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Sneaky in a Strip Club

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I went to a strip club with a budget and a plan. This is a true story.
I entered the small strip club with a plan of busting a nut and spending no more than $75. As I entered the small, dark club, the smell of baby powder and perfume instantly enveloped me. The club speakers were screaming Lil Jon East Side Boyzs Get Low. The DJ who reminded everyone that ten more dollars would "get her nude." I made my way to the bar and ordered a beer. I'm not really a beer drinker but having the beer made me feel a bit more comfortable amongst the blue-collar brothers in the club. I found a spot near a wall in the rear of the club. From this point, I could observe the dancers from afar. I few ladies came over and offered their services but I turned them down preferring to watch the dancers performing for others. Occasionally, I would stroll down to the stage and help one of the dancers get nude by donating a few dollars at a time. I concentrated on remembering the details of the bodies of the 20 something year-olds including various tattoos, no body fat, firm buttocks and perky breasts. My drinks changed from beer to spirits and during the next two hours, I would occasionally venture down to the stage from my seat in back of the club. Between trips, I would return to my seat and stick my right hand into my right jean pocket. I would massage my cock recalling the details of the various dancers. This masturbation technique is extremely difficult because I was not able to wrap my hand around my cock and pump it like I wanted too. The best I could do was massage the head between my thumb and forefinger. It was extremely frustrating but extremely satisfying at the same time. I continued my back and forth trips every so often, taking in the sights of the young black girls. There were dark skinned ones, light skinned ones and one or two mixed ones. Back at my seat, I would constantly have to stop when a dancer or another customer came or looked my way. I didn't want it to be obvious what I was doing. I had to look casual. This caused more unintentional self-teasing. I continued the squeezing as soon as I could. Eventually, I could feel myself reaching the point of no return. I continued to furiously squeeze my penis through my pocket causing the muscles in my hands to nearly cramp up. I'm sure somebody might have figured out what was going on if they were really paying attention. At this point however, I didn't really care. I was in heaven. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour as I slowly edged towards my orgasm. The slow pace was about to pay off. We all have paralysing orgasms but this one was one of my most intense and pleasurable. I stiffened as what felt like a thousand gallons of adrenaline shot through me. I could literally hear my heart beating. The warm cum shot through my cock and drained itself about waist high under my boxer briefs. It took at least five minutes for me to regain my senses. When they came back, I felt a sense of total relaxation. I finished my last drink, took a last look at the beauties in the club before standing to make my way to the exit. When I arrived at home, I peeled my pants off to discover a HUGE cum spot on my boxer briefs. I peeled them off, lay in bed and stroked another stream of cum out of my black cock as I fantasized about the young dancers and what I had done earlier that night.



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