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Snowed in Surprise

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This is a little story about my first time ever doing anything with a guy, one who I had a crush on for quiet some time, and it was all thanks to some snow and no place to go.


For the last several years I have had the biggest crush on one of my guy friends. Unfortunately during this time he was seriously dating another girl. They eventually broke up but I never really had a good chance to make a move. I was always worried that I had been caught in the dreaded 'friend zone' and he would never think of me like that. Finally this past winter we were about to get a massive snow storm. I live alone in an apartment and he had a house a few miles away he lived alone in. I called and asked him if it would be ok for me to ride out the storm there with him, that way my car could be safe in the garage, we would both have company, and if the power went out he had a fireplace. He said that was fine and we made our plans and the morning the storm was supposed to come in I headed over.

I was really hoping that the storm would trap us for several days so we would have tons of one on one time with each other. I had packed my bag with tons of different clothes so I could play how to dress by ear if things started to develop. Most of the first morning we watched tv and just chatted. As the day went on we both hung out pretty relaxed. He was wearing some basketball style shorts and a tshirt but I was still in my jeans and sweater I had come over in. I had caught him looking at my tits a few times already so my confidence was pretty high and I was super horny. Right before lunch I told him I was going to go change before we are into something comfortable. I went to the bedroom my stuff was in and put on a tank top and some cheer shorts. The tank top was pretty low cut and showed off tons of cleavage so I knew he would be glued. I have a pretty thin athletic body with 36 DD tits. Right before I went back into the living room I got really nervous. I had never done anything except kiss a guy, and I knew he was experienced. My mind was racing thinking about all the things I wanted to do and the fact that he may see me naked later.

When I got back out into the living room he glanced over at me and his eyes went straight for my boobs. I knew then that this snow storm was going to be amazing. Throughout the afternoon we became really flirty with each other and kinda touchy. I know a lot of you are going to be laughing at how slow I took it, but I was so nervous and we were really good friends in a non sexual way. Things slowly progressed thought the evening and eventually I told him I was going to go take a shower. I knew we were going to end up fooling around that night so I wanted to make sure I looked my best. When I got undressed my pussy was already dripping I was so horny. It was like all the fantasies with him I rub my pussy to alone were coming true. After my shower I decided it was now or never. I was going to send him a clear signal that I wanted him bad. I hand brought a thin white spaghetti strap shirt that was pretty see through. I put it on with no bra and you could see my nipples through it. I put on a pair of sexy panties and some shorts I sleep in which are pretty thin as well.

As I walked back out to the living room my heart was racing. I was so worried that he may turn me down and not want to mess up our friendship, but I also knew that staring at my tits all day probably had him super horny and ready to go. I walked in and sat down on the other couch, this way he could get a good view of what was going on. He kept glancing over at me trying to take it all in. We got up to get some ice cream and the whole time I could feel his eyes just running up and down my body. We went back to the living room but this time I sat right next to him. I didnt know if he would make the first move or I should, so I grabbed a blanket and threw it over the both of us. Our ice cream sat on the table melting but both of us were just ready for each other. All of a sudden I felt his hands on me and he slowly pulled me into him. My back was pressed up against his chest as we kind of sideways cuddled on the sofa. I turned my head to look at him and his eyes were glued to my tits just looking down my shirt. I felt his hands slide up my sides and all of a sudden they were both rubbing my tits outside my shirt. He pulled my straps over my arms and pulled my shirt down and for the first time a guy had seen me topless. I was so freaking horny and excited at what was going on. He kept playing with my tits and all of a sudden I felt his cock rock hard on my back. I turned around and took my shirt off and we started to make out. He kept playing with my tits and then slowly ran his hands to my butt and then around to my pussy. My panties were soaked and I know he liked this. I finally built up the courage and reached down and grabbed his cock. It was so amazing. He stood me up and then stood next to me, his cock was rock hard pushing his shorts out far, he took his shirt off and looked at me. Without saying a word we both started to take out shorts and underwear off at the same time. His fingers started to rub around my pussy and I knew he could tell that I had just shaved during my shower for him. He laid me down on the couch and kissed me a few times and worked his way down my body, stopping to suck on my tits and then worked his way down some more until he was at my pussy. He licked it a few times and then stuck some fingers in and came back up to kiss me. I grabbed his cock and began to glide my hand up and down. I was so horny at this point I knew I wasn't going to be able to last. I had pictured him naked plenty of times while playing with myself but this was even better. He looked amazing and his cock was huge. He could tell I was getting ready to cum and slid down and finished me off with his mouth. It was by far the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. After a few seconds I stood him up and grabbed his cock again. I had obviously never been with a guy before and was kind of worried about putting his cock in my mouth. I kept playing with it until out of nowhere his cum began to shoot out. It got all over my tits, and some even landed on my face. We both kinda laughed and relaxed a bit and went to his room to clean up.

We didn't end up sleeping at all that night, we just stayed naked in his bed playing with each other and having sex. Finally the next morning I worked up the courage to put his cock in my mouth and give him a blow job. We were stuck in his house for 4 days total, and didn't ever put any clothes back on after they came off the first night.

On the third day he asked me if I had this planned out ahead of time or it just happened. I confessed that I had always had a crush on him and told him about my plan. He confessed that he had always found me attractive and had a crush on me once we became friends but didn't know if I felt that way. I was kind of worried about getting in a relationship with him because of his past experiences with girls, but it turned out to be a perk as he knew exactly what to do.

It's been about 6 months now and we are officially dating and together. Every time I go over to his place we spend all our time naked and fooling around. I knew baiting him with my tits would work, and I sure did catch a big one!



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