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Solo Touch: Bringing People Together

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This is a transcript of a chat that I had here on Solo Touch tonight with a friend. I'm publishing it with her permission but her name changed. I guess it just seemed to me like the story might be interesting/amusing to some of the people here.


Me: Hi there.

My Friend: Hi!

Me: how's it goin?

Me: whatcha doin?

My Friend: Not too much, just answering a few messages. How about you?

Me: just got home. was gonna hit the hay if you weren't on. glad you were.

Me: did you ever get skype downloaded/working?

My Friend: I haven't yet, had a pretty crazy day, but I'm sure I will soon.

My Friend: And bummer about your message. I was hoping for some juicy details, lol.

Me: haha. don't worry. I have plenty of other stories to tell where the details are far jucier than they would have been last night. And, to be honest, the details from last night weren't entirely....juiceless.

My Friend: Excellent, on both counts!

Me: what kind of naughty fun have YOU had since last we spoke?

My Friend: Well, to be honest, I've been signed on for about an hour and I'm wet and throbbing from teasing and edging myself.

Me: mmm...sounds like a woman in need.... Me: how can I help?

My Friend: Hmm, well, you could share any of the juicy details you were mentioning.

Me: mmm.....well, actually, it was an interesting night. I made dinner and we drank some wine and and were mostly just hanging out and talking. I told you that we went to high school together and that she took my virginity, right?

My Friend: I'm not sure I remember you saying she took your virginity. Interesting!

Me: yeah. back when I was 15 and she was 16. and we hooked up again, about 4 years ago, right after I got out of my marriage and she was still married at the time, but at the end of it. she's divorced now.

My Friend: Okay.

Me: So we did get onto the topic of her taking my virginity, which is something that I've always wondered about. In terms of what that was like for her and she admitted to me that she totally gets off on it and that she has been with 10 virgins and that it was like her "thing" until she got married. I thought that was fascinating and we also determined that I was probably the first virgin she had.

My Friend: That really is fascinating. I'm guessing it's an erotic kind of power, which I can understand.

Me: yeah. and it was hot, too. I mean, I was SERIOUSLY turned on talking about all of it and she clearly was too. Then she admitted to me that she's never seen porn! and I was like, "OH HELL NO!!!"

My Friend: What???

Me: so I got my tablet and we spent like another hour or two just of me showing her porn.

My Friend: How can someone not have seen porn? That sounds like a great time.

Me: and she's so shy and self-conscious about it that she can't really get into it with me there. so, I'm like, what about reading erotic stories? and she's like, "nope." So then I start showing her solo touch and stuff, it was an extremely erotic evening/conversation that went until like 2am. and then she left. I didn't make a move because, honestly, when it comes down to it, I'm not that attracted to her anymore. So, of course, after she left I was SUPER horned up. I think I even sent you a message, because I got online and I didn't go to bed until almost 6am. lmfao. I slept-in until 3 today!

My Friend: Nice! All around!

Me: so that's pretty-much the whole story. lol I did end up connecting with this chick from Alabama last night and we had a GREAT conversation. Wound up on the phone by about 4am and we talked for two hours, that's why I was up so late. SUPER sexy voice. Open-minded. Kinky in her own way. And smart. educated.

My Friend: That sounds perfect.

Me: Yeah. I was like, damn. it's a shame you live in Alabama.



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