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Soft Wet Kisses

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Sometimes Solo Touch just doesn't seem to be enough.


Another crisp morning but my hands are drawn to the warmth of my recent soaking in my protective undergarment. The birds are chirping away outside in the dawn sky while I'm gently awakened by the pulse in my clitoris.

I start by peeling my tank top and shorts off so I am lying there in nothing but bulk between my legs. My breasts respond to the cold and instantly, they're cupped by each palm and my hard nipples are toyed with to increase my body heat.

I turn my head to the left and close my eyes as I imagine a soft set of lips tracing wet kisses down my neck. That's not the only wet sensation I feel. I allow the fantasy to be slowly played out with each soft wet kiss finding their way to my breast. While I feel these soft lips upon my sensitive breasts, I continue my hand down my tummy into my nighttime soaked surprise.

My legs are spread wide beneath my soft cotton sheets as my fingers glide over my pubic crest into the folds of my smooth, saturated and very soft pussy lips. The air under my sheets intoxicates me with a pungent aroma of pussy and pee. I love the mornings.

With a finger either side of my vaginal opening, my bladder responds with a welcome dousing. My bottom pushes against the squishy part of my very full diaper as my back arches with pleasure. The warmth of my juices trickle out of my pussy and over my already wet ass. I'm in heaven!

I feel myself pinching my erect nipple in my left hand and notice that my clit is erect as well. I start to circle its head gently with the pad of my index finger until I feel an orgasm building. My pussy's throbbing by now and the crinkly sound under my sheets is making me so horny I have to stop myself from wanting to pound my wet pussy until I scream.

I spread my legs wider and arch my back further while I allow myself to squirt cum and pee all over my palm. Mmmmm, my heart starts to slow its pace but my urge to cum again quickly builds!

I slip my hand out for just a moment to have a taste of my wet pussy. The smell of my pee seems to be soaked into my skin and again, I can't help my animalistic arousal.

Without a moment to spare, I find myself on my front wet humping my pillow. With both hands cupping my breasts, my hips are now grinding into my pillow as if it were another set of hips. I couldn't stop! Pee continued to escape from my pussy and each trickle made me grind harder until I buried my head and stifled a scream while another squirty orgasm filled my soaked diaper.

I lay there still, slick with perspiration from my efforts and blissed from a couple of massive orgasms. I was relaxed. I took a deep breath and let my almost naked body sink into my mattress with my pillow still under my hips. Just as I doze off, I am comforted by the warmth of the remaining contents in my bladder.

Suddenly, I don't feel that tired any more. I bring my pillow back up to under my head and again, awakened by my sexy scent combination of sex & pee. For one last time (this morning) I can't help but finger my smooth wet pussy to another sweet squirty orgasm and still manage to keep my sheets clean and dry.

Now, I'm lying here in nothing but a soaking wet depends fantasizing about those soft wet kisses on my skin.



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