didn’t know what kind of pain was waiting for me. From what I’ve heard losing your virginity wasn’t pleasant for the girl, but how many girls get off on pain? Shane knew what I was thinking and he obliged. With my hips still in the air he sat back and positioned his cock. Slowly he started pushing himself inside my swelling cunt. My friends weren’t kidding about the pain. When Shane started to feel resistance he pulled back.

“Wait a minute, Nic……..have you had sex before?”

I was scared if I told him the truth he might stop, but I wasn’t sure what damage he could do if he remained ignorant. The two times we felt each other up he was pretty rough and apparently I took too long to answer.

“Shit Nic, I can’t do this.”

“No wait, please! Don’t stop now. I want you to fuck me daddy and I know you want to. Don’t you dare stop now.”

To encourage him I pushed down, sinking his cock into my pussy a few inches more.

“Aaahhh!” I couldn’t restrain myself from screaming.

The pain was intense and yet I wanted more. Shane didn’t think about it for another second and started up again. With slow thrusts he kept going deeper. He managed to get into a nice rhythm of intense fucking. Slowly pulling back, then drilling it harder. I thought he was going to rip me open, but I guess I was a little too tight for comfort. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my nipples pushed into his chest like shards of glass. 

“Nic, wait….”

“NO! I’m your baby girl daddy, not Nic.”

Shane was getting really tensed up and I could sense he wanted to stop before he came. However, I didn’t allow him to stop. The more he slowed down the more I moved my hips.

“Baby girl, I’m going to cum, slow down.”

 “It’s okay daddy……cum inside me.”

But he didn’t. As he pulled out his cock I started squirting little streams against his stomach. My body went into a spasm of pleasure and I almost thought I was going to burst. He reacted by cumming on me, jerking his cock as hard as he could. It spewed out in great floods and some of it even fell into my hair. We were both screaming with pleasure as the mixture of cum and blood stained my sheets. Dripping with sweat and the juice from my pussy, Shane just fell down on top of me.

“We are definitely doing that again daddy.”



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