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Solo Touch

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A sticky keyboard.


I thought I would try to write something as it happens.

Right now, it's 10:30 at night (although I won't post this until the following day... in case I am too embarassed about what I write!)

I have had a day of total relaxation on the beach. I've been looking at the people on the beach and allowing myself to imagine them naked, whether the girls are shaved or pierced. Generally allowing myself to get aroused.

Now, I am in my bedroom on top of my bed. I am wearing nothing except a pair of white tanga panties. I am very horny. I have spent at least an hour concentrating on the air touching my body. Each breath of breeze is a lover's breath tantalizing on my skin. I have become so accutely aware of my nipples hardening. So much so that they ache. I can feel my pulse between my legs. My clit is throbbing and aching to be touched. I know I am wet, although I can't yet sense it.....

I have lain here now for over an hour. My mental foreplay has left me desperate. I allow my right hand to brush my nipple. It is so sensitive it hurts to be touched. My clit jumps in response. I imagine my lover brushing my skin. Forbidding me to become too aroused too early. (I let my hand float over my panties.) I can smell my arousal now. (A light touch of the material) Yes, I am very very wet. (I open my legs slowly) I feel the panties hug me tighter and the breeze is cool on my wetness. (I run a finger down my slit over the panties) Oh GOD that feels so good. (I place both hands flat on the bed beside me.)I imagine my lover's face only inches away from me. I can feel her breath. (I slowly rotate my hips..my eyes are tight closed) I love displaying my arousal to her. I love what I must look like writhing on my bed like a bitch in heat. (I pull under myself the towel I have ready and I lift my ass off the bed..I allow my finger to touch my crotch as if I am being kissed there...I allow my thoughts to substitute my female lover for my brother) Each touch is his kiss. OHHHh that sends such tingles through me. I hold my ass still high above the bed. (Now, I let myself pee a little) Shit.. if I keep this up I will cum even before I get going. I feel the warmth and wetness of my dirty act spread over my ass. (I pinch the flow to stop it) An electrical stab of pain shoots into my bladder. (I am rubbing almost constantly now...again, I let it go into my knickers) I totally fucking love this feeling. So high!!!( I pull the soaked material to one side and place my dildo on my opening) "Oh yes Mike, please, fuck your horny cunt of a sister" My whispered obscenity hangs on the ether of my mind and drifts in the tide of carnal lust that I have become. (I press the dildo deep in me. "Ohhhh fuck ... fuuuuccck.....yes Mike, screw me. Fuck my dirty brains out." (I now fuck myself in long slow strokes of the dildo. Some are so slow that I can feel every part of me being stretched. I reach around to my ass and I push a figner deep inside me. Now the pace of the dildo mathces how I have heard Mike fuck his girlfriend) "Uhh.... oh holy SHIT.. I want you inside me Mike. Yes.... shoot your spunk up me. Make me pregnant you bastard. Fuck your kid sister." (In my mind is an exquisitely detailed image of me with my legs wrapped around my brother's back as he pounds me. From the doo, my dad watches, his cock in his hand and stroking in time to Mike's fucking. I beckon him over. Mikes thrusts become savage, urgent.) Ohhh FUCK.. I can't hold back any more. (In the sacred stillness the precedes my orgasm I feel Mike's hot cum shooting into me spreading warmth into my belly, as my dad's load splashes across my face. I open my mouth and...

(I have just had the most shattering orgasm. The keys of my laptop are sticky with my cunt. I loved stopping and starting to write every feeling as I had it. I need to cum again now)



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